Ajooni 10 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Ajooni Written Update 10 January 2023

Scene 1
Shikha sees Harvinder calling her however overlooks him. Cruel calls her and says they tossed you out? that is the very thing you merited, you could try and do nothing when they tossed you out. Shikha says they will bring me back, she closes the call and is angry.

Written Update Ajooni Today Episode

Aman tells Ajooni that I am terrified. Ajooni says sit back and relax. Aman and Meher full white garments. There is a thump on the entryway and Rajveer comes inside. Ajooni inquires as to whether she is prepared? she gestures. Rajveer says sit back and relax. Ajooni gives her an earpiece.Harvinder is attempting to rest yet hears a few commotions. His telephone rings and he accepts the call to hear Aman’s voice. He sees Aman in white garments there, he says this can’t be truth. Aman says how could it not be? I love you a ton. You realize my significant other killed me however I will do everything with you that you did with me. She giggles at him and Harvinder gets frightened and runs from that point. He comes to the parlor and sees Aman there once more. Aman says nobody will come to save you, they all figure you should be smashed. Ajooni and Rajveer conceal in the house with Aman. Aman advises Harvinder that I have come to take you with me, you killed me however presently I will take you with me. She begins passing on and Harvinder attempts to follow however Aman evaporates. Ajooni lets Rajveer know that everything is going according to the arrangement. Harvinder sees Aman in the house once more and follows her. Aman panics him and leaves. Meher wears a hairpiece and goes to startle Harvinder in a veil. He cries in dread and says kindly excuse me. Aman returns to him and expresses accompany me. Harvinder attempts to stow away from her and runs from that point. Ajooni lets Aman know that its the ideal opportunity for Shikha.

Ajooni 10 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Shikha is resting when she hears beating on her window. She awakens to track down Cruel coming there and attempting to kill her.. it ends up being her fantasy. She awakens to see Harvinder there. He asks who is Brutal? She says nobody. Harvinder says you were shouting his name. Shikha says I saw a terrible dream. Harvinder says I continue to see Aman all over and even Harman saw her alive on the lookout. Shikha says I’m questioning everything, we ought to go to the wilderness and in the event that we find anything connected with her, she should be alive.

Ajooni Latest Spoiler Alerts 10 January 2023

Harvinder and Shikha come to the wilderness. She says lets check and leave soon. Harvinder says I’m terrified. She says recently come. Rajveer, Ajooni and Aman come there as well. They stow away from them. Shikha tracks down Aman’s garments and gems there. She says wild creatures probably killed and eaten her at this point. Gives up. Harvinder hears a few clamors, she says gives up and check what its identity is. Ajooni stows away and continues to make commotions. Rajveer begins making commotions from opposite side as well. Harvinder and Shikha are checking out when they hear Aman shouting to Harvinder. Shikha is confounded. Rajveer requests that Aman go. Aman comes before Harvinder and Shikha as they attempt to leave. They are shocked.

PRECAP – Harvinder tumbles down before Aman and says if it’s not too much trouble, pardon me, I did a major sin. Rajveer makes his admission video and calls the family there. Ravindra sees Aman and says she is alive? what’s happening? Rajveer says Harvinder and Shikha left Aman in the wilderness so the wild creatures would eat her.

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