Ajooni 11 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Ajooni Written Update 11 January 2023

Scene 1
Aman snatches Harvinder and says you passed on me here for creatures to kill me right? Shikha and Harvinder are terrified. Shikha argues to excuse them. Shikha says you kicked the bucket? Aman says you both killed me. Harvinder says we did a serious mix-up by attempting to kill you. Aman says I need my better half and I will take him with me. Rajveer records their video. Shikha and Harvinder take off from that point yet Ravindra shows up there with the family. They see Aman coming there with Rajveer and Ajooni. Harman says I let you know that Aman was alive yet you rebuffed me for not an obvious explanation? Ravindra asks what show is this? Rajveer says Harvinder and Shikha attempted to kill Aman by leaving her oblivious in the wilderness. Rajveer expresses sorry to Harman and says we did this to bring reality out. Ajooni says Shikha needed to kill Aman first yet couldn’t so she made an arrangement to make Aman seem to be an insane. It was all Shikha and Harvinder’s arrangement so they could kill her. Aman says OK and Cart was essential for the arrangement, I heard them that day that is the reason they hijacked me and tossed me in the wilderness. Ravindra frowns at Harvinder. The flashback shows how Rajveer and Ajooni tracked down Aman oblivious in the wilderness that day. Rajveer says we came to save Aman on the perfect opportunity. We concealed Aman in Ajooni’s home so we could assemble evidence against Harvinder. Ravindra asks Bebe what would it be advisable for me to do no? He slaps Harvinder and says you ought to be embarrassed. Aman says kindly don’t beat him. Ravindra whips him. Shikha says the story generally have different sides, you heard them however you ought to know my side as well. Ravindra requests that she shut up yet Bebe expresses pay attention to her. Shikha says they are lying, this is Ajooni’s arrangement. Ravindra says then the thing would you say you were doing in the wilderness? Shikha says somebody considered us and said that Aman was in the wilderness so we came to save her. It was Ajooni’s arrangement to trap us. Ajooni requests that she quit lying and requests that Ravindra call the police. Shikha says you can however the entirety of your charges are off-base, we never attempted to kill Aman and we are blameless people. Rajveer says truly? you went after her multiple occasions yet lying? we won’t confide in you any longer. Shikha says you individuals will trust aman right? ask her who attempted to hijack her? Aman says I didn’t see their appearances. Shikha asks where could she when she awakened have been? Aman says at Ajooni’s home. Shikha says who let you know that we went after you? Aman says Rajveer and Ajooni. Shikha says see.. they are lying about us. Rajveer says you figure we didn’t have confirmation? He shows their video in which they are saying ‘sorry’ to Aman. Harvinder says I was trying to say anything as I was frightened. Shikha says this isn’t verification. Mangi says there is verification and an observer. Harvinder asks where? Mangi says I’m an observer. I saw Harvinder capturing Aman and making her oblivious. Ravindra says for what reason didn’t you call me? Mangi says you were out of the city so I called Rajveer and Ajooni. He says I didn’t see them leaving Aman in the wilderness however I saw them heading out with oblivious Aman. Harvinder says he is lying. Ravindra slaps him and says he is with me before you were even conceived, don’t even think about considering him a liar.

Written Update Ajooni Today Episode

PRECAP – Ravindra requests that Ajooni rebuff Shikha. Ajooni says she is hitched to Harvinder and pregnant so we can’t toss her out of the house however she shouldn’t get any here, she will reside here as a visitor and not as a girl in regulation. All look on.


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