Ajooni 14 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Ajooni Written Update 14 January 2023

Scene 1
Shikha sees Aman oblivious and thinks I need to accomplish something any other way they will figure I followed through with something, she tosses stuff out of the pantry and shouts hoodlum. All rush there so she says there was a burglar here and Aman is oblivious. Ajooni sprinkles water at her and requests that she awaken. Aman awakens and says somebody went after me from behind. Ravindra requests that Mangi lock the entryway and figure out who the looter was. The lights return, the circuit repairman is leaving and tells Mangi that I have chipped away at the breaker, its functioning at this point. Ravindra comes there and says no one will take off from the house. Rajveer comes there and says I was unable to track down any looter in the house. Ajooni takes a gander at Brutal and says he may be the burglar. Mangi begins looking through his sack, he is frightened that they will track down Shikha’s photograph in his wallet. His wallet tumbles down and Shikha is frightened. Mangi gives the wallet back yet doesn’t see Shikha’s photograph in it. Rajveer goes to see him off. Ravindra requests that Mangi search for the robber.

Written Update Ajooni Today Episode

Scene 2
In the first part of the day, Mangi carries food to Chanku, he says Ajooni requested a powder, he gives it to her and they leave. Shikha blends tingling powder in Ajooni’s powder and says now Chanku will be faulted for this. Chanku comes there and expresses out loud whatever would you say you are doing here? I will proceed to give some food to them. This powder is for Bebe. Shikha is stunned and gets out whatever? this isn’t so much for Ajooni? Chanku says how could she really want it, she requested an oil. Chanku gives the powder to Bebe, she proceeds to apply it all over. Bebe begins feeling bothersome and says I won’t extra this Chanku. She shouts so totally come there. Bebe says its tingling to such an extent. She slaps Chanku and says you should be behind this. Chanku says Mangi brought this and I just gave it to you. Harman says how could Chanku do this? Shikha requests that she plunk down however Bebe requests that she stay away. Chanku brings the powder and Ravindra puts it on her hands. Chanku says I sat idle. He causes Chanku to apply it all over, Shikha grins and believes seeing her in pain great. Ravindra requests that she get lost. Harman wipes Bebe’s face. Rajveer and Ajooni look on.Ajooni’ mother and Beeji come to Rajveer’s home. Ravindra invites them, Ajooni embraces them. Ravindra requests that Shikha bring breakfast for them. Beeji says we have a custom to finish the pooja by a wedded couple so we remembered to make it happen by Rajveer and Ajooni. Shikha brings tea for them. Ravindra says its really smart. Bebe says we have a few ceremonies as well, our pooja will be done first and afterward you can request that they do pooja at your home. All our girl parents in law will do pooja together, she requests that Shikha call her folks as well. Ravindra lets Ajooni know that don’t stress over it, it doesn’t make any difference where the pooja happens right? Ajooni says OK, she lets her mom know that we will do the requests at your house.

Ajooni 14 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

PRECAP – Ajooni asks Rajveer what would it be a good idea for her to wear? he picks a boisterous shaded dress, she says I could do without this. Later on, Shikha takes Ajooni’s dress. Ajooni searches for it, Harman says I tossed a sack in the rubbish. Ajooni is shocked.


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