Ajooni 15 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode 18 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Ajooni 15 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Written Update 18 february 2023

Scene 1
Shikha tells Ravindra that Sundari doesn’t have a decent person so we can’t confide in her. She asks Bebe what did Sundari tell about herself. Bebe says she said she gets a kick out of the chance to move and, surprisingly, moved before me. Shikha says see she jumps at the chance to move. Ajooni says she is curving the circumstance. Shikha says Ajooni is agreeing with her position since she was her dad’s understudy, Ajooni says she is lying. Shikha says don’t you recollect what occurred in your room? Ajooni says I recollect that.. that Sundari was going to fall yet Rajveer got her, that is all there is to it. Shikha says you pardoned her since she is your dad’s understudy right? Ajooni says it was an occurrence. Shikha says no, she was attempting to bait Rajveer. Sundari says that is clearly false. Shikha says I checked her set of experiences, she was tossed out of the last house since she took from the family. Sundari says that is clearly false, I left the last occupation on the grounds that their family’s child attempted to attack me. Shikha says she has a similar occurrence wherever in light of the fact that she attempts to draw the folks all over. Shikha says why did you go to Harvindar’s room? you exploit folks so you can take from them. She says in the event that Harvindar attempted to attack you, did you get injured? Ajooni says Shikha is compressing her. Ravindra says you needed a trial right then, at that point, let her inquiry her. He requests that Sundari talk reality any other way I will take you to the police. Sundari gets terrified and says I’m heartbroken, I lied about Harvindar attacking me, all are stunned. Rajveer gets stressed for Ajooni. Sundari says I attempted to draw Rajveer first however at that point I saw Harvindar looking at me so I attempted to bait him when he was tanked. Ajooni requests that she not lie, come clean with them. Sundari says let me come clean as they will toss me to the prison. Shikha says my better half is blameless, I was quiet constantly however I won’t allow you to shame my significant other. Ravindra advises Ajooni that you were prepared to take this case to the police yet you are disproved today, I won’t take a choice as I believe Rajveer should take a choice. He hits him up and makes him wear a turban. He lets Rajveer know that you generally agree with your better half’s position yet you need to demonstrate that you are a Bagga today, your significant other was prepared to discolor our honor so take a ruling against her now. Rajveer says yet.. how might I rebuff her? Ravindra says no difference either way. you are my child. You wedded Ajooni against everybody except today she faulted your sibling for no great explanation. You need to take a choice as evidences are against her. He says I’m perched on a seat that safeguards our honor, presently its your chance to demonstrate that you can regard this seat and take the best choice. You will do equity on this seat even against your family, you need to respect this seat and your turban regardless of who is before you. Rajveer unfortunately takes a gander at Ajooni and goes to sit on the privileged position. He frowns at Ajooni and says I Rajveer Bagga vows to continuously do equity and this young lady Sundari is a liar, she attempted to bait Harvindar. He requests that Mangi take her back, Sundari goes from that point. Rajveer says Harvindar is blameless however he ought to apologize for savoring the house. Harvindar apologizes to the family. Rajveer lets Ajooni know that you are discredited so you will apologize to Harvindar and Shikha. Ajooni says I discussed what I saw so I will not apologize. Rajveer goes to her and gets her firmly. He says our honor would have been discolored as a result of you, I told you to not believe all that you see yet today I’m embarrassed before my family as a result of you. I’m advising you to apologize to them and on the off chance that you don’t do that then, at that point.. you will be tossed out of the house at the present time. Ajooni is stunned and cries.

Written Update Ajooni 15 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Today Episode

PRECAP – Rajveer yells at Ajooni that I lost decisions and broke dad’s fantasy as a result of you and today I got offended as a result of you. I won’t let you close to me from this point forward. Ajooni is shocked.


Ajooni 15 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Latest Spoiler Alerts 18 february 2023


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