Ajooni 16 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Ajooni Written Update 16 December 2022

Scene 1
Ravindra comes to Shikha and requests that she make lamb dish, he requests the recipe however she is befuddled. Aman attempts to help yet he requests that she shut up. Shikha is attempting to cook however knows next to nothing about the recipe. He says I realized you didn’t prepare food yesterday, I realize Aman made it, you can’t turn into a house sovereign like that. Shikha says I’m unfortunately I never cooked throughout everyday life so I don’t have the foggiest idea. Ravindra says you believe its design that you can’t cook, for what reason did you lie that you cooked it? He attempts to rebuff her yet Aman stops him and says she hurt herself that is the reason I helped her. Ravindra says I will allow you 7 days to master cooking, I will keep the house keys with me till then.

Written Update Ajooni Today Episode

Bebe comes to the mandir and calls Ajooni. She inquires as to why diyas are not illuminated here? Proceed to place oil in diyas. Bebe leaves. Shikha grins and hears all that. She thinks this will be fun with Ajooni. She tosses oil on the floor. Ajooni comes there yet doesn’t slip. Shikha comes there and slips. All hurry to her. Bebe asks what was the deal? How could you tumble down? Shikha cries and says Ajooni tossed oil on the floor so I would tumble down. Harman yells at Ajooni. Bebe says you attempted to kill our main beneficiary? I won’t extra you now. Ajooni looks on and says I sat idle. Bebe brings water and requests that Chanku toss water at her. Ravindra comes there and asks what is happening? Bebe says Ajooni made Shikha slip, her child might have gotten injured. Ajooni says I didn’t toss it. Bebe says you generally lie, I won’t extra you. Ravindra asks Bebe to basically demonstrate her error first. We need to see whether somebody intentionally attempted to approach her. He requests that Mangi bring an earthy colored paper. He does indeed. Ravindra requests that Ajooni and Shikha stand on the earthy colored papers. They do it. He gets their foot checks and shows it to Bebe. He says this demonstrates that Ajooni didn’t toss oil on the floor as her foot marks have oil on them as well. In the event that she didn’t do it then who right? Shikha says the oil was here before I came here, she believed that me should tumble down. Ravindra says truly? He pours oil on the floor and says my feet are as yet dry yet I tossed on the floor. In the event that Ajooni’s feet have oil on then she didn’t make it happen. Bebe says then who right? Ravindra says I know that yet I don’t have evidence. Shikha says how could I tumble down and put my child in risk? Bebe says she is correct. Ravindra says Shikha is annihilating our tranquility, when I find verification against her then I won’t extra her. He leaves. Shikha cries and lets Bebe know that he has zero faith in me, I will leave. Bebe says don’t cry, he will come around. Shikha leaves. Bebe advises Ajooni to clean the oil. Ajooni looks on.PRECAP – Rajveer lets his companions know that since we got hitched, we are trapped in family matters yet I need to ponder myself, Ajooni and our family now. Later on Ajooni finds Chanku taking milk to Aman. She races to Aman and says its poisonous.


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