Ajooni 17 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Ajooni Written Update 17 December 2022

Scene 1
Rajveer reviews how Ajooni was outlined by Shikha. His companions come there and ask what was the deal? Rajveer lets them know everything occurring after Shikha went into the house. Rajveer says Bebe and Harman have been severe with Ajooni. His companion says you haven’t even invested energy with Ajooni, this isn’t typical. Rajveer grins and says you are correct, the family continues outlining Ajooni and I continue to attempt to save her however it will not occur now. I will ponder Ajooni, my existence with her and overlook all this.

Written Update Ajooni Today Episode

Rajveer comes to his room and sees Ajooni stressed. He asks what’s going on with you? She says tidying up the room. Rajveer stops her and asks what was the deal? Ajooni begins crying. Rajveer wipes her tears and says leave it. We can’t prevent them from being tricked by Shikha. Ajooni says I can’t allow Shikha to put faults on me for everything. Rajveer says we can leave for certain days. We were unable to prevent Shikha from going into the house so lets simply leave. At the point when we return then all will be great. He embraces her.Mangi lets Ravindra know that the party the executives isn’t irate with you any longer. Ravindra says I’m stressed over this Shikha annihilating our home harmony. She has tricked everybody in the house. Mangi says you need to deal with the party work as well. Ravindra requests that he watch out for Shikha. He says OK. Ravindra says once I get this Shikha then I won’t extra her.

Ajooni 13Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Ajooni sees Chanku taking milk to Aman, she says Shikha requested that I take this to her. Ajooni is confounded. Chanku brings milk for Aman and says Shikha sent it. Ajooni comes to her room and finds a letter which says that the milk is noxious so attempt and save Aman.
Chanku tells Aman that Shikha really focuses on you a great deal. Aman is glad to hear that. She is going to drink the milk however Ajooni comes there and takes care of the glass. Aman asks what was the deal? Ajooni says it had poison, I’m certain Shikha probably gotten it done. She shows her the note. Aman is stunned to hear that. Ajooni says I can’t be quiet any longer, gives up to Ravindra.

Ajooni Latest Spoiler Alerts 17 December 2022

All relatives are called. Ravindra asks Ajooni she thinks this milk is noxious? Ajooni says I will bring the letter. Aman says I saw it as well. Bebe says they may lie. Rajveer says Ajooni will bring it now.

Ajooni goes to Aman’s room yet can’t track down the letter. She is shocked. Ajooni returns to the family and says I was unable to track down the letter. Aman says it was there as it were. Bebe says they are lying. Ravindra asks where did you think that it is first? Ajooni says I found it with the garments, I’m certain Shikha composed it and harmed her milk. Chanku says Shikha requested that I give milk to Aman. Shikha says enough, I continue getting faulted for everything. Ajooni can’t bear that Aman acknowledged me. She is harming everybody’s psyche against me. She tells Harvindar that I will take off from the house. Harvindar says enough, Ajooni ought to take off from the house. Rajveer requests that he shut up, she is my better half. Harvindar says Shikha is my better half as well, I won’t extra anybody sassing her. Rajveer says you attempted to kill Aman so don’t you discuss safeguarding your significant other. Harvindar snatches Rajveer.

PRECAP – Ravindra requests that Shikha drink the milk in the event that its not toxic. Shikha is scared.

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