Ajooni 2 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Ajooni Written Update 2 february 2023

Scene 1
Bebe eats the egg that Ajooni cooked and spits it, she shouts that you put the pickle in it? you know I am allergic to it. Ajooni is shocked. Dolly says you want to kill her? Bebe shouts at Ajooni and tells Rajveer to see what your wife is doing with me. Ajooni says I didn’t mix anything in it. Bebe brings raw eggs and asks Aman to crack them on her head. Aman is reluctant but Bebe forces her to punish her. Rajveer says I won’t let it happen. Bebe says she should be punished. Ajooni says if she wants then its okay, she asks Aman to do it. Aman says I can’t. Bebe shouts at her to do as she is told. Aman is about to crack the egg on Ajooni’s head but Rajveer stops her. He tells Bebe that this is enough, you think I will be silent when my wife is insulted? she can make mistakes but you can’t keep punishing her, I can’t see injustice happening with Ajooni anymore, I am calmly telling you because you are an elder. Bebe angrily leaves. Aman apologizes to Ajooni. Ajooni tells Rajveer that Shikha is not in the house anymore so who mixed the pickle in the egg? we have to find out.

Written Update Ajooni Today Episode

Shikha tells her father that someone is framing me, I didn’t call for the raid so someone else is behind it. Her father says Ravindra beat me so much. Shikha says I won’t be silent anymore, I have to use brains and power to go back to the Bagga house. I know what power I need. She smirks and says black magic.Scene 2
Shikha and her mother come to the den of a black magician. Shikha gives Ajooni’s name for black magic. The magician says we have to throw Ajooni out of the house, we will do as you say but its not free. Shikha says just tell me what you want. The magician whispers some things to her. Shikha smirks.

Ajooni 2 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Harsh looks at Shikha’s photo and says she tried double-crossing me and I got her out of the Bagga house. Shikha comes there and says surprise. Harsh says you are back to me becuase they threw you out of the house? Shikha says I know you are behind all this. Harsh says if you know the truth then what can you do? its too late. Shikha shouts that we need money to live, I married Harvinder to get money for us. Harsh says you did all this for us? Shikha says yes, I married Harvinder to make a good life for us, you can kill me if you don’t trust me. Harsh says I am sorry, I love you that’s why I did all this. Shikha cries and says I love you, she hugs him and smirks.

Ajooni Latest Spoiler Alerts 2 february 2023

Ravindra tells Bebe that we lost 2 crore in this raid. Bebe says I think someone has done black magic on this house. Ravindra says all this is rubbish. Harsh says I think we shouldn’t ignore black powers, I know a magician who can help us. Ravindra asks him to shut up and not interfere in their matters, he asks him to leave and tells Bebe that there wouldn’t be any magician in the house. Dolly thinks this was not part of the plan. Ravindra leaves. Harman tells Bebe that I think Harsh is right, we will meet the magician. Bebe agrees. Harsh hears that and calls Shikha.

PRECAP – The black magician tells the family that there is some evil power in the house that we should eliminate. She spins her stick and it lands on Ajooni. All are shocked.

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