Ajooni 2 january 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Ajooni Written Update 2 january 2023

Scene 1
Bebe yells at Ajooni how might she venture to attempt to break their quick with an egg? Ravindra requests that Ajooni shout out if not he will rebuff her. Rajveer comes there and says I need to show you something. He shows the khidchi with eggs in it and says the khidchi all of you ate had no eggs in light of the fact that Ajooni made it yet I saw somebody blending eggs in this khidchi. Ravindra asks who was doing that? Rajveer says I saw Cart doing that. Shikha attempts to leave however Ajooni says she was important for this as well. Shikha says no, I don’t have anything to do with it. Cart is stunned. Durga asks Ravindra what is his children doing? Ravindra says my other youngster saved you as well. He takes a gander at Cart and says I’m burnt out on attempting to break your self image, you can’t remain here any longer. He advises Ajooni to rebuff her for attempting to trap you once more. You can pound her assuming you need. Ajooni says I’m against horrible disciplines. Ravindra says you are too kindhearted. He says I will request that her number one individual rebuff her. He requests that Shikha rebuff her. Shikha slaps Cart hard. Ravindra requests that she continue to hit her. She is going to hit Cart yet she stops her and says enough. She tells Ravindra that I am not Harvinder or Rajveer to continue to get rebuffed, I won’t bear this. Ravindra says then you can take off from the house. Cart says I will yet you are dead for me from this point forward. Harman requests that she stop it. Cart says don’t imagine like you give it a second thought, you didn’t stop Shikha when she was hitting me. She lets Bebe know that now I understand what’s my value here. Ravindra says we won’t stop you, all you really do is bring inconvenience here, you will get hitched one day so should leave today, you can get lost and I couldn’t care less. Shikha says however.. Ravindra says on the off chance that you have any issues, you can leave with her as well. He requests that Rajveer take her to an inn. Cart says show no worry for me, I will do what I need to however I won’t take your name with me from this point forward. Harman requests that she shut up. Ravindra expresses out loud whatever else? Cart irately goes out. Ravindra lets Durga know that I do equity similarly. Bebe petitions God for Cart and says I truly want to believe that she doesn’t make an off-base move. Ravindra says she will return when she quiets down.

Written Update Ajooni Today Episode

The reviewer shows up at Ravindra’s home. Durga says I called him, all are stunned. Ravindra says why? you don’t require security here. Durga says you probably won’t think often about Aman however I do. Ravindra says we are looking for her. Durga says yet you were unable to track down her and its been days. I trust the police. She requests that the auditor think of her report as Aman is missing. All look on.Rajveer is on the call. Ajooni brings nourishment for him yet he attempts to disregard her. Ajooni says if it’s not too much trouble, eat it, you ate nothing since yesterday. Rajveer attempts to leave and erroneously discards the food. He says sorry. Ajooni says you resent me right? its OK however if it’s not too much trouble, eat something prior to leaving. She attempts to get glass pieces and damages herself. Rajveer races to her, he says you ought to watch out. He fires tidying up her injury. Ajooni grins seeing his anxiety. Ajooni says I’m heartbroken, if it’s not too much trouble, pardon me. Rajveer murmurs and grins. He kisses her hands, he is going to kiss her yet Ravindra calls him. He snickers and runs from there.

Ajooni 2

2023 Written Update Today Episode

Shikha comes to her room and tracks down her sweetheart Unforgiving calling her. She says don’t call me once more. He says I needed to converse with you, where could Aman by the way be? She closes the call. Harvinder comes there and lets Shikha know that the police is here, in the event that they find out, we will be tossed in the prison. Durga and Ajooni come external the room. Durga requests that they open the room.
PRECAP – Durga advises the family to toss this lady out of the house. She begins beating Shikha yet Harvinder says don’t hit her, she is pregnant. Durga says in the event that she is pregnant, what is she doing here? All look on.

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