Ajooni 22 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Ajooni Written Update 22 December 2022

Scene 1
Rajveer beautifies the room and hangs tight for Ajooni. Ajooni comes there wearing the saree he gifted her. Rajveer is hypnotized seeing her, he erroneously consumes himself with a flame. Ajooni hurries to him and blows on his hand while he continues to gaze at her. Ajooni inquires as to whether he is alright? Rajveer takes a gander at her and says I have never seen a more lovely individual, I used to like watching courageous women in my experience growing up however you are way prettier than any other person. He holds her hands and says I have told you previously however I’m upset for constraining you previously, I was enamored and I’m fortunate to have you now. Ajooni says when I came to your home, I was furious however at that point you prevailed upon me with your affection and heart.

Written Update Ajooni Today Episode

Harvinder, Shikha and Cart are snickering at Aman’s condition. Cart says our arrangement worked this time and we were fortunate that Ajooni-Rajveer are not home. She asks what’s the following arrangement? Shikha says the last arrangement is to send Aman to the emergency clinic and make her kick the bucket there. Aman comes there and hears all that.Ajooni advises Rajveer to at no point ever leave her in the future. Rajveer says I might actually battle the God for you. Ajooni expresses anything for you. Rajveer carries her to the feasting table and shows her a cake. Ajooni giggles and says I recollect once my companion proposed to his sweetheart by concealing a ring in the cake and she ate it. I figure we don’t have to do this large number of jokes to express what’s in our heart, we ought to simply talk honest conversation. Rajveer reviews how he had stowed away a ring in the cake as well. Ajooni says lets cut the cake. Rajveer stops her and says I will make it happen. He is going to cut the cake however the lights go off. Ajooni gets terrified and embraces him. He says I will go and check.

Ajooni 17Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Aman comes to Harvinder and says for what reason did you do this? you got hitched to Shikha and I allowd you. She tells Shikha I acknowledged you why do this? She asks Cart how is it that you could do this? Harvinder says I had a go at killing you yet you generally get saved. Aman cries and says you have harmed me a great deal, I won’t ever excuse you, she leaves. Shikha says we need to kill her before she can go to Ravindra. Cart is shocked.

Ajooni Latest Spoiler Alerts 22 December 2022

Ajooni is wiating for Rajveer to return, she sees an outline outside her room and sees a server going into the room. She shouts for Rajveer however the server removes her. Rajveer returns and finds Ajooni gone. He goes to search for her.

Ajooni is secured in the store room and shouts for Rajveer. Ajooni composes a message on the mirror for Rajveer. Rajveer tracks down it yet he doesn’t realize Ajooni is locked behind the mirror entryway. Ajooni shouts for him however he can’t hear her, Rajveer leaves from there.

PRECAP – The hijacker is killing Ajooni. The supervisor tells Rajveer that Ajooni wound up dead. Rajveer surges there and finds Ajooni lying on the floor.

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