Ajooni 23 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Ajooni Written Update 23 December 2022

Scene 1
Rajveer is looking for Ajooni in the lodging and asks individuals around yet nobody has seen her. A man continues to follow him. The supervisor comes to him and asks what was the deal? Rajveer yells that my significant other got absent. The supervisor says she could have took off with another person. Rajveer blows up and beats him. Another supervisor stops him and says we will search for accounts. Rajveer goes to the CCTV room. He checks every one of the accounts and sees somebody taking Ajooni away.

Written Update Ajooni Today Episode

The man calls Shikha and says I have removed Ajooni from Rajveer, they will not be joined in the future. Shikha says simply kill her, she closes the call and says I will end my difficulties by killing Ajooni and Aman.Ajooni is secured in the store-room of room. Rajveer comes to the room and figures how is it that she could disappear that way? He shouts and starts kicking things. Ajooni is secured in the store-room and shouts for him however he can’t hear her. Rajveer cries and says where is Ajooni.. Ajooni cries seeing his condition. The ruffian goes into the store-room and goes after Ajooni. He chokes her and takes her from there.

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The chief comes to Rajveer’s room and says Ajooni.. Rajveer surges out and comes to the nursery to find Ajooni’s body lying there. He can barely handle it and requests that she open her eyes, he says I’m here.. if it’s not too much trouble, awaken.. it ends up being Rajveer’s dream.

Ajooni Latest Spoiler Alerts 23 December 2022

Shikha calls her hijacker and enlightens him to not stress regarding Ajooni. Deal with Rajveer also.

Ajooni is secured in the store-room and is shouting for Rajveer. He approaches the door.

Shikha gives toxin to Harvinder and requests that he give it to Aman, she will be done. Harvinder says lets not do that. Shikha says on the off chance that she opens her mouth, your dad will toss us out. Harvinder takes toxic substance and leaves. Cart is worried.

The ruffian goes into the room and is going to go after Rajveer. Ajooni can see that from the store-room and shouts for him. The police show up there before he could go after Rajveer.

Aman is calling Ajooni however she isn’t pickin up. Harvinder makes her smell compound and takes her from there.

Rajveer is conversing with the controller while Ajooni is sobbing for him in the storeroom and becomes unconscious.

PRECAP – The overseer blames Rajveer and inquires as to whether he accomplished some kind of problem with his better half? Rajveer gets out whatever would you say you are discussing? He hears somebody beating on the wall and says I feel like Ajooni is attempting to say something.

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