Ajooni 26 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Ajooni Written Update 26 December 2022

Scene 1
Harvinder and Shikha carry Aman’s body to the wilderness, she requests that he cover her there and leave quickly.

Written Update Ajooni Today Episode

Rajveer is remaining solitary, Ajooni comes there and asks what was the deal? Rajveer embraces her and says I’m upset for not saving you in time, he attempts to hurt himself yet Ajooni stops him. Ajooni says I’m OK, kindly quit harming yourself. Rajveer says I can never let you go, I won’t allow anything to happen to you, I will not have the option to live without you, I will constantly accompany you. Guarantee me that you won’t place yourself in a tough situation from this point forward. Guarantee me you will ponder us just from here on out. Ajooni guarantees him and expresses anything for you. He gifts her a wristband and says this is confirmation of our affection and commitments. They embrace each other firmly. Rajveer sits on the bed with her. He is going to kiss her however Ajooni gets a call, the man says Aman is gone. Ajooni is stunned and gets out whatever? Rajveer asks what happened?Rajveer and Ajooni come to the wilderness. They track down Harvinder and Shikha there. Ajooni says you killed Aman? She accomplished such a great deal for you, she even gave you the consent to wed Shikha. Rajveer enlightens Harvinder that you ought to have thought concerning the family. Ajooni says I feel like Bebe and Ravindra are essential for this, they sent us away so they could dispose of Aman. Rajveer says I won’t extra Harvinder. Ajooni says we ought to go to the police and get them in a correctional facility. Shikha requests that Harvinder stop them. Harvinder focuses the weapon at Rajveer, he says shoot me if possible.. Shikha requests that he make it happen. Harvinder shoots Ajooni.. she tumbles down. Rajveer says nothing will happen to you. Ajooni passes on in his arms. Shikha sneers. Rajveer takes out his weapon and shoots Harvinder.. everything ends up being his fantasy. Shikha requests that Harvinder tie Aman’s body, we lack the opportunity. Shikha says we ought to leave from here at this point. They leave Aman’s body in the wilderness and begin running away.

Ajooni 21St December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Scene 2
In the first part of the day, Bebe calls out for Aman. Harman says I have been looking for her yet couldn’t view as her. Bebe says she isn’t home and you don’t have any acquaintance with her? Harman says I have asks Chanku. Chanku comes there and says I was unable to see as her. Bebe expresses out loud whatever will we tell Harvinder? Rajveer and Ajooni return home. Rajveer asks where could Aman be? We got a call that she is absent. Bebe says we don’t have any idea where she is. Chanku says I looked through the area yet couldn’t see as her. Bebe says we ought to call her loved ones. Harvinder and Shikha return home. Bebe asks where did you go? Harvinder says we remained at Shikha’s home, what was the deal? Harman says Aman is absent for a really long time. Harvinder says truly? Rajveer frowns at him and says your shirt is shrouded in mud, everything alright? Shikha says he needed to change the vehicle tire. Bebe asks where could Aman be? Shikha says we don’t have the foggiest idea. Ajooni says I’m certain they have accomplished something with Aman. She asks Shikha how can she have mud on her hands as well? Shikha says I was helping him. Bebe requests that Ajooni quit addressing them. Cart says you are addressing us? Bebe is going to slap Ajooni yet Rajveer remains before her and gets slapped.

Ajooni Latest Spoiler Alerts 26 December 2022

PRECAP – Ajooni calls Shikha’s folks home. Shikha says you both here? Ajooni says I called them here, Shikha and Harvinder went to their home for an evening so I called them as a bring gift back. Shikha’s dad says he never came to our home, we were not even in the city. Ajooni frowns at Shikha.

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