Ajooni 29 November 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Ajooni Written Update 29 November 2022

Scene 1
Ravindra tells the media and Karuna that we don’t torment our ladies. There are numerous ladies in the house so they battle at times however it’s an individual matter. Karuna says you will talk in court now. Bebe yells at her to avoid their loved ones. Ravindra requests that Bebe be quiet. Ravindra says this is a family matter so we will sort this. He murmurs to Karuna that I will be valuable to you. Karuna says you need to apologize to Ajooni and Aman. Ravindra says they resemble my little girls. He creases his hand and apologizes to Aman and Ajooni. He frowns at Ajooni and murmurs that I won’t extra you. Karuna requests that Harman apologize to Ajooni and Aman. Harman is furious and apologizes to Ajooni. Karuna says I’m cautioning you that this shouldn’t reoccur. She leaves with the media. Ravindra is furious and yells at Ajooni that I never apologized to anybody throughout everyday life except I needed to do it today as a result of you. He attempts to go after her yet Rajveer drives him away. Ravindra lets Rajveer know that you have no disgrace that your dad needed to apologize on the grounds that your better half. Mangi lets him know that the party president has come to meet you.Ravindra leaves from that point. Harman frowns at Ajooni and says you have obliterated our loved ones. Ajooni says I didn’t call the media however it’s great that somebody prevented you from doing the transgression. Bebe says you continue to affront us. Rajveer looks on. Bebe and Harman leave. Ajooni lets Rajveer know that she didn’t call the media. Rajveer furiously leaves.

Written Update Ajooni Today Episode

The president admonishes Ravindra and says the media revealed about abusive behavior at home in your home. Ravindra says my family was simply having some good times. The president says your girl in regulation called the media against you, you couldn’t actually control your ladies. Ravindra says I have accomplished such a great deal for your party. The president says however your little girl in regulation is ruining everything for you, you don’t have a lot of time now. He leaves. Ravindra is angry.Ajooni tells Rajveer that I didn’t call the media. Rajveer yells that Karuna referenced that you called them. Why? I never let anybody foul up with you. Aman comes there and says Ajooni sat idle, she was with me and she never called anybody. I’m not lying. Rajveer says then who did it..

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Shikha’s dad calls Shikha and gets some information about the report. Shikha sneers and says I’m behind all that. Presently individuals won’t torment me here and Rajveer would lose the political decision ticket. Shikha says Ajooni is my foe so I will make a point to toss her out. Rajveer comes there and says I will toss you out of the house before that.

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The president calls Ravindra and resents him. They would rather not give him the ticket any longer. Ravindra is furious and says I won’t extra you.

Rajveer carries Shikha to the family and says I won’t extra her. Bebe says she is pregnant. Rajveer says she called the media and not Ajooni. All are shocked.

PRECAP – Ravindra tells Rajveer that Ajooni is a firecracker that has obliterated my loved ones. He focuses a firearm at Ajooni yet Rajveer remains before him and focuses a weapon at him. All are shocked.

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