Ajooni 30 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Ajooni Written Update 30 December 2022

Scene 1
Rajveer sits with Ajooni and says its great we called Durga auntie here. Ajooni says she tossed Shikha out of her room, we ought to gripe about Shikha to the police. Rajveer says you can definitely relax, Durga won’t extra them. He lies in her lap and says remember about our arrangements. Ajooni grins and says never, she leaves from there.

Written Update Ajooni Today Episode

Shikha brings tea for Durga, Durga tastes it and says this is so terrible. Shikha says I made it like I can. Ajooni brings tea for her, Durga likes it and advises Shikha to gain from her. Shikha discards her tea out of resentment. Durga yells at her to tidy it up. Shikha furiously leaves. Ajooni says I will clean it. She tidies up the wreck Shikha made. Durga grins and says you are Rajveer’s better half? I saw you on television, you made the best decision, these individuals need a girl in-regulation like you, I wish Aman was valiant like you.Shikha tells Harvinder that I am returning my home, that lady is remaining in my room. Ajooni stows away and hears them. Harvinder says I told you to not do all that, where will we get Aman from? since we.. Shikha says I will ensure this Durga goes out soon.

Ajooni 26Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Ravindra requests that Durga quiet down, we care about Aman as well. Durga says I saw what occurred on the television. Shikha’s folks show up there. Durga asks who are they? He says I’m Ravindra’s inlaws, our girl got hitched in this house. Durga says with who? Harman stops him and says with Rajveer, their girl got hitched to Rajveer. She calls her girl parents in law. Shikha and Ajooni come there. Harman says we have halwa today, she requests that Ajooni take her folks to her room. She is confounded. Harman requests that Shikha go with them. Durga stops them and says I will rest, she requests that Shikha come and back rub her feet. Shikha says me? Durga says OK, accompany me. Ravindra requests that she go. She leaves with her. Shikha’s dad asks what is happening here? who is this oldie? Ravindra says in the event that she slaps you, your face will bend, your little girl is at her ideal spot now. Harman requests that Shikha’s folks leave for the present. Ravindra requests that they get lost. They leave. Ravindra explains to Harman for what reason did you lie? Harman says in the event that Durga figures out Shikha is Harvinder’s second spouse, we are totally gone. She requests that Ajooni safeguard them and partake in the falsehood. Ajooni says never, I won’t ever take a section in this, she leaves. Ravindra says this young lady is fearless, we continue to lie however I appreciate this young lady. He lets Bebe know that this is all event as a result of you and Harvinder. He yells at Harman to quit lying. Harman figures I won’t extra Ajooni for expressing no to me.

Ajooni Latest Spoiler Alerts 30 December 2022

Ajooni is preparing for her date with Rajveer. Harman comes there and requests that she wash the drapes. Ajooni is sad.

Ajooni is washing the drapes, Rajveer is hanging tight for herself and unfortunately checks her out. Rajveer says lets simply go out. Ajooni says I need to complete work in the kitchen.

Later on, Ajooni comes to Rajveer and says gives up out. Rajveer says its extremely late now.

PRECAP – Ajooni lets Harman know that on the off chance that you believe I should lie, Shikha needs to beseech me in my feet. Shikha sits in her feet and says kindly concur with Harman and tell nothing to Durga. Ajooni smirks.

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