Ajooni 30 November 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Ajooni Written Update 30 November 2022

Scene 1
Rajveer lets the family know that Shikha called the media and set out to accuse Ajooni. Shikha says I sat idle. Rajveer pushes her yet Ravindra comes there and says everybody is off-base yet not your significant other? I was a dolt to wed you this bomb Ajooni, she has impacted my family and presently you are away from me as well. She even obliterated my arrangements for governmental issues, they won’t give us the ticket for decisions. All are stunned. Ravindra lets Ajooni know that you should be glad to hear that? Rajveer says I need to converse with you. Ravindra says I would rather not talk, I need activity now. He focuses a weapon at Ajooni, Rajveer gets out whatever would you say you are doing? He remains before Ajooni. Ravindra says I realized you would follow through with something like this, you need to pick either me and her now. He gives him another firearm and says you can fire me if you have any desire to stop me. He focuses a firearm at Ajooni. Bebe requests that he stop it. The shot is discharged by Ravindra in the air. Ravindra says Ajooni has obliterated everything so I won’t extra her. Bebe requests that he stop it. Ravindra says she has made me go off the deep end, Rajveer constrained us into picking Ajooni for this house. He focuses the weapon at Ajooni and Rajveer focuses the firearm at Ravindra. Ravindra says I realized you would do this, you can shoot me any other way I will kill her. Rajveer says I’m mentioning you to not do ths. On the off chance that you attempt to shoot her.. he focuses the firearm at himself. Ravindra says I won’t extra Ajooni at any expense today. The shot is discharged, all are stunned to see that Bebe halted them and dismissed the weapon. Mangi comes there and says Harvindar is alive. All are stunned. The examiner brings a harmed Harvindar there. All are glad to see him. Ravindra inquires as to whether he is alright? He embraces him and says my child is back. Bebe embraces him and cries. Rajveer embraces him and grins. Harman says we were all so down to realize you were no more except for you are back. Bebe cries and says say thanks to God you are back. Ravindra asks the overseer where did you track down him? The overseer says his jeep tumbled from the slope and a few townspeople dealt with him, we tracked down him today. He is back yet he has lost his memory. All are stunned. The reviewer says he remembers nothing. Harman says we are your loved ones. Ravindra says he wants rest, Harman takes him from that point. All look on. The monitor lets Ravindra know that we can’t ask a single thing from Harvindar. Ravindra says I maintain that the guilty party should be gotten soon, he leaves. Rajveer says I’m certain Shikha is behind this. Ravindra says then I could save her.

Written Update Ajooni Today Episode

Harman sits with Harvindar and inquires as to whether he perceives her? Shikha says I’m your Shikha, I’m pregnant with your child. Aman comes there and says I’m your better half. You recollect me right? Harvindar doesn’t respond to them. Ravindra calls everybody to the parlor.
PRECAP – Karuna comes to the family and says we have a composed objection against the family that you individuals do abusive behavior at home on your ladies. The reviewer inquires as to whether she griped? Ajooni says OK, she lets Ravindra know that you continue to rebuff individuals here and put their life at serious risk. Bebe requests that Rajveer stop her. Rajveer says she isn’t wrong.


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