Ajooni 31 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Ajooni Written Update 31 December 2022

Scene 1
Ajooni lets Rajveer know that how about we go for the film. Rajveer says we are as of now late, you care about others however not me, you lack the capacity to deal with me, he leaves from that point. That’s what harman sees and smirks.

Written Update Ajooni Today Episode

Harvinder is observing thing numbers and drinking liquor, he is inebriated and attempts to leave from that point however he envisions Aman on the television. Aman says for what reason did you do that with me? I’m still with you even subsequent to passing on. Harvinder gets terrified and runs away.Ajooni comes to Rajveer and says I got late on account of work. Rajveer says you couldn’t care less. Ajooni says I was eager to go out with you however I got house work so what could really be done? Rajveer says you care about others’ battles more than your own relationship, our relationship comes last to you. Bebe calls her so he requests that she disappear. He falls asleep. Ajooni is hurt.

Ajooni 27Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Bebe, Harman and Shikha are sitting tight for Ajooni. Ajooni comes there so Harman says Durga shouldn’t figure out reality. Ajooni says I won’t mislead her. Bebe says its my request, Ajooni says I won’t lie. Harman says we need to lie till we find Aman, Durga will cause a situation on the off chance that she figures out reality, I’m prepared to beseech you. Ajooni says the individual who ought to ask is Shikha. Shikha says I will not ask to anybody. Ajooni says in the event that all of you believe I should lie, she needs to beseech me. Shikha says I will not. Bebe requests that Shikha do it for their honor, we are in this present circumstance in light of you just so contact her feet and ask. Shikha is furious however sits in Ajooni’s feet and beseeches her to lie. Ajooni sneers and sits before her, she says I let you know I will make you ask. She makes her phenomenal, Shikha furiously leaves. Ajooni says I will deceive Durga yet just to save this house’s respect.

Ajooni Latest Spoiler Alerts 31 December 2022

Harvinder comes to Shikha and says Aman is back. I saw her on television. Shikha requests that he quiet down, Harvinder says I saw her phantom. Shikha says you are inebriated, that Ajooni caused me to ask to her. Harvinder is terrified of Aman so Shikha leaves from there.

In the morning, Ajooni comes to Durga and asks what she needs to eat? Durga says I simply need Aman back, make anything you need to however I just eat veg food. Ajooni grins and says I will make some khidchi for you. Durga favors her and says I have a quick so I will break it with your food. That’s what cart hears and smirks.

Ajooni is making food, Cart says Harman is calling you so Ajooni leaves. Cart blends eggs and onions in Durga’s food.

Ajooni comes to Harman and inquires as to whether she called her? she says no. Ajooni is befuddled. Shikha comes there and says you called her for the pooja right? Harman says OK we will do it later on, she requests that Ajooni proceed to cook, she will quick as well, Ajooni gestures and leaves.

Ajooni returns to the kitchen, Cart says I had added potatoes in the food. Ajooni thanks her.

Dolly comes to Shikha and says I have ruined the food. Shikha says Harman is fasting as well. Cart says Ajooni will be reprimanded by them both then.

All relatives sit to have food. Durga says Ajooni have made khidchi. Ajooni serves them food. Bebe says we are fasting, they all eat it. Ravindra says its so delicious. Cart says who gave this khidchi to you individuals? it has egg in it. All are stunned. Durga inquires as to whether she blended an egg in it? Cart carries the eggshells and shows it to them. All are shocked.

PRECAP – Bebe yells at Ajooni for what reason did she over-indulge their quick? Cart says she ought to be rebuffed. Ravindra blows up and says I won’t extra her today, he propels towards Ajooni.

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