Anupama 1 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Anupama Written Update 1 february 2023

Maaya reprimands Anupama and Anuj for not taking appropriate consideration of Little Anu and allowing her to have fever over and again. She says she will deal with her girl from hereon. Anuj says Little Anu is his and Anupama’s girl. Maaya says she can see them allowing Little Anu to have on street in temperature. Anuj says its a result of Maaya, Little Anu is running on street since Maaya vowed to come yet didn’t; he is burnt out on Little Anu reciting Maaya mantra. Anupama requests that he quiet down. Maaya inquires as to whether they need to complete all discussion on street itself. Anupama says let us go to our home and attempts to pick Little Anu. Maaya says Little Anu is fine with her. Anupama says Little Anu is fine with her as well and lifts Little Anu. Maaya inquires as to whether she truly believes her should visit her home; Devaki maa never visited Yashoda’s home, requested her portion in parenthood, or looked for Kanha back, yet assuming that she had done that, would Yashoda have called her home. Anupama says she would have as a mother doesn’t fail to remember her sanskar even in struggle.

Written Update Anupama Today Episode

Anupama with family gets back. Maaya stops at the entryway. Anupama welcomes her in and checks Kanhaji’s godlike object out. Maaya drones a shloka and makes sense of its implying that Krishna is called as Devak nandan and not Yashoda nandan as sacred texts realize who is Kanha’s mom, she looks for her right from god. At Shah house, Vanraj asks Leela for what reason she asked individual inquiry to Maaya. Leela says let everybody in on who is Little Anu’s dad. Vanraj says they ought to avoid Maaya as she is extremely sharp and expectations Maaya doesn’t make issue in Anuj, Anupama, and Kavya’s own and proficient lives. Anuj requests that Little Anu go to her room. Little Anu says she needs to remain with Maaya and embraces her. Maaya says she will take as much time as necessary. Anuj cautions her to stop. Maaya says she could do without channels and talks straightforwardly. Little Anu inquires as to whether she will take her to an event congregation or outing. Maaya tells her home. Little Anu says this is her home. Maaya says a house is where mother stays and she is Little Anu’s natural mother. She embraces Little Anu and cries. Ankush, Barkha, and Dimpy are stunned to hear that.Anuj and Anupama stand restless. Little Anu inquires as to whether she is her genuine mother. Maaya says she is her genuine mother. Anuj asks Little Anu again to go in. Little Anu says she was in ashram where vagrant children stay. Maaya says she had left her there and is her offender, looks for absolution. Little Anu furiously says no and requests that she go. Maaya solicitations to pay attention to her once. Little Anu expresses even subsequent to having a mother, she was in ashram and used to supplicate Kanhaji for mummy dad and cry checking other kids’ folks out. She inquires as to why she left her there. Maaya argues again to listen other once. Anuj says enough Maaya. Anupama requests that Little Anu pay attention to Maaya once and afterward choose. Maaya argues her Little Anu to excuse her. Ankush and Barkha condemn Maaya’s activity. Little Anu says even a creature doesn’t leave its dead child, for what reason did she leave her. Maaya says she needed to leave her powerlessly however was watching her every second from a good ways, she will make sense of her beginning and end at home. Little Anu declines to go.

Anupama 1 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Vanraj cautions Kavya not to welcome such individuals home. Kavya says they are her partners, she concurs that she got genuinely drawn to him during work, however she won’t rehash it. Vanraj says he understands what sort of a man Mohit it. Kavya says she understands what Vanraj is. Vanraj says she won’t go to London with Mohit, its her better half’s choice. Kavya says she won’t go assuming that he takes up Delhi work, and its his significant other’s choice. Vanraj says he can’t do that. She says then she can’t submit to her significant other’s organization and will travel to London at any expense. She cautions him to not play a shameful move of concealing her identification like he concealed Anupama’s passort.

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Maaya inquires as to whether she will go with her mom. Little Anu says OK. Anuj picks Little Anu and says he won’t let his girl go anyplace. Little Anu says she won’t go anyplace without his folks. Anuj asks Little Anu not to address Maaya once more and says no one can take his girl from him, let anybody give their best. Barkha and Ankush says Anuj is correct, Maaya can’t leave a youngster and afterward return to pick her back any time.

Precap: Anuj says this world doesn’t recount sonnets on father or studio him, yet every dad cherishes his kid hugely; she can’t prevail upon him. Maaya says she will. Anupama cautions her to not understimate her.

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