Anupama 11 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode 14 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Anupama 11 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Written Update 14 february 2023

Kinjal will not go with Rakhi and on second thought stay back and serve Toshu. Rakhi asks her not to become Anupama as she isn’t solid like Anupama; Anupama’s relationship was 25 years of age, yet Kinjal is extremely youthful. Kinjal says whether old or new, relationship is a relationship; her relationship with Pari is of a couple of months, however Pari means the world to her; Toshu is Pari’s dad; it was simpler to leave Toshu when he was fine, its an issue of a man’s life and family’s satisfaction. Rakhi argues her not to rui her life. Kinjal says assuming that she remains here, she will become like Anupama, however in the event that she doesn’t, she will become like Toshu. She feels low and requests a sweet.

Written Update Anupama 11 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Today Episode

Anupama lets Vanraj know that the way forward is exceptionally intense and brimming with thistles, however essentially they can see a way. Vanraj inquires as to whether she will uphold him in that way. Anupama says she conceived an offspring Toshu and the two of them had chosen to be by their youngsters’ side at any expense; they as guardians can’t leave their kids in a difficult situation and together will deal with things. Anuj strolls to Anupama and solaces her. He then, at that point, recounts a shayari for Vanraj and comforts even him. Vanraj requests that they visit and leaves. Anupama cries embracing Anuj. Anuj says he had advised her to avoid Shahs and presently maintains that her should be with them, he was childish then and presently acknowledged when he needed to battle for Anu. He requests that she deal with her child while he deals with his little girl. He says at whatever point the two families attempt to head out in different directions, destiny reunites them. He depicts exhaustively how battling relatives join when their darlings are in a difficult situation, etc.Vanraj strolls to Toshu’s ICU room and separates reviewing their holding. Ishwar Allah Jitne Bhi Rab Hain… melody plays behind the scenes. Anuj gets back and lets Little Anu know that Anupama wouldn’t have the option to go to her as she is dealing with Toshu, so he will deal with her. Anu says its alright as she will deal with herself. She inquires as to whether he is having migraine and presses his head. He says thanks to her. He sees green tea and says thanks to Dimpy, however finds Maaya remaining in front all things being equal. He gets some information about Dimple. Maaya says Dimpy and Samar are doing her venture. Anuj inquires as to whether she completed her schoolwork and had food. She says Maaya helped her and requests that he finish green tea as mamma showed her not to squander food. She causes Maaya to sit before him and shows her drawn family sketc with Anuj, Little Anu, Anupama, and Maaya. When she goes in, Anuj folds Maaya’s sketch in leaving his, Anupama, and Little Anu’s sketh out. When he leaves, Maaya folds Anupama’s sketch and takes a gander at her, Anuj, and Little Anu’s sketch as a family. She then gets into faculties and thinks what’s up with her.

Anupama 14 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Vanraj cries holding Toshu’s hand. A couple of days cruise by. Vanraj depicts that no one is blissful at home without Toshu and today Toshu is arriving at home after release. Shahs enthusiastically hang tight for Toshu’s gladly received and hang tight for him holding aarti thali. Anupama and Vanraj get back and bring incapacitated Toshu on a wheelchair. Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham.. melody plays in the background.

Anupama 11 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Latest Spoiler Alerts 14 february 2023

Precap: Anupama separates portraying Toshu’s condition. Barkha cautions Maaya to dare not to consider having Anupama’s spot.
Anuj stops her and says Maaya is dealing with Little Anu in Anupama’s absence.

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