Anupama 13 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode 16 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Anupama 13 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Written Update 16 february 2023

Anupama solaces Toshu and says it’s anything but a discipline yet mishap which can happen to anybody, he ought to have keep up with mental fortitude. Toshu inquires as to whether she is irate on him. Anupama says a mother can never be irate on her kid. Toshu says he is a terrible individual. Anupama asks not to say that. Leela plans nourishment for Toshu speedily. Hasmukh helps her and requests that she delayed down. Leela grumbles that Kinjal and Kavya will go to work, so she needs to doing everything alone. Hasmukh asks how might their home run in the event that they don’t go to work, she never regarded Anupama’s endeavors and basically she ought to regard her Kavya and Kinjal’s endeavors and quit condemning them, the two of them will oversee family tasks. Leela says OK, she will plan tiffin for even Kavya and Kinjal, and requests that he persuade Vanraj to rest and not strive. Hasmukh says he will admonish him and make him to sleep.

Written Update Anupama 13 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Today Episode

Anupama sings Dheere Se Aaja Re Nindiya Ankhiyan Me.. bedtime song and makes Toshu snoozing. She says he will be fine soon and attempts to leave yet finds Toshu holding her pallu in rest. Vanraj liberates it and asks Anupama not to stress and return home as he is here. He requests that Anuj bring her back home. Anuj holds her hand and removes her. Anupama stops at home sanctuary and argues to get Toshu well soon as he is somebody’s child, grandson, spouse, father, and so forth. Leela wipes her tears and requests that she return home as they are here to deal with Toshu. Anupama leaves with Anuj. She gets back and notification Maaya assuming control over her kitchen and little girl. A sonnet presents behind the scenes that a lady can’t impart her home and family to another lady, etc.Little Anu hurries to her and says she cherishes her so much and missed her a ton. Anupama spoils her and says even she missed her a ton. Maaya feels desirous seeing that. Little Anu goes to meet Anuj. Maaya reviews Anupama’s 15-day challenge and says she can restart the test as she was away from home for a couple of days. Anupama expresses gratitude toward her for dealing with her home in her nonappearance. Maaya expresses out loud anything she did was for her little girl. Barkha insults that Maaya took great consideration of girl’s father alongside the girl. Maaya indignantly checks her out. Anuj strolls in conveying Little Anu. Maaya says she will get ready tea for them. Anuj says he needs to have Anupama’s pre-arranged tea today and solicitations Anupama. Barkha smiles at Maaya. Little Anu gets some information about Toshu and demands her to interlace her hair. Ankush says its great she got back. Dimle says they generally missed her. Maaya feels more desirous seeing that.

Anupama 16 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Toshu calls Kinjal while she is snoozing. She awakens and inquires as to whether he needs to go to washroom and finds him peeing in his gasp itself. Toshu cries. Kinjal says its OK. Pari begins crying. Kinjal attempts to go to both crying Pari and Toshu. Rakhi strolls in and stands crying seeing Kinjal’s circumstance. Kinjal requests that Rakhi take Pari out, closes entryway, and cleans Toshu. She comforts him not to feel regretful and despicable as its just her. She guarantees him that she will be with him perpetually, and so forth. Toshu feels embarrassed reviewing his infelity towards Kinjal and says thanks to her. Rakhi holding Pari believes its a difficult choice, however she needs to do it.

Anupama 13 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Latest Spoiler Alerts 16 february 2023

Kavya prepares for a shoot. Vanraj inquires as to for what reason is she going out soon after Toshu got back home. Kavya inquires as to whether he would have said same if would wear a suit and go to work. Vanraj says that is work. Kavya says even she will work and bring in cash as they an expand their hands before Anuj and Anupama perpetually; her and Toshu’s relationship is of an alternate level and she can simply serve him food. Vanraj says he really wants her most. Kavya says he overlooked intentionally, yet she is disregarding him for an explanation; she disappeared from work to remain at emergency clinic and have to escape house to work, she is going out as she probably is aware they are by and large present to deal with Toshu.

Maaya feels jealouss seeing Anuj and Anupama taking care of Little Anu during supper as a blissful family and envisions supplanting herself with Anupama. Maaya inquires as to whether she gathered her school sack. Little Anu says she will prior to resting. Maaya asks not to fail to remember anything. Little Anu says don’t stress as mummy will deal with all that and requests that Anupama lay down with her this evening. Maaya lets Little Anu know that she will make her rest as Anupama is worn out. Little Anu says she will lay down with mummy, leaving Maaya consuming in envy. Barkha sees her expressions.

Precap: Kinjal prepares for work reviewing Rakhi’s recommendation that its a serious world and she will be abandoned on the off chance that she doesn’t think. Barkha insults Maaya that however Maaya brought forth Little Anu, Anupama gave her colossal love and consequently she won’t leave Anupama and Anuj. Toshu tumbles down. Leela faults Kinjal. Rakhi faces her that her little girl isn’t their worker to serve them and even take their backfires. Anupama considers visiting Shahs in the morning.

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