Anupama 14 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Anupama Written Update 14 December 2022

Leela packs tiffin for Adhik. Anupama attempts to help her, yet she denies Anuapam’s assistance. Anupama inquires as to for what reason is Pakhi remaining here. Leela says let her visit assuming that she feels quite a bit better here. Anupama says Adhik dislike it, Pakhi is simply showing her hardheadedness. Leela says its nothing of her should be concerned about, Anupama ought to care for her home and she will take care of her home. Anupama strolls to window and hears Adhik let Pakhi know that he can’t wash the dishes day to day and Pakhi ought to likewise help. Pakhi demands for a dishwasher. Adhik inquires as to whether she wants a dishwasher for 2-3 utensils. Pakhi says her nails will be spoilt and she can’t stand filthy dishes. Adhik says those are our utensils, utensils will not consequently wash without anyone else, one necessities to add dishes and cleanser themselves. Pakhi says she will make it happen assuming he brings it. Adhik says he brought washing a lot of which she hasn’t utilized it yet. Pakhi says Kavya washes her clothes.

Written Update Anupama Today Episode

Adhik inquires as to for what reason might she at any point wash them, he could do without his MIL washing his garments. Pakhi says so what. Adhik says she neither needs to study nor take up a task and simply need to show her freedoms on Kavya, Leela, and Kinjal and crossed her cutoff points when she made Hasmukh iron his garments. Pakhi asks so what, he was pressing his kurta and she requested that he iron Adhik’s shirt too. Adhik says its sufficient now, she ought to proceed to deal with the house. Pakhi says she previously let him know that she would rather not become like Anupama. Adhik says she can’t become like Anupama regardless of whether she needs to, Anupama even after numerous limitations arrived where Pakhi couldn’t actually imagine coming to. Pakhi requests that he go to work as opposed to addressing. Adhik says he will and requests that she illuminate Leela that he left as Pakhi won’t work and just put on weight lazing around. Pakhi yells don’t body disgrace her. Adhik says she took in these 4 words, however didn’t pick up showing worry to her better half. Pakhi says Leela says young ladies put on weight after marriage. Adhik says she can turn into an inflatable however not do any errands. Pakhi strolls way irately. Adhik sees Anupama paying attention to their contention and strolls away.After some time, Pakhi lazes on couch when power goes off and she smolder. Anupama strolls to her holding a light. Kinjal trusts Pakhi comprehends what Anupama makes sense of. Kavya says Anupama ought to give Pakhi a tight slap and make her comprehend, Leela is supporting Pakhi as she would be distant from everyone else at home now after Kavya and Kinjal leave for work and Pakhi is giving her an organization. Kinjal trusts again Pakhi gets some soul. Anupama inquires as to whether they can talk and shows her bunched up hair. Pakhi shouts that everybody definitely dislikes her hair, weight, and demeanor. Anupama says its reality and not insults. She recommends her to seek after her schooling and become self-subordinate like Adhik who was reliant upon Barkha before yet presently does everything himself, Pakhi ought to quit checking out at others for help. Pakhi feels disturbed and hollers. Anupama says her mom will continuously be close to her at whatever point she really wants assistance. She gives her model as a housewife who took care of everything alone, except Adhik is helping Pakhi and she ought to gain from Adhik.

Anupama 9Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Pakhi hollers that on the grounds that Adhik washed 2 utensils, Anupama’s way of behaving towards Adhik changed. Anupama says she ought to regard connections and not underestimate them before they begin leaving her; she ought to similarly uphold Adhik and set herself up for any unanticipated occasions. Leela strolls in and shouts at Anupama to quit bothering her granddaughter. Anupama says she is showing her lifestyles. Leela requests to show Dimple all things being equal. Anupama cautions her not to over-indulge her granddaughter by supporting her presumption and sluggish way of behaving. Leela inquires as to whether she will show even her. Anupama says in the event that need be, she clearly will and gives a discourse no the way in which Leela is ruining Pakhi. Pakhi leaves indignantly. Anupama inquires as to whether she would like Cart remaining at Shah house, she ought to train Pakhi to help Adhik when Adhik is supporting her to such an extent. Leela hollers again to care for her home and Dimple and not fret over them and leaves. Anupama figures Pakhi shouldn’t compel her to make sense of her in an alternate way.

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Hasmukh strolls to Anupama and says not just the world, even life is round which rotates and gets back to a similar point over and over. Anupama says in satyug, Ganeshji spun around his folks, however in kalyug, guardians need to spin around kids; she made an honest effort to change Pakhi in various ways, yet she fizzled. Hasmukh asks her to simply petition God for Pakhi and offers her cream roll. She asks howmany cream rolls did he have, and admonishes him for having 3, and takes entire box along. Hasmukh requests that she take the light likewise to her home and not worry about Shah house. She passes on requesting that he deal with Pakhi. At Kapadia house, Anuj flies off the handle on Adhik for giving an off-base citation to client and losing both agreement and a major client. Adhik apologizes and vows to address his mix-up and thinks he losing on his employment in light of family stress and shouldn’t lose the trust Anupama and Anuj have on him. Anupma gets back, hears their discussion, and offers him cream roll to quiet him down. She gets some information about little Anu and Dimple. He says they are making Christmas arrangements. Adhik exhaust seeing Pakhi’s not a solitary call or message and her thoughtless way of behaving. Pakhi figures the reason why would it be a good idea for her she call in the event that he doesn’t call her, she won’t resemble anupama who will says surri/sorry and meander around her significant other. Anuj keeps venting out his indignation on his reckless staff for losing projects. Anupama thinks he looks attractive when he is angry.

During breakfast, Kavya illuminates family that she is getting a reward compensation as her organization is accomplishing something useful. Everybody compliment her. Vanraj gets some information about his work. Samar says its going great with Dimple going along with him. Leela cautions him to avoid Dimple. Samar inquires as to for what reason is she saying this. Leela says he is meandering around that young lady a ton nowadays. Samar says they cooperate. Vanraj requests that he quiet down. Samar says he attempts to overlook Leela’s insults, yet its overdoing it. Vanraj says Leela didn’t intend that. Samar says she really intend that, they cooperate and interface. Leela gets inflexible not to meet that young lady as she is scanning a young lady for himself and doesn’t believe he should blend with such young lady. Samar requests what kind from young lady, whatever occurred with Dimple was a mishap which can happen to anybody, she shouldn’t fret over his marriage as it will happen as the need might arise. Leela says he was prepared to wed a couple of days prior and presently is making show. Samar requests that she stop her taunts.

During breakfast, Anuj flies off the handle that his well deserved standing is in question due to his representatives and its his mix-up that he didn’t zero in on work because of his family issues and picked wrong individuals in his group. Adhik gets back worn out and seeing a wrecked floor yells no… Ankush attempts to quiet down Anuj. Anuj says he can’t put his standing in question and won’t blend his own and proficient life. Barkha lets Ankush know that this isn’t simply proficient disappointment, he wants to quiet down. Anupama thinks Anuj can’t focus on his expert life because of family issues, she really wants to get him far from family dramas.

Precap: Anupama lets Anuj know that she shouldn’t have addressed Pakhi. Anuj says Pakhi is something to him as well. Anupama says Pakhi is her obligation. Anuj gets some information about their obligation little Anu, Anupama fizzled attempting to satisfy such countless obligations; he was simply attempting to help her, and when she doesn’t maintain that he should meddle, he will not from hereon.

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