Anupama 15 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Anupama Written Update 15 December 2022

Leela cautions Samar that he will wed a young lady she picks. Samar inquires as to why she is behind his marriage. Pakhi inquires as to whether they are not worn out with their theatrics. Toshu inquires as to why she needs to jab her nose all over. Kavya backs him and requests that Pakhi offer them some reprieve. Pakhi says they are talking as though they were not contending before her entrance. Samar without eating says he will move foundation. Leela orders him to supplant Dimple with another young lady. Pakhi gets Adhik’s call. Her telephone gets picked and tumbles down. Adhik storms at Pakhi for leaving 2 days’ dishes unattended with cockroach and rodent pervasion therefore, rodents gnawing his significant office record, he being worn out working alone both at office and home, she as opposed to dealing with house and spouse lazing in her parent’s home, him becoming weary of enduring every one of her fits since he cherishes her, and so on, and inquires as to for what reason did she wed him if she had any desire to be at her parent’s home for all time. Family look stunned seeing Adhik venting out his disappointment. Vanraj rather blows up on Adhik for talking discourteously to Pakhi and chooses to defy him.

Written Update Anupama Today Episode

Adhik separates. He calls Anupama and quietly sobs. Anupama gets concerned and sks assuming everything is okay. Adhik separates call. Anuj strolls to Anupama. Adhik dozes on couch sobbing. Vanraj irately heads towards Adhik’s home. Hasmukh stops him and cautions him not to meddle in spouse wife’s issue. Vanraj yells Adhik can’t address his little girl like this. Kavya inquires as to whether he understood how his girl treats Adhik. Kinjal says its Pakhi’s misstep. Toshu says Adhik can’t address his sister like this. Vanraj asks so imagine a scenario where Pakhi didn’t do the dishes, she isn’t his worker. Pakhi says its not Adhik’s error but rather Anupama’s as she incites Adhik against her. Anuj apologizes Anupama for being impolite last evening and figures his own life shouldn’t experience because of his expert life.Pakhi says Anupama affronts her before Adhik and subsequently Adhik got fearless to holler at her. She keeps playing her casualty card and blaming Anupama for making them battle. Samar says making others battle is her specialization. Vanraj says he won’t extra Adhik today for being impolite to Pakhi. Hasmukh cautions him again not to meddle among a couple and not talk how a spouse ought to act as he was a terrible husband. Vanraj says then Hasmukh can comprehend how a dad feels when a terrible spouse affronts his girl. He decides to go up against Adhik and leaves. Kavya says Vanraj shouldn’t meddle among a couple. Leela says Vanraj won’t affront his SIL and will converse with him smoothly. Hasmukh says her child is the most harmony cherishing individual in entire Ahmedabad. Vanraj thumps Adhik’s entryway and strolls in. Adhik angirly takes a gander at Pakhi.

Anupama 10Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Anupama requests that Anuj focus on his work and let her focus on home, she will help him at office likewise and alongside Ankush, Barkha, and Adhik, they will try sincerely and clear his misfortunes. He says right. She says he can skirt sentiment till then. He says he can skip food however not skip romancing his better half. She says which tablet he takes for his charm. He says he takes infusion. She plays out his nazar and plans milkshake for him. Dehka Jo Tumko.. tune plays behind the scenes. Vanraj lets Adhik know that he could have done without Adhik embarrassing Pakhi, Pakhi’s telephone dropped somewhere near mix-up and entire family heard him shouting at Pakhi. Adhik says its a couple’s issue. Vanraj says among a couple idea works in America and not here and whatever happens is between families, so families need to talk when husband and spouse fight.

Anupama Latest Spoiler Alerts 15 December 2022

Adhik requests him to take a gander at the condition from house, he heard his shouting, yet doesn’t have a clue about the times of disappointment behind it. Vanraj asks how might he know until Adhik illuminates. Adhik says he would rather not as its among him and Pakhi and they, when all is said and done, will settle their issue. Vanraj expresses out loud anything it is, he can’t address his significant other like that. Adhik advises him that even he used to address Anupama like that, he isn’t provoking him however reminding him. Kavya requests that Pakhi proceed to deal with the circumstance. Pakhi leaves. Kinjal says Pakhi doesn’t realize that she personally is making issues for herself. Kavya says Adhik is a reasonable kid and wouldn’t endure Pakhi’s babble for a really long time. Toshu trusts this show doesn’t extend. Samar inquires as to whether he ought to call Anupama. Hasmukh says no, there would a show every day in this house and Anupama would need to remain with them to tackle the issues each day.

Vanraj expresses his past generally torment him, he was off-base and he acknowledges it, even Adhik is off-base here. He says he Pakhi has forever been a pampered kid and isn’t acclimated to work. Adhik says even he didn’t spend his life as a youngster a worker, his sister too indulged him, even he isn’t acclimated to work yet is attempting to learn. Vanraj says even Pakhi will advance gradually, an understudy can’t turn into a housewife out of nowhere, Adhik ought not be a common spouse and commit errors he did. Adhik says Pakhi is at botch. Vanraj inquires as to whether he stole away and wedded Pakhi for this. Adhik says he wedded Pakhi to invest energy with her, however she doesn’t actually address him for 2 minutes and sent her dad here. Pakhi enters and yells how dare he is to address her father like this. Adhik cautions her to act with him. Vanraj cautions him to watch his tone. Adhik says he wedded and didn’t embrace her to meander around and deal with her like a kid.

Vanraj asks didn’t he know Pakhi’s temperament before marriage. Adhik says even he was same before marriage, however obligations change individuals and he changed, for what reason mightn’t Pakhi at any point change. Vanraj says he concurs. Pakhi inquires as to for what reason is he supporting Adhik. Vanraj says Adhik isn’t totally off-base and says no one changes for the time being. Adhik says when he changed, for what reason mightn’t Pakhi at any point change; when 2 individuals wed, there would be equivalent endeavors, buts its uneven in his marriage and he needs to work both at office and work. He reprimands Pakhi for not considering or finding a new line of work and simply needs to show her privileges on him. Pakhi yells he is a run of the mill male chauvanist individual. Adhik says he changed his way of life for her, yet she can’t change a piece for him. Vanraj says no.. Adhik inquires as to whether he can wash Kavya’s garments and clean her dishes for 2 days. Vanraj yells at him. Adhik says this is called regular MCP. He sys he realizes he is a generally excellent spouse. Anupama calls Adhik and gets strained when he doesn’t pick call.

Precap: Anupama lets Anuj know that he shouldn’t have addressed Pakhi. Anuj says Pakhi is something to him as well. Anupama says Pakhi is her obligation. Anuj gets some information about their obligation little Anu, Anupama fizzled attempting to satisfy such countless obligations; he was simply attempting to help her, and when she doesn’t maintain that he should meddle, he will not from hereon.

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