Anupama 16 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Anupama Written Update 16 January 2023

Dheeraj lets Anuj know that their greatest misstep in life is they loosen up thinking there is a ton of time; their life resembles a glass wall and when demise tosses a stone on it, their life is no more. He says he shouldn’t stand by to persuade Anupama and act before its past the point of no return, he ought to let his inner self go. Anupama cries that she needs to meet Anuj, he didn’t come to her means he is as yet furious on her, what will she do now. Dheeraj asks Anuj to now and persuade Anupama. Anuj asks where will he stay. Dheeraj says he will discover some room and rest or, more than likely will rest in vehicle and in a cloudy style says go Anuj go, solace Anu. He supplicates god not to isolate 2 cherishing heart. Anuj races to Anupama, and the two of them express their adoration for one another. Pyar Kabhi Kam Nahi Karna‚Ķ tune plays behind the scenes. He understands its his creative mind and Anupama is now snoozing. He lies close to her. A sonnet plays behind the scenes. Anupama awakens after some time and rests embracing him. Next morning, Anupama awakens and implores Kanhaji to accomplish something that their new year even following 2 days gets happy.

Written Update Anupama Today Episode

At Shah house, Hasmukh spoils Pari. Leela offers diet thepla to Kinjal and requests that she have it at whatever point she is at home. Hasmukh acclaims Leela for showing her nurturing love. Toshu enters addressing his client flaunting that he can bargain any property. He discusses selling some contested Sharma house. Vanraj and Hasmukh caution him that he will cause problems as that property is questioned since years and no one got it till now. Toshu says its a 3 crores rs property and he will learn 30%, 90 lakhs, commission in the event that he breaks this arrangement. Kinjal remarks he is an imbecile, everybody would begin property managing business on the off chance that its such a simple job.Anupama plans moong dal halwa for Anuj. Dheeraj strolls in and inquires as to whether she is planning moong dal halwa. Anupama says OK and inquires as to whether he knows cooking. Dheeraj says he is a specialist cook and proceeds with his energetic way of behaving. Anuj strolls in. Dheeraj messes with even him and requests that he drop his office visit today as he has arranged an excursion for 3 of them. Anuj falters. Dheeraj attempts to persuade him with his jokes. Devika strolls in. Dheeraj gets hypnotized with her exuberant nature and plays with her. Anuj acquaints them with one another. Dheeraj keeps on playing with Devika while she attempts to put his advances down. Devika asks Anuj where are they going. Anuj says he can’t go with them as he has a significant gathering and goes to change his tie. Anupama feels sad.

Anupama 16 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Toshu inquires as to whether there isn’t any issues with property records and says he will orchestrate cash some way or another. Kinjal cautions him again to not be idiotic. Toshu says there is a gigantic open door in chance and notification Kinjal’s cash in cabinet. He takes cash and anxiously leaves speedily while Vanraj attempts to converse with him. Vanraj feels dubious of his way of behaving. Kavya models for a photograph shoot. Her photographic artist Mohit acclaims her and says on the off chance that she had begun early, she would have turned into a supermodel. Kavya feels significantly better. Devika and Dheeraj give a plan to Anupama to persuade Anuj for an outing. Anupama apprehensively wavers. They persuade her with their jokes and adamancy.

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Precap: Anupama moves around Anuj on Tumse Dil Lagane Ki Saza Hai.. tune and attempts to persuade him for an outing, however he leaves frustrating her. Afterward, he returns and hits the dance floor with her on Bardast Nahi Karsakta. melody and discusses a sonnet embracing her.

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