Anupama 19 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Anupama Written Update 19 December 2022

Anuj sincerely lets Anupama know that he cherishes her, he doens’t have any desire to change her yet simply needs to express that there is cutoff to worry about pressure and concern alone, how might she anticipate that herself should do everything exactly brilliantly when even a clock doesn’t work unequivocally. He inquires as to for what reason don’t she acknowledge that the two of them need each other’s assistance for a smooth life, he was simply attempting to share his better half’s pressure, however she is a mother and assuming a mother feels he fouled up by addressing her girl, he is stress for that. She asks what’s going on with he. He says in the event that she thinks he is expanding her concerns, he is grieved and he won’t meddle among her and her kids from hereon. He leaves from that point, leaving Anupama more steamed. Anuj strolls to her room upset. The two of them recount a sonnet depicting contrasts between them crawling up interestingly. Dil Hai Ke Maanta Nahi.. tune plays in the background.

Written Update Anupama Today Episode

Pakhi stresses eating reviewing Adhik leaving her and her seeing him smilingly visiting with dimple. She seethe that he could have done without her virtual entertainment posts and loved Dimple’s posts all things considered, he didn’t converse with her since yesterday and its not influencing him by any means. She fears he will forget herand and attempts to call him more than once and naturally suspects assuming he impeded her. Vanraj passes by and watches her restless way of behaving. Adhik readies a gift for Pakhi and plans to take her on a lengthy drive. Anupama shifts focus over to little Anu’s room and reviews Anuj inquiring as to whether she filled little Anu’s school structure. Little Anu says she completed her schoolwork. Anupama says she didn’t complete her schoolwork however and apologizes for not filling her school structure in light of which she Little Anu couldn’t go to class trip. Little Anu says its OK. Anupama says she can’t think twice about her kids’ joy and vows to go on her on an outing tomorrow. Little Anu enthusiastically says she will gather her pack then. Anupama thinks she bombed as a mother and spouse today and ought to deal with keeping them happy.Anuj can’t rest. Anupama strolls till the entryway and afterward eases off. Anuj enthusiastically opens entryway when he hears entryway thump however at that point finds Ankush who comes to give him a record. Anuj embraces him inwardly. Ankush inquires as to whether he is fine. Kavya sees Pakhi upset and tells her that they can’t see her in this condition, they chide her as they love and care for her. She discusses having persistence throughout everyday life and connections and gives an illustration of slow cooking. She recommends her to gain from her and Vanraj and Toshu and Kinjal’s mix-ups and fix up with Adhik, proposes to call Adhik and apologize before its past the point of no return and attempt to be similarly capable in relationship.

Anupama 14Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Anupama goes into Anuj’s room, notice Anuj sleeping, and embraces him from behind. Anuj wakes up. Anupama says I love you and sorry and she would not joke about this. Anuj breaks down when her tears fall on his check and embraces her back. Tum Pyar Ho Hamare, Dil Daar Ho Hamare.. melody plays behind the scenes. Anuj says he could have done without and it hurt him a ton. Anupama rehashes surri/sorry. Anuj says at whatever point he sees his Anupama in a tough situation, a completely relaxed Anuj gets brutal and wants to break the entire world with his hockey stick. Anupama says she is a mother and can’t quit stressing for her kids regardless of whether she arrives at a moon. Anuj says he comprehends or probably he could never have hitched her, he realize that he is wedding a mother and he doesn’t believe she should avoid her youngsters and as a matter of fact he advised her to visit Shah house for her kids, yet presently he maintains that her should draw a line.

Anupama Latest Spoiler Alerts 19 December 2022

He says each relationship ought to have a line of control and they didn’t cross a line of control of assumptions and consequently they are together now and cherish and see each other more than previously. He says she ought to define a boundary for everybody; its not her error that young ladies are instructed from youth that they need to deal with everything, she can’t improve on her propensity for 26 years, yet ought to gradually work on this propensity. He says he isn’t requesting that she ease off from her obligations and shouldn’t change in any event, for him or any other person, however ought to figure out how to quit controlling for the wellbeing of her own. He depicts how moms need to control kids alone as opposed to letting grandparents and others likewise control them, and so on, and says he doesn’t believe that his Anu should neglect herself as she isn’t a machine or god and ought to begin living for herself for god’s sake.

Precap: Pakhi advises Adhik that she had come to apologize him, yet he is by all accounts content with Dimple. Adhik angirly says she ought to apologize and not show her disposition. Anuj yells to battle, they ought to escape his home and do it. Adhik lets Pakhi know that he thinks they need a break.

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