Anupama 20 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Anupama Written Update 20 December 2022

Adhik gets high fever. Barkha gets concerned and says anybody would get sick if infections named Pakhi and Vanraj wander around them, she won’t extra them. Adhik demands not to. Barkha offers him medication. Vanraj sees Pakhi tensely attempting to call Adhik. Next morning, Anupama dries her hair after wash sees Anuj actually resting. She reviews Anuj’s recommendation to quietly define a boundary of control among connections and kisses his cheek. Anupama then serves breakfast to Ankush, Barkha, little Anu, and Dimple. Anuj goes along with them and wishes great morning to little Anu. Little Anu answers and demands Anupama to request that Anuj go with them to the outing. Anupama requests that she eat first and serves a heart-molded roti to Anuj. She then gets some information about Adhik. Barkha says he is having fever. Adhik goes along with them. Anupama says how is he. He says he is having shortcoming however was feeling hungry and subsequently came. Anupama serves him breakfast. Little Anu completes breakfast and goes to pack her bag.

Written Update Anupama Today Episode

Barkha says she is stressed for Adhik after Vanraj compromised him yesterday. Adhik says let it be. Barkha says its a difficult issue. Barkha inquires as to whether Pakhi and Vanraj record a phony abusive behavior at home body of evidence against Adhik, its great that Adhik was here or probably Vanraj would have crushed him and afterward brought police over that. Anuj says he comprehends what she implies; even he had met Pakhi and attempted to make sense of her, however she confounded and grumbled Vanraj who made a show with Anupama; he trusts Pakhi take things in a correct manner and Vanraj guides her appropriately. Barkha says the psychological Vanraj and Pakhi are in, anything can occur soon. Adhik asks her not to worry, whatever needed to happened has occurred, he will address Pakhi and persuade her. Barkha inquires as to whether Pakhi disagrees as even mature individuals commit errors and Pakhi has done PhD in youthfulness. Adhik says please. Barkha expresses such over-profound individuals cross their cutoff points for little issues and attempt to hurt themselves or their spouse.Ankush requests that she quit talking negative and eat. Adhik requests that Pakhi quit maligning Pakhi. Barkha yells for what reason shouldn’t she, he is now a representative at office and had turned into a worker at home, very much like grieved spouses he has turned into a disturbed husband and shouldn’t attempt to fix up with Pakhi. Ankush says Adhik and Pakhi are not dating are as of now a wedded couple, is there any good reason why they wouldn’t fix up. Barkha says they shouldn’t inquire as to whether Pakhi gets Adhik captured in an abusive behavior at home case as regulation generally pays attention to ladies. Dimple serves roti to Adhik. Pakhi strolls in. At Shah house, Vanraj lashes out on family for allowing Pakhi to visit Adhik. Hasmukh and Kavya say somebody needs to invest some energy to fix up. Vanraj proceeds with his anger.

Anupama 15Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Pakhi asks Adhik for what good reason didn’t he pick her call. Adhik says his telephone should be off and he didn’t really look at it. Pakhi says he probably turned off telephone to keep away from her. Adhik says he didn’t see by any stretch of the imagination as he was having fever, as a matter of fact he was coming to meet her yesterday. Pakhi says there was a little contention. Adhik says it wasn’t little, she doesn’t have the foggiest idea what her daddy did here. Pakhi says daddy made them misjudge, yet Adhik didn’t attempt to call her. Adhik says he previously told he was having fever. Pakhi says he was blissful and grinning when he was conversing with Dimple. Adhik says it was toward the beginning of the day and he got fever at night, how can he know this. Pakhi says very much like he missed her, even she missed him and had come to meet him. She says in any case let us not drag a little issue. Adhik says she and her daddy made it. Pakhi gets out anything it is, let us end it, she came to apologize and take him home.

Anupama Latest Spoiler Alerts 20 December 2022

Barkha says Adhik will stay put. Pakhi cautions her not to meddle. Barkha asks when her dad can meddle and manhandle Adhik, for what reason mightn’t she at any point support Adhik. Pakhi yells Barkha doesn’t believe they should fix up. Adhik cautions her to act with his sister. Pakhi and Adhik’s contention begins. Anuj cautions them to stop and inquires as to whether they need to. Adhik lets Pakhi know that he wants a break. Pakhi overreacts more and inquires as to whether he needs to dump her as his sister and others here believe they should isolate. Adhik cautions her to stop allegations. Pakhi yells Barkha was correct that he is a playboy who dumps young ladies in the wake of utilizing them, he is doing same with them. Adhik yells sufficient at this point. Pakhi takes off shouting. Adhk strolls to his room. Dimple runs behind Pakhi and attempts to quiet her down. Pakhi yells at her to proceed to make Adhik grin and tempests away.

Anupama lashes out and becomes mixed up in contemplations. Anuj says its Adhik and Pakhi’s issue and allowed them to deal with it, he attempts to cause her to feel ordinary. Anuj then, at that point, acts typical and says she is fine, Shah family will deal with Pakhi’s concern and she will proceed to deal with Little Anu, he is correct that its Adhik and Pakhi’s issue and allowed them to deal with it. Pakhi gets back crying and says Adhik said he needs a break from their relationship. Toshu says he will break Adhik’s bones. Samar says Adhik probably said split and not separate. Pakhi says Adhik’s tone mean it and it is as of now chosen as Anupma didn’t respond all, Barkha needed to end their marriage, she will give him a long space in the event that he needs to and will break this marriage. She races to her room crying. Vanraj reprimands family for supporting Adhik and faults Anuj and Anupama for attempting to vent out their resentment on him through Pakhi. Hasmukh inquires as to whether he is a Goodbye or Birla that Anuj would vent out resentment just on him out of the entire world. Samar says its Pakhi’s propensity to misrepresent issues. That’s what vanraj cautions in the event that Adhik makes Pakhi cry once more, he will show him a lesson.

Anupama gathers little Anu’s pack for cookout. Kavya gets stressed for Anuj and Anupama seeing Pakhi’s response and calls Anupama. Anupama restlessly says she is fine. Kavya gets some information about Pakhi and focus on her loved ones. Anupama gestures OK. Kavya apologizes for not taking care of Pakhi well and inquires as to whether there is any issue among her and Anuj on account of Pakhi. Anupama sits quiet. Kavya says she can comprehend and says herself and Anuj are experiencing the same thing where they are powerless, however Anupama shouldn’t let her relationship with Anuj impacted. Anupama expresses gratitude toward her for reminding her. Kavya says love you and detaches call. She figures Anuj and Anupama accomplished such a great deal for themselves and supplicates god to safeguard their relationship. Vanraj strolls to her and says Pakhi has secured herself in a room. Kavya says she knows and is stressed for Pakhi, Anupama, and everybody. Vanraj asks what has been going on with Anupama. Kavya says fail to remember it. Vanraj figures Pakhi does uncommon things when she is in pressure and stresses for her more. Pakhi sends a voice note to Adhik.

Precap: Pakhi sends a voice note to Adhik taking steps to commit suicide on the off chance that she can’t accompany him. Anupama appreciate cookout with little Anu. Adhik thumps Pakhi’s room entryway and argues her to open it.

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