Anupama 23 November 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Anupama Written Update 23 November 2022

Shahs get back. Vanraj calls Pakhi and says she isn’t picking his call. He faults Anupama for making a show and afterward addressing more than once to act perfectly. Hasmukh asks what did he do a few days ago. Vanraj says it was, yet for what reason did Anupama and Anuj bring Pakhi back home when they can’t deal with her whimsicalness. Kavya requests that he not name Pakhi’s botches as whimsicalness, Pakhi had crossed her cutoff points and subsequently Anupama made that outrageous stride. Samar says it was difficult for mummy. Kinjal says they ought to envision what Anupama should feel. Vanaj gets some information about Pakhi, her own mom counterbalanced her wedding and kicked her of the house. Leela cautions him to quit accusing Anupama as show a thing or two to Pakhi was important, Pakhi was flying excessively high and would understand her error in the wake of confronting the difficulties now.

Written Update Anupama Today Episode

Anupama requests that Anuj accept her some place as she is feeling extremely worried, Little Anu couldn’t missed her school camp because of wedding. Anuj says camp should be as yet going on, they will drop Litle Anu at the camp and head off to some place. Anupama says she is exceptionally anxious and needs harmony. Adhik shifts into an inn with Pakhi and inquires as to whether he ought to arrange her something to eat. Pakhi proceeds to cry and says on the off chance that Anupama disliked her, she ought to have taken her to a room and revised her mix-up, for what reason did she slap and embarrass her before everybody; she generally does this. Adhik says he has barely any familiarity with consistently, this time its Pakhi’s error. Pakhi says Anupama ought to have rebuffed her as opposed to removing her from the house; what sort of a guardians they will be, they tossed youngsters on street and themselves are getting a charge out of in a palace.Adhik says she is Pakhi Adhik Mehta now and after marriage, one stays at in-regulation’s place and not parent’s place, Shah house is her parent’s home and Kapadia house isn’t her in-regulation’s home, they were simply remaining at Kapadia house and its Anupama and Anuj’s significance that they let us stay in their home, she ought to quit feeling that she is a Kapadia bahu; he cherishes her hugely and vows to give her an agreeable life, she wants to help him for that or probably she ought to care for herself.

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Next morning, Little Anu cicks family selfie with her folks and notification it spoilt. Anuj says they can click more pics on the way. Little Anu goes to get her sacks. Ankush welcomes Anuj and Anupama great morning and inquires as to whether they are heading off to some place. Anuj says they are going on an excursion subsequent to dropping Little Anu to her school camp. Adhik says that is great, they required a break in any case. Anupama says she needed to complete a significant responsibility prior to proceeding to call Barkha. Ankush says she left to Mumbai for some significant work. Anupama says Barkha is the person who incited Sweety and on the off chance that Sweety is ousted from the house, even Barkha has no privilege to remain in this house.

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Anuj apologizes Ankush and says they made an honest effort to keep the family joined together, however one can’t applaud with one hand, individuals shouldn’t abuse other’s decency, they all need a break, GK is going to a Somnath journey and they are going out traveling, so Barkha and Ankush ought to find a spot for themselves before they return. Anupama says sorry and says a few connections can resuscitated by stay away. Ankush says they will take off from this house before Anuj and Anupama return and apologizes them for the slip-ups happened purposely or unconsciously. Anuj says ther is no requirement for that. Anupma contacts his feet. Anuj cries embracing him and says they would be reinforced by heart regardless of whether they stay away. He embraces again inwardly. Ankush requests to go now.

Adhik remaining at the entryway wishes them great morning and says he came to get Pakhi’s telephone. Anupama says she requested that they take off from her home, however they can visit her frequently. Ankush contacts Anupama’s home and asks could he at any point call her mummy as she is her mother by marriage. Anupama concurs and asks where are they remaining. Ankush says they looked into an inn for now and would find a house soon. He demands Anuj for a compensation advance and take off from to track down a house. Anuj concurs and says they can get some additional cash if necessary. Adhik says he doesn’t require advance yet compensation. Anupama trusts Pakhi additionally changes in Adhik’s organization. Adhik expresses gratitude toward them and leaves. Ankush clicks Anuj’s family pic. Camera centers around spoilt pic.

Pakhi begins shouting and reviling Anupama in the wake of discovering that she is going on an excursion subsequent to removing her girl from the house. Ankush requests that she quiet down just like their life and they can do anything they desired to. He requests that she prepare as they will really look at a couple of houses. She enthusiastically inquires as to whether they are purchasing a house. He says right now he can bear the cost of a leased house, later he will get one. She says she won’t remain at any irregular spot and has picked a spot as of now. He asks where. She figures Anupama did a misstep by making her girl cry, she will make Anupama cry now and atone once she gets back from trip.

Anupama feels apprehensive prior to going out for an excursion and checks home sanctuary out. Anuj loads sacks in his vehicle and says lets god. Sanctuary lights flash. Vanraj lets his folks know that he is going bring Pakhi home. Leela cautions him not to bring her back home and allow her to gain from her slip-up. Vanraj reminds that she had felt awful when Hasmukh removed him from the house. Leela says she had felt terrible, yet Vanraj gained an example from it. Hasmukh gets some information about Pakhi. Vanraj says he is definitely not a fierce mother like Anupama who removed little girl from house and herself is going on an excursion. Kavya asks what’s up in it when they are returning to their everyday practice, how is Anupama a terrible mother. Vanraj requests that she quit supporting Anupama. Kavya requests that he quit accusing Anupama as Pakhi is getting what she really asked for. Leela says Kavya is correct and cautions him not to contact Pakhi for a couple of days. Hasmukh says let Anupama inhale a natural air for 2 days at least.

Anuj drives vehicle out of the house. Anupama sees Stop transport organization truck stalling before the entryway. Guard says it will be cleared soon. Little Anu says she will miss her camp. Anupama says she want not stress as Anuj will drop her on time. Anuj sees her anxious and says all that will be okay. Truck is towed away.

Precap: Little Anu inquires as to whether they will pick her back. Anupama asks her not to get more profound, they will get back soon. Anupama’s sari stalls out to a door. A jeep crosses their car.

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