Anupama 24 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Anupama Written Update 24 December 2022

Adhik lets Pakhi know that he can neither acknowledge her nor her sorry and needs time to think and choose, his mind isn’t working at present and she ought to if it’s not too much trouble, let him be. Anuj requests that Adhik get into the vehicle and Pakhi for the love go inside the house. Leela expresses enough of show, let all of us go in. Anupama feels dispirited seeing Pakhi crying. Anuj asks Anupama will they go at this point. Anupama gets into vehicle, and Anuj drives away. Shah family lets Pakhi be on street and strolls in. Anuj attempts to comfort Anupama and says he will return her to Pakhi assuming that she needs to. Anupama says gives up home and thinks however Pakhi is off-base, she can’t see wrong happening to her little girl. She supplicates god to give a heart to her daughter.

Written Update Anupama Today Episode

Toshu with Kinjal and Pari gets back and inquires as to for what reason is Pakhi remaining solitary on street, on the off chance that there is any issue because of her voice note. Kinjal sees Vanraj strained and inquires as to whether he is fine. Leela blows up on Pakhi. Toshu solaces her. Samar stresses for Pakhi. Leela chastens Vanraj for ruining Pakhi with costly gifts and over spoil her; says Pakhi is so over spoilt that she prior faulted Anupama and presently her dad for her slip-ups; there is an issue in this house that no marriage stays for a really long time, prior Vanraj double-crossed Anupama, Toshu deceived Kinjal following Vanraj, Anupama broke her marriage and Kinjal did same following Anupama, everybody need to break their marriage in this house. Hasmukh says even Leela attempted to break her marriage and inquires as to whether they have gain from somebody, why don’t they gain from Anupama rather than Vanraj and Leela.Anuj pressures Anupama’s head and says this is the most effective way to reduce pressure and tension. He inquires as to whether she pondering Pakhi and says each parent believe their kids should do the best that they can with, however in the event that they come up short, they feel terrible; guardians can serve somewhat, yet assuming that a kid does botches, its not guardians’ issue. Anupama says its folks botch that youngster observes mother crying, father lashing out on mother, battling, and isolating; it influences a kid mentally downright horrendous; her own injuries haven’t mended at this point, occurrences left shadows at the forefront of her thoughts which torment her frequently, etc.

Anupama 20Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Vanraj says he presently understood that kids would gripe regardless of whether guardians penance their lives, he understood Anupama was essentially dead on and Pakhi was accusing Anupama wrongly, Pakhi destroyed her own marriage and is accusing him now all things being equal, she demonstrated that Anupaama is correct and he is off-base and Anupama did a good job for removing Pakhi from her home. Pakhi hears him. Anupama fears that whatever happened to her in the past would rehash. Anuj inquires as to whether she questions him. Anupama says she confides in him totally, yet when destiny deceived her, she can’t confide in destiny; even Anuj should be in anxiety toward losing her in the wake of sitting tight for a long time. Anuj says for that reason controlling their mind is significant. Anupama cries that Pakhi has freaked out; everybody sees Pakhi’s self-importance and brassy way of behaving, however no one sees her trepidation, and so on. Anuj offers something occurred with Muku.

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Pakhi inquires as to whether he likewise imagines that Anupama is correct and she is off-base. Vanraj says he is off-base rather who didn’t heed everybody’s guidance. Leela cautions Pakhi not to break things now. Pakhi says everybody’s marriage has issues in their marriage, and still, at the end of the day they are together and she is isolated from her significant other; they are great individuals, and what is she doing among great individuals. Vanraj expresses its depends on her regardless of whether she needs to remain here. Pakhi says she shouldn’t have come here. Vanraj says she can get back to her home then, he will see who will endure her other than her dad. Anupama lets Anuj know that when he was unable to fail to remember her in 26 years, how might she fail to remember her little girl and let her crying; each individual has his/her own temperament which he/she doesn’t leave, a mother earth’s is to safeguard her kid, yet she let her little girl be. She depicts exhaustively the thing she is feeling subsequent to letting her little girl be. Anuj says its kids’ misstep here where youngsters need everything so quick, they will cherish somebody, wed, battle, and afterward separate so quick; they fail to remember that there is an ex for an explanation and assuming that they return to their ex, their would will get a lot further and harmed them.

Kavya asks Vanraj what has he thought about Pakhi. Vanraj expresses in light of Pakhi’s untruths, police dealt with him like a lawbreaker, she is faulting him for her slip-ups. Kavya says Pakhi doesn’t have any idea what she is doing. Vanraj says in the event that its his error, he is worn out on this show now. Kavya says his concern is he either gets involved more than required or doesn’t get involved by any means, there is something many refer to as adjust throughout everyday life. Barkha tells Anupama that Adhik and Pakhi’s marriage is a diaster and its difficult to remain with Pakhi as she is insane and they ought to get their separation to keep away from any further damage.

Precap: Samar illuminates Anupama that Pakhi ventured out from home. Anupama looks for Pakhi and tracks down her lying oblivious on a road.

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