Anupama 28 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Anupama Written Update 28 December 2022

Leela lets Hasmukh know that she previously advised them to call Anupama as no one but she can deal with Pakhi. Hasmukh says on the off chance that god spurn there is a fire mishap, Leela would call Anupama to bring 2 cans water rather than a fire unit; she guarantees a right on Anupama like no one’s business and dump liability on her. Leela inquires as to whether this isn’t Anupama’s home. Hasmukh inquires as to whether Leela’s home is he Jamnagar’s parental house or Shah house. Leela says Shah house. Hasmukh says even Anupama’s home is her better half’s home. Leela says Pakhi needs to come to deal with her youngsters. Hasmukh says Leela is Pakhi’s grandma and subsequently ought to deal with her. Leela says she can deal with a nuclear bomb however not Pakhi. Hasmukh jokes that she handles just her swing till now and chuckles. Vanraj strolls in with Kavya and illuminates that the two of them found a new line of work offer from Delhi and would have visit Delhi today for a meeting. Leela inquires as to whether the two of them would leave. Vanraj says they would rather not take off from house, yet he is frantic for work and is prepared to move anywhere.

Written Update Anupama Today Episode

Leela inquires as to whether he will let them be. Vanraj says Toshu and Kinjal would be with them, he will not be finding a new line of work offer with such a decent bundle once more and can’t rely upon his youngsters and spouse’s profit for a really long time. Hasmukh asks Leela not to stop them and let them fly uninhibitedly. He asks Vanraj and Kavya not to stress over them. Vanraj says they need to leave at this moment. Kinjal with Toshu strolls in and says even she wants to visit Mumbai for a show, yet won’t go on the off chance that they say. Toshu says she ought to go as he and Samar will deal with the house. Kinjl says she will drop Pari at Rakhi’s home. Leela says she will deal with her incredible granddaughter and house well. Kinjal recommends to call Anupama if necessary. Leela says she can deal with everything alone.Adhik lets Anupama and Anuj know that he won’t separate from Pakhi on Barkha’s demand and truly needs to allow a second opportunity to his relationship. Adhik and Anupama acclaim his choice and requests that he take an educated choice. He expresses gratitude toward them for their help. Adhik requests that he give time to their relationship and helps him to remember the present gathering. Adhik leaves for meeting. Anuj inquires as to whether he will help her. She says no and shows a coat she arranged for little Anu. Kinjal helps Kavya in gathering her sacks and wants her to enjoy all that life has to offer. Kavya requests that she implore that they land this position some way or another as their own life will be back no track solely after disappearing from home. She says any Indian bahu would feel regretful reasoning of going out; their relationship has care and obligation, yet there is no equilibrium by any means as Vanraj doesn’t be aware to adjust things; he was stressed for Pakhi and disregarded everybody as though they don’t exist, particularly their relationship; she really adores Vanraj starting from the start, however Vanraj overlooks her generally; Kinjal has Pari and family, yet she has just V and expectations V focuses on her on the off chance that they stay together alone. Kinjal trusts she gets what she wants.

Anupama 23Rd December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Anuj inquires as to whether Pakhi will truly change and adhere to her words. Anupama says she needs to consume her time on earth with Adhik. Anuj says she is correct. Dimpy brings tea for themselves and stands apprehensively. Anupama inquires as to whether she needs to say something. Dimpy says remaining alone and feeling oneself alone are 2 unique things, so she figured she would remain with Pakhi to help her till Adhik joins her; she needed to look for their authorization prior to conversing with Pakhi. Anupama says she is content with Dimpy’s nice thought. Dimpy passes on to take converse with Pakhi. Anuj says even others can help. Anupama feels hurt. Kavya with Vanraj arrives at Delhi and expectations they find a new line of work. Vanraj says he is sitting inactive at home since 1.5 years and feels awful to rely upon his kids and spouse. Kavya says that was a terrible stage. Vanraj says everybody are settled now and he isn’t concerned. Kavya says he recall entire family with the exception of themselves and says she needs to focus on their relationship. Vanraj kisses her temple and communicates his affection for her.

Anupama Latest Spoiler Alerts 28 December 2022

Hasmukh attempts to encourage Leela with a joke and says they are not first senior residents who might live alone when kids get going in their own lives, they ought to be content seeing their youngsters’ cheerful. Toshu races to them stressed and illuminates that Pari is crying inconsalbly. Hasmukh calls Anupama. Anuj awakens and picks his call. Hasmukh demands him to arrive at Shah house with Anupama as Pari needs her. Leela neglects to comfort Pari. Toshu faults Anuj for not allowing Anupama to come there. Anupama surges in. Toshu says Kinjal is away and Pari is having fever and is crying inconsably. Anupama attempts to comfort Pari. Anuj likewise surges in stressed for Pari and asks what has been going on with Pari. Leela says Pari is having high fever. Anuj has sympathy for Anupama and thinks why just she needs to bear all this.

Little Anu awakens from rest after a bad dream and races to Anupama and Anuj’s room. She doesn’t track down them and searches them in entire house crying. Ankush, Adhik, and Barkha race to her and attempt to comfort her, however she proceeds to frenzy and demands them to call her mummy dad. Adhik calls Anuj and illuminates him about little Anu’s condition. Anuj and Anupama attempt to rush home with Pari, however Leela stops Anupama and requests that she stay back for Pari and let Anuj proceed to deal with little Anu. Anuj surges home. Little Anu says she saw a bad dream and asks where is mummy, she had vowed to take her along any place she goes. Anuj says Pari got seriously sick, consequently Anupama went to deal with her and will be back soon. Little Anu says Pari has her mom there, for what reason is her mom not here. Anupama attempts to comfort Pari and requests that Samar check when is specialist coming as the need might arise to get back for Little Anu.

Leela blows up and says Anuj is there for Little Anu, so she ought to remain here. Anupama says when a kid needs a mother, he/she won’t quiet somewhere near entire family; when Pari’s grandparents, father, and uncle can’t comfort Pari, how might Little Anu quiet down without her mom. Barkha says Anupama ought to accompany little Anu and not at Shah house and scrutinizes Shah family for calling Anupaam for everything. Ankush says Anupama ought to accompany little Anu here. Little Anu inquires as to whether her mummy won’t ever return for her. Anuj says her mummy will return and figures he doesn’t believe his girl should lose her experience growing up and become developed early.

Precap: Shah family movements to Kapadia house until Kavya and Vanraj get back. Anuj lets Anupama know that little Anu ought to be her primary goal and afterward others. Leela and Little Anu call Anupama immediately. Anupama remains in a dilemma.

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