Anupama 28 November 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Anupama Written Update 28 November 2022

Anupama with incredible troublesome slithers to Anuj and attempts to awaken him. Anuj openms eyes. Anupama embraces him and cries. Anuj then attempts to awaken Nirmit. Anupama then reviews thug young men hauling Dimpy away and illuminates Anuj. The two of them look for herself and track down her stuff on street. Anupama breaks seeing Dimpy in a crushed state. They then shift Nirmit and Dimpy to an emergency clinic. Anuj illuminates police that he took thugs’ and their jeep’s photograph and can assist them with making hooligans’ sketch.
Anupama reviews Dimpy’s enthusiastic way of behaving and cries that she coudln’t save her. She rehashes how could a kid do this to any girl.

Written Update Anupama Today Episode

Samar hangs tight for Anupama’s call. Hasmukh requests that he call her then. Samar says her telephone isn’t reachable. Jignesh brings jalebis. Family appreciates jalbeis. Vanraj packs some and attempts to leave the house. Leela asks where is he going. Anuj asks investigator not to save the hooligans. Controller says they will give their all and requests that he handle his significant other as she looks crushed. Anupama takes a gander at her and Anuj’s selfie with Dimpy and Nirmit and rehashes for what reason did this happen to Dimpy. Anuj says its a most shocking demonstration. That’s what anupama cries assuming they feeling so terrible, what might Dimpy feel. Anupama gives a long discourse on how a lady feels when somebody gazes at her or contacts her improperly. Anuj addendums her discourse and solaces Anupama.Kavya inquires as to whether he is taking nourishment for Pakhi. Leela cautions Vanraj not to over-indulge Pakhi. Kavya says on the off chance that they support Pakhi, Anupaam’s choice of show Pakhi gain some new useful knowledge will go to no end. Leela says Pakhi will consider her maika as dhabha and will begin requesting food. Kinjal, Toshu, and Hasmukh additionally attempts to make sense of him. Vanraj gets resolved and says he is a dad and can’t see his girl hunger. He says he saw Pakhi requesting food two times since morning and needs to serve her home food. Leela grabs tiffin box from him and says they all maintain that Pakhi should get familiar with an illustration and be self-subordinate. Hasmukh says they need to get intense some of the time to show youngsters a lesson.

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Doctor illuminates Nirmit’s condition is basic with different breaks and inner wounds, Dimpy’s condition is more basic after rehashed attack; they ought to move Dimpy and Nirmit to a superior clinic as this clinic handle such a basic case a lot. Anuj says he needed to do same, yet seeing a close by clinic came here. Specialist says Dimpy is mumbling Anupama’s name repeadltely and subsequently Anupama ought to proceed to help her. Anupama wonders whether or not to confront Dimpy however at that point accumulates mental fortitude and strolls to Dimpy’s room.

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Precap: Anupama meets Dimpy and solaces her. Dimpy inquires as to whether she documented a FIR. Nirmit will not record a FIR. Anupama reprimands him for his weak way of behaving. Dimpy unhesitatingly says Nirmit will uphold her.

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