Anupama 4 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Anupama Written Update 4 January 2023

Anuj apologizes Hasmukh and everybody ahead of time and lets Leela know that she crossed her cutoff today, he attempted to control himself, yet presently that’s the last straw. He says he would rather not contend assuming Anupama herself got late or Leela made her arrive at late, his girl is profoundly harmed and he doesn’t maintain that this should be rehashed or probably he will not endure it. He requests that Anupama figure out how to express no to everybody for their silly and wrong requests be it her significant other or mother. He lets Hasmukh and Leela know that they resemble his folks and make a big difference to him, however Little Anu is everything for himself and he can’t see tears in her eyes; even Anupama will not be accessible to them for everything and in the event that she proceeds, he and Little Anu will prevent anticipating anything from her, so Anupama ought to figure out how to say no and quit riding in 2 boat on the double or probably she will suffocate. Anupama stands confused. Anuj strolls to his room seething. Pyar Humko Bhi Hai Pyar Tumko Bhi Hai. melody plays behind the scenes. Anupama requests that everybody abandon her for quite a while. Family strolls to their rooms. She thinks in some cases soul needs to withdraw from the body. Anuj cries lying on a bed feeling remorseful for standing up to Anupama while Anupama cries lying on a love seat. Little Anu sees them and supposes on the off chance that they battled in view of her.

Written Update Anupama Today Episode

Vanraj and Kavya celebrate at an eatery subsequent to finding a lucrative line of work. Kavya communicates her fervor to such a steady employment after quite a while. Vanraj portrays how he had lost any desire for working once more and this occupation is another beam of trust in his life. Kavya says great organization is giving even convenience. Vanraj says he will move his folks once he settles down and goes to call his folks. Little Anu takes Anupama to Anuj’s room, causes them to sit together, and says since the two of them maintained that her should get a prize, she, at the end of the day, made one for her. She arranges them to quit battling and accommodate. Anuj and Anupama clasp hands and grin at one another. Little Anu plays out their nazar. Anupama gets Little Anu’s companion Nitya’s mom’s message welcoming Little Anu to an outing at their ranch house. Anuj allows Little Anu. Anupama asks how could Little Anu go alone. Anuj requests that Little Anu proceed to gather her sacks and tells Anupama its great that Little Anu would be away from all their family show, he will take subtleties from Nitya’s mom. Anupama says she will. Anuj says no requirement for that, he personally will do it as he needs nothing left out again.Leela lets Hasmukh know that they ought to have remained in an ashram rather than Anuj’s home as Anuj doesn’t believe that they should be at his home. Hasmukh asks what’s up assuming Anuj thinks about his girl when Vanraj and Toshu additionally do same. Leela says even Hasmukh is thinking about his little girl and consequently supporting his child in-regulation, Anupama has changed and cherishes just her family and an untouchable Dimpy yet not them. She demands him to call Vanraj and request that he take them from here. Vanraj calls Hasmukh all of a sudden. Leela says a child stands by listening to her mom’s request and says let her address her child. Hasmukh cautions her not to open a pandora box of grievances and simply talk. Anuj gathers Little Anu’s pack. Anupama offers her a coat. Little Anu says thanks to them. Anuj says he will miss his daughter. Anupama says even she will. Little Anu says even she will miss them both.

Anupama 4 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Vanraj requests that Leala come direct as she is talking superfluously. Kavya inquires as to whether all is great there. Leela says OK and asks how was their meeting. Vanraj and Kavya illuminate that they found a new line of work with a decent compensation and convenience. Leela gets profound. Vanraj inquires as to whether she is fine. Hasmukh stops her and says Leela became profound catching wind of child’s prosperity. Leela says OK. Hasmukh disengages call. Leela inquires as to for what reason didn’t he let her illuminate her child how his folks are being dealt with. Hasmukh says no one said anything wrong to her, how could anybody stay silent assuming she reviles their little girl and ruin her state of mind, Leela is simply self-fixated and abuses others. Leela cries that he generally faults her. Vanraj lets Kavya know that something has truly occurred. Kavya says she will get down on Anupama and find. Vanraj says he won’t stay silent on the off chance that somebody has pained his parents.

Anupama Latest Spoiler Alerts 4 January 2023

Anuj gets close to home in the wake of gathering Little Anu’s sacks. Anupama inquires as to why he is sending his little girl away when he can’t survive without her. He says his little girl’s satisfaction matters to her and he won’t drop her excursion. Next morning, Little Anu energetically wishes bye to everybody and asks them not to miss her and asks her folks not to battle. Hasmukh asks her not to battle with her companions. Anupama asks Anuj again to stop Little Anu. Anuj denies. Little Anu gets some information about Pakhi. Pakhi surges in and says she was filling a school confirmation structure. Samar says that is great. Barkha mumbles Pakhi is simply acting and won’t head off to college. Nitya’s mom comes to pick Little Anu. Anupama requests that she deal with Little Anu. Little Anu clicks family selfie and leaves. Anuj gets emotional.

Precap: Anupama illuminates that she stuffed his #1 dishes for lunch. Anuj says he will eat outside. Kavya says a couple ought to have a decent dexterity or, in all likelihood there is no significance for a family.
Anuj passes on expressing bye to Anupama.

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