Anupama 8 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Anupama Written Update 8 December 2022

Goon kid undermines Dimple that she got away at a police headquarters, who will save her here. Anupama asks him that police was there at a police headquarters, who will save him here. Hooligan inquires as to whether she isn’t apprehensive about death. Anupama says she is nevertheless it is more unfortunate to live in dread. Shahs gets stressed for Anupama and Dimple, Samar attempts to contact Anupama through portable. Anuj surges towards Anuapama and Dimple in his vehicle, stalls out in a rush hour gridlock, and starts running. Barkha and Ankush likewise dread for themselves and trust any unremarkable occasion doesn’t occur. Thug kid compromises Anupama to reclaim the case or probably he will kill them both. He drives away with his companions. Dimple gets a fit of anxiety. Anupama calls horde and solicitations them to assist her take With dimpling to her dad’s home. Anuj keeps on running when hooligans notice him, giggle, and take steps to kill him. Anuj cautions him that he can complete him at this moment, however he won’t take regulation in his grasp, yet will ensure they are rebuffed. Hooligans giggle more and drive away.

Written Update Anupama Today Episode

Vanraj gets Ankush’s call and heads out of house looking for Anupama and Dimple when Anupama comes to with terrified Dimple. Samar and others help her in. Leela sees Samar holding Dimple’s hand. Neighbors remark that Anupama shouldn’t have upheld Dimple to such an extent. Anuj arrives at Shah house and solaces Anupama. Specialist comes and really takes a look at Dimple. Pakhi sincerely extorts Leela saying Dimple is welcome in both Shah and Kapadia house, yet their own little girl is removed from the houses. She believes Anupama’s demonstration will turn her kids in her adversaries. Ankush illuminates Barkha that Anupama and Dimple arrived at Shah house. Barkha trusts Dimple is protected. Little Anu encourages them with her charming discussions. Anuj illuminates Shahs that hooligan young men met him on the way and attempted to undermine even her.Anupama stresses for Pakhi and requests that Samar proceed to beware of her. Vanraj goes to check. Anupama stresses for every relative’s lives. Leela inquires as to whether she was concerned for her family, for what reason did she make an outrageous stride then, at that point. Vanraj visits Pakhi and solaces her. Pakhi usues profound shakedown and dread for her life when is distant from everyone else at home with Adhik and inquires as to whether hooligan assault her to get back at Anupama. Vanraj brings Pakhi back home. Anupama embraces and shows her anxiety for her. Pakhi sincerely coerces her next getting some information about her own little girl and stress for other’s girl and allowed her little girl to get gone after. Anupama embraces her firmly again showing her anxiety. Pakhi head out in different directions. Anuj gets overseer’s call who illuminates that they are checking encompassing region’s CCTV film. Leela shouts thugs will get bail in the future and inconvenience them once more, Anupama welcomed superfluous difficulty on them. Hasmukh says issues can come in any form.

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Vanraj lets Anupama know that her choice has placed entire family in a difficult situation and his family might be gone after using any and all means and demands her to end this matter not too far off and to go on with her resoluteness, she ought to print a news in paper that Shah family isn’t connected with Anupama and Dimple and until the case closes Anuj and Anupama’s family won’t visit Shah house.

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Precap: Anupama arrives at hooligan kid’s home.
Thug kid attempts to go after her and tumbles down. She shows her feet to him and conveys weighty discourse. Hooligan’s dad strolls out.

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