Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 14 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Written Update 14 December 2022

The Episode begins with Slam getting back home. he sees Vedika lying plastered in haziness. She says at long last, you have come. He says you are tipsy. She says no, I m fine, you would be so cheerful today, it was an important day for you, Shubham has become dependable, he broke the arrangement, goodness. She chuckles. She says Wonderful did this. Smash asks what. Vedika says don’t imagine, I realize anything occurred, Beautiful gave this thought, she requested that you do this. She says it needed to work, obviously Slam, you have no faith in me, nobody believes me, Shashi likewise has no faith in me, he used to say I m pointless, no one requirements me, you additionally think so. Smash says no. She says why didn’t you come to request help, I would have helped you. He says I go to my companions for my work, and I ask Exquisite for exhortation. She asks don’t I know anything, you didn’t eat with me, you needed to go to Beautiful. He says we are not kids, she is my Dad, I like her organization, I m sorry, I got something for you, its a conciliatory sentiment. She sees the jewel accessory. She says goodness, this is delightful, Slam, thank you, you make me wear this, satisfy I insist.

Written Update Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Today Episode

Ram makes her wear it. She says sorry Slam, I got pained since my separation, could we at any point go out some place as companions, I need my old Smash back, I was devil for you, investigate my eyes, you will see the affection which you have for me, I love you Smash. She embraces him. He reviews Priya and says I love you too Priya. She gets stunned. He swoons down. She yells Smash, what occurred, get up. Priya awakens and says Smash… . She calls him. Sara says Vikrant called, Smash blacked out, Adi and Vikrant are going to Kapoor chateau. Priya asks what, remain with Pihu, I m going. Specialist really looks at Smash. Nandini requests that specialist check up and express out loud whatever occurred. Vedika requests that Nandini accompany her. She says Smash called out to me by Priya, I told I love you to him, he said I love you too Priya. Nandini asks what, he could recollect everything, who requested that you do this. Vedika says I feel she is inside him, truth us, Priya is winning and we are losing. Adi says he was fine 15 mins back. Vedika says Slam was conversing with me, he abruptly swooned. Adi and Vikrant ask rams remember everything. Specialist says we can know it when he gets cognizant, which prescriptions was he taking. Nandini says I don’t have any idea. Vikrant says you were taking care of his drugs. She calls Pavan. Pavan says Vedika said she will deal with this. Vedika says Smash had sent me on the excursion, how might I know, his Dad planned to inquire. Adi says I failed to remember the telephone at home. Specialist asks is there somebody who has a deep understanding of him, I can’t do his treatment.Priya gets back home. Shubham stops her. He asks how might you venture to come here, get out. Priya says move away from my way, else I won’t think prior to harming you. Sid endlessly figures Vedika and Priya will have a nasty squabble today. Priya says I have the subtleties. She gives the subtleties. Specialist says thanks to her. He treats Slam. Priya says I will remain here to give data to Slam, no other person knows it here. Specialist says Dad knows more than family, I m seeing this interestingly. She insults Nandini. He says Smash is a pleasant individual. She says I know, I will remain back till he gets fine. Vedika says compelling reason need, I m with Smash to deal with him. Priya says I know. Vedika says no, you don’t have any idea, we have become more than companions presently, Smash made me wear this jewelry and let me know that he cherishes me a great deal, you’re not required here, you can go, I m with Slam. Nandini grins. Priya gets miserable. Slam says I love you Priya. Everybody is stunned. Adi and Vikrant take everybody out. Priya sits with Slam. Nandini yells. Adi says Priya came to help us. Vikrant says Slam got better due to Priya. Priya says illuminate the investors, that MD is debilitated and his mother is in the middle between. Nandini says stop this show, I understand what he wants. Priya says fine, I will talk as his better half, just I m assistance him, are you frightened that his memory will return, you step back, don’t screw with me.

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 9Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Shubham asks are you finished with the garbage, presently kindly get lost. She says I will not go. Adi says OK, Slam might get his memory and recall Priya and Pihu. Vikrant says Nandini won’t think twice about his wellbeing. Priya says I will not go, in the event that his memory returns, you will come on street, in the event that not, then you don’t come in my direction, you know this, it’s not possible for anyone to deal with him better than me. Nandini says fine and goes. Priya requests that Sid take Vedika and leave. Sid asks Vedika to come.

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Latest Spoiler Alerts 14 December 2022

Slam sees Priya and grins. She thinks does he remember everything. Nandini says I m terminating you. Priya shows the agreement and says you can’t fire me.

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