Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 14 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Written Update 14 January 2023

The Episode begins with Slam promising Swati. She expresses gratitude toward him and goes. She searches for her. Priya thinks where is Swati. Pihu requests that Slam accompany her. Priya welcomes Yash. She gets some information about Swati. Smash and everybody dance on Lady mithiā€¦ Lakhan messages Avni. He says nobody can prevent me from taking my adoration along. Smash and Priya have a second. He makes her wear bangles. Everybody applauds. Swati makes Priya wear a chain and favors her. Priya turns and sees the chain. She sees Lakhan’s mum has given this, I will proceed to converse with her. Priya sees Swati and believes Lakhan’s mum is Slam’s mum additionally, no, how might this occur. Avni goes to Lakhan. She says we will leave. Slam expresses gratitude toward Pihu for arranging this unexpected treat for Priya and her. He requests that Sid come. He says Sid has arranged an unexpected treat for Avni. Sid says I need to propose Avni. Yash says we have no complaint. Slam expresses go for it. Sid searches for Avni. Slam asks where is Avni. They all don’t go anyplace. Veena thinks did Lakhan do anything.

Written Update Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Today Episode

Tarun says I saw Avni going out in the vehicle with somebody. Smash says it would be Lakhan. Swati remembers to leave. Priya comes and asks is this truly you, everybody said you’re not in this world, rams know. Swati says no. Priya welcomes her and says I m Priya, Slam discusses you so much, he will be extremely blissful realizing you are alive. Swati hears Smash coming and goes. Priya figures the reason why did she go. Slam asks what are you doing here. Priya inquires as to for what reason are you furious. Smash says I m sure Lakhan compromised Avni and removed her, he fouled up. Swati figures what did you do Lakhan. Priya thinks Avni was lying, for what reason is Swati stowing away from us. Smash says be careful, head inside, just relax. He requests that Adi and Vikrant come, they need to track down Lakhan. Priya stresses. Meera asks her not to stress, take rest. Priya remembers to find about Swati.Sid and Shubham have a discussion. Shubham says Smash will figure out Lakhan. He gets a few papers. He yells, Smash has named everything to Priya. Sid says its authoritative reports, nothing will happen now. Shubham says on the off chance that Priya kicks the bucket, it will help me. Sid says nobody ought to realize that we are familiar these papers, our principal issue is Avni and Lakhan, we need to stop them. Shubham says OK, Slam will track down them. Sid says we need to set aside them on opportunity. Shubham flies off the handle. Lakhan requests that Avni come. He says trust me, I will deal with you and not let you whine of all time. They have an embrace. She says I know, yet I don’t have the foggiest idea how will father respond. Lakhan doesn’t say anything, accompany me. Smash and companions come there. Lakhan blows up on Smash. Smash and Lakhan contend. Lakhan says you can’t grab my genuine romance. Slam says leave this, don’t lie. He requests that Avni sit in the car.

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 14 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

He says I realize Lakhan has constrained you. Lakhan says her father was compelling her to wed Sid. Yash chastens Swati. Shubham says Slam won’t extra Lakhan. He requests that Swati show her face to everybody. He yells. Priya comes and admonishes Shubham. He says you are agreeing with her stance even after so much. She says she is our visitor, you can’t get out of hand with her. Slam says I had watched out for you. Lakhan says I genuinely love Avni, I will successfully remain with her. Slam asks is hijacking called love, you need to take her assent. He admonishes Lakhan. He says your mum mentioned me, so I saved you, presently she won’t remain by you. Lakhan asks who are you to say this. Slam asks Avni did Lakhan get her effectively. He says you can definitely relax, you can tell me. Slam gets Yash’s call. He says Yash is so stressed. He says I got Avni, she is with Lakhan, however Lakhan can do nothing to her.
Priya says Slam won’t ever excuse somebody who affronts a lady. Slam and Lakhan argue.


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