Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 19 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Written Update 19 December 2022

The Episode begins with Shubham saying Ram is so dazzled, I m so cheerful. Sid says its demon, you must be in Slam and Priya’s great books, I have a thought, Priya will think we have transformed, when we get this arrangement, then Smash will trust you and stand by listening to you, we will get cash, security and opportunity, Smash will get his memory, Nandini and Vedika will lose, we must be Slam’s ally. Shubham says right, I need my security, what strategic agreement are you referring to. Sid says I have a gathering with Yash, our life will get set, we ought to have Slam’s help, recall that. Shubham says OK, lets do this. Slam gets Priya to the salon. She says I can’t bear the cost of this. He says obviously you can, you are my Dad, I will offer my whole property to get you a makeoverr.

Written Update Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Today Episode

He requests that the young lady make Priya pretty. The young lady says sure. He says come Wonderful, sit. Priya reviews Slam getting blissful on her pregnancy. She says no, I retched due to paneer sensitivity. He says I figured I will spoil you assuming that you are pregnant. She grins and says you can spoil me even at this point. He asks truly, sit, I will give you a loosening up head rub then we will change your hairdo. She says OK. He does the back rub. He twists her hair. She asks how would I look. He says nobody can make you so lovely aside from me. She says OK, I look lovely when I m with you, it’s the world’s best inclination. They grin. He praises her. FB ends.Ram says show me a few haircuts. The woman shows the haircuts. Slam says I could do without this. She says you’re not allowing me to take care of my responsibilities. He says I will take care of your responsibilities, I m generally excellent at this, stand by, I will trim her hair. He requests that the young lady get espresso for Wonderful and great garments choices. Smash trims Priya’s hair and snickers. Priya eliminates the hairpiece and conceals it. Smash eliminates her specs. He says done. He makes her dance. She thinks does he recall now. He says wonderful, hair done, presently garments. Smash chooses a dress for Priya and requests that she change and come. She thinks perhaps he recollects that it now. She wears the dress and comes. Slam takes a gander at her.

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 14Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Ram makes her wear the dupatta. Itni dafa… plays… Slam praises her. He requests that she come. She says this looks extravagant, I can’t take this. He says no, it’s a badge of much obliged, think this is a Rakshakavach, I will constantly show up for you. Bade acche ho… plays… She thinks you are spoiling me to such an extent. He says you can definitely relax, I have organized your and your significant other’s date today, I will be there, always.

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Latest Spoiler Alerts 19 December 2022

Nandini readies the barsi of Smash’s folks. Slam comes. Vedika and Nandini begin acting. Nandini says I realize you generally kept this pic in your pantry, however from now, it will be here with Virender, Swati merits this regard. Slam expresses gratitude toward her. She says its my right and obligation, I express gratitude toward Swati that she gave me a caring child like you. Vedika asks will I make prasad tomorrow. He says no, I previously told Exquisite, I don’t believe that you should do this for me. She says fine, I will get a pleasant festoon for the photographs. He says compelling reason need, I will request that Beautiful make it happen. Nandini says Beautiful accomplishes office work, on the off chance that she accomplishes our family work, how might she handle her girl. He says she is my Dad, I give her great compensation, she will do. Vedika says fine, I can work on something for you. Smash says no, I don’t have time, you said Exquisite and her significant other ought to patchup, I called them to the farmhouse. Nandini smiles.

Ram converses with Adi and Vikrant. He says I m prepared to do anything for Wonderful and Pihu, I can get Exquisite and Krish together. Priya says there are numerous recollections of Smash and me here, yet I never thought this will occur. Krish says simply sit back and relax, all will be great, you can successfully safeguard Smash, right. She gestures. They meet Smash. Smash invites them. Krish says he is envious. He inquires as to for what reason did you call us, we can sort our issues. Smash says I needed to say thanks to her, she dealt with me and took care of office matters, I needed to work on something for her, she needs her better half’s help. Krish says however such a lot of worry for a Dad. Slam says I esteem family, there is no presence without family, representatives are likewise family. Priya thinks did his memory return. The columnists come and get some information about the large thing occurring in his life. Vedika comes and says you heard it right. She goes to Smash and says wed me, Slam, you had proposed me in school, with roses, I didn’t get numerous roses however I got love in this one rose, you generally adored me, you guaranteed me that you will just cherish me, stay true to your obligation today, Smash, wed me. Slam takes a gander at Priya.

Priya says I think Smash remembers everything. Smash says I m not certain of my affections for you, Vedika. Priya cries. Smash thinks I realize Priya is battling alone to remind me everything, I remember everything, Priya, you won.

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