Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 29 November 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Written Update 29 November 2022

The Episode begins with Priya saying we can’t assist Smash, I with having to call Nandini. She calls Nandini and figures I will lose this last opportunity to accompany Smash. Pihu appeals to God for Slam and cries. Priya makes proper acquaintance… the driver stops the vehicle. Nandini’s telephone falls. Vedika reproves him. Nandini takes the telephone and asks who is it. Pihu’s tear falls on Slam’s hand. Smash gets up. Priya keeps the telephone. She asks are you fine. Nandini says unusual, I need to find out. Smash asks where am I. Priya says you are at my home, I m Beautiful, she is my little girl Pihu. He asks how could I come here. She says you came here to call me for work, you blacked out down unexpectedly. He says OK, I marked Pihu’s drawing, I ought to leave. She says no, you can’t return home by driving, take rest, I will drop the gathering. He says I ought to go. Priya chides him.

Written Update Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Today Episode

She says I will call Adi. She goes. Pihu sits conversing with Smash. She peruses out stories to cheer him up. He says I will truly do acting and assist you, you with willing win this opposition, I will educate you. Priya comes and grins seeing them happy.Ram asks is Adi coming. Priya says he didn’t reply, you need to take rest, no gatherings at 2am. Pihu expresses pay attention to her. He says I m resting. Nandini says I wonder whose call was it. She informs Vedika regarding winning Virender. She says he had no cash that time, however I realize that he can satisfy my fantasies, I got him, after he passed on, I controlled Smash, I will do this in future additionally, I guarantee you Vedika, you will get Slam. She remembers to look into the guest. Vedika gets some information about Slam’s mother, after you wedded Smash’s father. Nandini says I got a call from obscure number, figure out whose number is it. Vedika remembers to figure out confidential about Slam’s mother. Priya grins seeing Ram and Pihu dozing. She gets the bangles from the cabinet and wears it. Yes zindagi… .plays… .

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Today’s Episode Online

She thinks I had an opportunity to turn into your significant other at this time once more, you remembered us, this is the force of our adoration. She gets a call. She thinks will I reply or not. She replies. Nandini says Priya, you will not get cash and Smash, for what reason did you call. Priya says sorry, it called unintentionally. Nandini chastens her. Priya remembers to overcome her. Nandini says I think Priya has acknowledged her loss. Its morning, Smash awakens and sees Pihu close to. Smash stresses and gets up. He says how could I come in Wonderful’s bed, Exquisite would think so off-base about me, the two of them got pained as a result of me, I ought to go. Pihu embraces him. Aashiyana… plays… Slam grins and touches her.

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Priya says thanks to Sara for sending new bread for Smash. Sara says I maintain that you three should get to know one another. Smash comes. Priya acts. He believes what’s going on, I was leaving. Krish comes. Smash thinks who is he. Adi awakens and receives Priya’s messages. Adi stresses and calls Vikrant. He says we need to go to Priya’s home, Smash is unwell. Krish asks what are you doing here. He remembers to say sorry. Slam asks who are you. Krish says sorry Exquisite, I didn’t realize visitors have come. Slam says no, I will leave. She says I have made breakfast for you. Slam says compelling reason need to stress. He figures Exquisite didn’t stop me in light of this man, who is he to come as of now. He leaves.

Priya thinks Smash felt awful. She expresses gratitude toward Krish for not uttering a word. Krish says say thanks to God, you enlightened me regarding your arrangement, Smash will before long come to meet Priya, what was he doing here. She says he came to call me for work, he reviewed past and swooned, how will I respond, how might I remind him about me, I m apprehensive that I can lose. He says he will review such things of past over and over, you can definitely relax. Slam returns and sees them holding hands.

Shubham affirms a gathering. Sid ends up seeing Priya. Smash and Priya invest energy with Pihu.

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