Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 30 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Written Update 30 December 2022

The Episode begins with Priya saying you generally love everybody genuinely, I believe that the child should become like you. Slam says Pihu will spoil the child a great deal. She says you and Pihu have proactively made a group, this child will be in my group. Smash says its difficult to overcome me, I have Meera on my side. Slam and Priya hug.

Written Update Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Today Episode

Yash and his significant other have a discussion about Smash. Swati hears this and says thanks to Master that Slam got his bliss. Smash sees Shubham at the morning meal table. Shubham asks Smash not to really focus on Nandini else she will act and trick him in the future. Slam says I can’t allow mother to remain hungry, Swati didn’t instruct this to me. He requests that Tarun give the morning meal to Nandini. Shubham says sorry, Sid called, you went to Yash’s home for the gathering however left it, Yash thought that it is weird, he needs to talk about. Smash says fix a gathering with Yash, I will see you. Shubham goes.Priya says I am familiar with Smash’s distress. Sara says OK, even I saw the distress all over. Priya says OK, he will continuously miss his mother. Swati comes there. Sara asks Priya to simply keep the marriage as Slam needs. Priya says Slam loves our battles, he realizes me all around well, I will not concur with such ease. Sara says you know him the best, do what you like, I feel Slam is fortunate to get a young lady like you, he would have been more fortunate in the event that his genuine mother was there in his life rather Nandini. Priya gets discombobulated. Swati makes a difference. Smash comes and holds her. Swati thinks she has somebody with her.

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 26Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Priya says I was unable to say thanks to her. Slam and Priya contend. She says I m pregnant, not sick, I know how to deal with myself. He says OK, be careful, you need to rest. Sara remarks on his joke. Smash jokes on her. She hurries to beat him. Priya thinks this is your family loaded up with affection and trust. Sara says Slam generally makes everybody grin. Priya thinks he is concealing his agony behind his grin. Priya grins and thinks I like you a great deal when you bond with my loved ones. Slam comes to office. He actually takes a look at the show. Shubham says we guaranteed Yash that you will sign the papers today. Slam asks who chose this, you additionally different, you are buckling down. Shubham and Sid leave. Sara and Priya return home. Meera chuckles hearing them. She says Smash was simply safeguarding Priya and his child. She sees Nandini at the entryway and inquires as to for what reason did you come here. Nandini says I came to meet Priya. Priya requests that Sara go to bistro. Sara requests that she fare thee well. Sara and Meera leave. They see Vikrant and Pihu. Sara says Nandini got back home. Pihu runs. Nandini and Priya contend. Priya says cash doesn’t make any difference to me. Nandini inquires as to how could it matter when you have Slam, you can never comprehend, how desolate I was. Priya says I was separated from everyone else when I battled with my girl. Nandini says not every person is something very similar. Priya says I know, you have fouled up, you bamboozled your child who cherished you a great deal. Nandini says he detests me, he will stand by listening to you, will you let me stay in that house. Pihu pulls her and requests that she leave. She yells I will safeguard my mum and father, you can’t separate us, you are terrible Dadi, I don’t need you. Nandini hears Pihu calling her mean. She leaves. Smash says I need to take Priya to a decent gynac. Shubham asks did you read the papers. Slam says no, sit, I m accomplishing some demon work. Sid says Yash is coming. Pihu says I will send Nandini away. Priya reproves her. Slam calls her. Priya says Pihu acted severely today.

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Latest Spoiler Alerts 30 December 2022

Smash hits the dance floor with Adi and Vikrant. Pihu yells on Nandini.

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