Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 31 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Written Update 31 December 2022

The Episode begins with Slam contending with Shubham and Sid. He says Pihu is demon for me at the present time. Priya thinks this has impacted Pihu severely. Pihu says I won’t converse with Nandini well. She gets down on Priya. Priya comes there as an understudy and acts to satisfy Pihu. She makes sense of Pihu that they shouldn’t act severely with seniors, regardless of whether they wrong. Smash comes and hears them. Pihu says Nandini is so mean towards Smash. Priya says you shouldn’t get impolite. Pihu says its not my mix-up. Priya says I could do without your way of behaving, even your father will feel terrible. Smash says absolutely not a chance, I will not lash out. He asks Priya not to reprove Pihu. He sends Pihu to have cup cakes. Smash says nobody can reprimand Pihu. Pihu gets the cupcakes. Meera requests that Priya fail to remember things and invest energy with Smash and Pihu.

Written Update Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Today Episode

Priya says I additionally need cupcake. A rooftop mortar section tumbles down. Slam stresses for Priya. Meera says I will clean it. Slam requests that Priya return home with her. She says its alright, mortar continues to fall. Slam says we need to go from here, its excessively hazardous, gather your packs. Priya says I m not hurt. He asks will I hang tight for you both to get injured. He calls Vikrant and says rooftop tumbled down over Priya here. Vikrant asks what. Smash says roof mortar tumble down, begin the redesign here, come quick for pressing. Vikrant says I m accompanying Adi. Meera requests that Priya return home with Smash and Pihu, she will go to Sara. Rama inquires as to why, might you at any point accompany me. Yash says I won’t sign till Smash signs the arrangement. Sid and Shubham attempt to persuade him. Yash says I allow you 24 hours, get his signs on these papers, fine in the event that you can, else this arrangement will not occur. He goes. Shubham says Priya is awful information. Sid says don’t play with Priya and Slam, we really want Smash, that’s what figure out, don’t mess up the same way as Nandini, at last Smash is believing us, we will return home now and converse with Smash, I guarantee, I will get this arrangement signed.Ram requests that Tarun get the packs quick. Shubham and Sid come and ask what’s going on. Slam says Priya, Pihu and Meera are coming to remain here, Sood house is getting remodeled, it will be great to have everybody here for the marriage capabilities. Pandit comes. Smash requests mahurat. Pihu says I need every one of the capabilities. Priya inquires as to for what reason to spend a lot. Slam says we will have it. Everybody says that we will have many capabilities. Shubham says Slam’s reality is around Priya. Pandit gives the mahurat following 5 days. Pihu says its Slam’s birthday. Nandini chastens Shubham and Sid. She says nobody can win when Priya is here, you realize this. Slam and everybody give ideas. Slam expresses profound gratitude that you prepared for a fantastic wedding, everybody will recollect this, remain blissful, nothing else has any significance to me. She says I can never be disturbed when I m with you. Meera says Priya ate nothing since 4 hours.

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 27Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Ram says I m frantic, I neglected, where did I keep the pills. He asks Tarun for pills. Tarun says it will get topped off by tomorrow. Smash chides him. Priya thinks something is alarming him. She requests that he quiet down. She says we will go to room and have food together. He says we have a lot of work. Adi asks Slam not to take pressure’s, whatever Pihu may desire. Slam deals with Priya. Meera comes. Slam leaves. Meera likewise assuages Priya and requests that she comprehend Slam, converse with him cautiously. Priya says Slam and I are fortunate to get a mother like you. Meera says I m fortunate to get a girl like you. Priya hears Shubham conversing with Sid. She figures Smash didn’t go for the gathering, however when. Slam comes. Priya gets some information about the gathering with Shubham. Slam says I was unable to go. Shubham looks on. Slam says I m not going to office tomorrow. Shubham says Yash needs a response by tomorrow, he is highly disturbed. Priya says OK, its a direct result of you. Slam says sit back and relax, I will go something. He calls Yash. Swati gets espresso for Yash. Yash gets Slam’s telephone. Slam apologizes. He says I m wedding my better half once more, I m occupied, I m keen on this arrangement, I need to welcome you in my marriage, Priya and Pihu will like it, we will examine the arrangement too. Yash says congratulations, we will come. Smash says its finished. Shubham expresses gratitude toward him and goes. Swati cries and wishes to favor Ram.

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Latest Spoiler Alerts 31 December 2022

Slam moves in the commitment. Pihu yells at Nandini. Priya requests that she stop it.

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