Banni Chow Home Delivery 1 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Banni Chow Home Delivery Written Update 1 December 2022

Yuvan recovers his memory after he implodes watching Banni and Agastya’s marriage. He calls Banni. Banni gets cheerful seeing his memory back. Yuvan says he was feeling as though somebody was strangulating him and he requesting that some Kabir leave him. He sees wedding set up and asks what’s going on here. Banni says today their genuine marriage. Devraj, Agastya, and others stand quiet. Yuvan genuinely says his fantasy about going through his time on earth with Banni is working out as expected, however he had close to zero insight into it.

Written Update Banni Chow Home Delivery Today Episode

Banni asks him not to think a lot and simply wed her. She says thanks to Agastya for supporting him and says her Yuvan returned due to his assistance and she will wed him. She pulls gathbandhan material from Agastya and fixes it on herself and Yuvan. She then, at that point, strolls to mandap holding Yuvan’s hand. Family looks strained. Banni asks panditji to begin changing mantras once more and get them hitched according to rituals.Agastya says Yuvan can’t wed Banni. Yuvan inquires as to why. Agastya expresses Kabir inside Yuvan can return and mischief his family and Banni. Yuvan ask show could he at any point be Kabir and how might he hurt his family and Banni. Agastya says Kabir previously attempted to kill Banni once and compromised his family, his family fears him now and doesn’t cherish him. Banni requests that Agastya stop. Agastya shows Tulika and says she is Kabir’s woman love and shows Tulika’s tattoo on Yuvan’s wrist. Yuvan says he doesn’t currently who Kabir is. Banni says that isn’t significant now.

Banni Chow Home Delivery Today’s Episode Online

Devraj says now is the right time to uncover reality and illuminates Yuvan that he has a parted character named Kabir inside him who loathes Banni and loves Tulika. He depicts entire story till now. Yuvan breaks hearing that. Banni upholds Yuvan and requests that he go to his room and rest. Agastya says truth is Yuvan doesn’t merit Banni as life accomplice who might kill Banni. Yuvan won’t trust him. Tulika says its valid. Agastya requests that she tell truth. Tulika says Kabir took her from facility and gave her entrancing medication and when she acquired cognizance, she was…

Banni Chow Home Delivery Latest Spoiler Alerts 1 December 2022

Agastya says he will show the evidence and shows Kabir and Tulika’s wedding on screen. Tulika shows her mangalsutra. Banni separates seeing that.

Precap: Banni and Yuvan cry around evening time. Next morning, Tulika uncovers that Kabir knows who her mom’s homicide is. Banni says she will figure out reality and compromises Rathore family at a blade’s point.

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