Banni Chow Home Delivery 16 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Banni Chow Home Delivery Written Update 16 December 2022

Devraj gets profound during Charmie’s babyshower service. Yuvan inquires as to for what reason is he crying when he is getting an incredible grandson. Devraj trusts Bannni and Yuvan likewise give him uplifting news soon and illuminates that he has organized Banni and Yuvan’s wedding in a legitimate manner one week from now. Charmie asks where is Banni. Myra says she will go and b ring her. Yuvan says he will proceed to cut his Banni down. Devraj implores god to shield Yuvan and Banni from hostile stares. Tulika passes by behind him.

Written Update Banni Chow Home Delivery Today Episode

Yuvan gazes at Banni while she prepares. She feels bashful and trusts any stink eye doesn’t fall on their affection. He holds her hand and embraces her. Banni requests that he guarantee that he won’t ever hold her hand. He inquires as to whether he changes his words. Yuvan records on a paper that Yuvan Singh Rathore has a place with just Banni from hereon his entire life. Banni asks what will occur with only a piece of paper. Yuvan composes it on a bond paper and requests that she sign it. Banni says she was simply kidding. Yuvan says his affection isn’t a joke and requests that she sign it to demonstrate her adoration. She signs.Devraj asks Go when will their attorney bring Tulika and Kabir’s legal documents. Go says in 2-3 days. Devraj calls Tulika and says Kabir made a joke out of wedding and got hitched to Tulika, Kabir was deranged and consequently their wedding isn’t substantial, however he will get her and Kabir separated legitimately and let her live in harmony. Tulika gestures yes however begins crying once he leaves. Yuvan sentiments Banni. She feels modest and takes off. Tulika figures she ought to uncover her mehandi night’s reality to Banni, yet doesn’t feel valiant enough.

Banni Chow Home Delivery 12Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Banni strolls down and plays out Charmie’s child shower custom. Tulika leaves there. Yuvan sees her and attempts to illuminate Banni, yet seeing her bustling himself follows Tulika and discovers her inclination unwell. He inquires as to whether she is alright. Tulika says she is fine. Yuvan inquires as to whether he will call a specialist. Tulika says its alright, she previously finished her tests and would make due. Yuvan goes to bring juice for her. Tulika reviews Kabir getting private with her. Yuvan gets back with juice.

Banni Chow Home Delivery Latest Spoiler Alerts 16 December 2022

Vrinda plays out Charmie’s custom and says she needs a grandkid like Banni. Alpana expresses then there would be protests every day from kid’s school. Vrinda says Banni yells quit being brutal as she will likewise become a mother soon. Yuvan apologizes Tulika for placing her into inconvenience. Tulika thinks Yuvan gave her most gorgeous snapshots of her life. Yuvan leaves. Tulika supposes on the off chance that she ought to illuminate him what occurred among her and Kabir. Yuvan gets back to Banni and signals her sincerely again.

Alpana, Vrinda, and Myra dance on Gudnaal Ishq Meetha melody.. Yuvan and Banni go along with them. Tulika enthusiastically sits tight for her lab reports. Gatekeeper gets lab reports and strolls towards Tulika when Tulika feels uncomfortable and leaves. He looks for her. Banni goes aside to address her dress. Guardian gives up report to her. Banni supposes assuming something happened to Tulika and is stunned to discover that Tulika is pregnant.

Precap: Banni illuminates family that Tulika is pregnant with Kabir’s kid. Yuvan says the two of them will upbring Tulika’s child.
Banni goes out giving him commitment of their love.

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