Banni Chow Home Delivery 2 january 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Banni Chow Home Delivery Written Update 2 january 2023

Kabir stops Kashi bua/Banni and inquires as to whether she won’t meet Banni. Kashi says how might Banni come until she goes, then, at that point, says Banni should be caught up with conveying tiffins. She requests that he accept Atharva with her as his entire family is sick. Kashi asks how might she pick a child with a hunchback. Kabir exhaust on her and requests that Myra toss Kashi out of the house. Kashi requests that Myra get an auto for her. Atharva begins crying. Kabir solaces him. Kashi feels blissful. Kiara brings auto for her, and she leaves. Kabir gets a call from his global client. Kabir gives Atharva to Vrinda. Atharva begins crying once more. Kabir separates call and picks Atharva. Atharva quits crying. Kabir says Banni’s auntie unloaded Atharva on him, he gets quiet at whatever point he picks him. Devraj says kids are associated by heart. Kabir says Bani embraced this youngster and there is just that. Charmie believes assuming that Kabir gets connected to Atharva, she can’t get Atharva then.

Written Update Banni Chow Home Delivery Today Episode

Myra acclaims Kashi for persuading Kabir to name Atharva and deal with him. Kabir leaves to comfort Atharva. Kashi says kids are god’s structure and don’t separate anybody, world thinks about Kabir as insidious, however Atharva loves him. Myra says just Banni and Kabir can deal with Atharva. Auto comes. Kashi sees Charmie giving cash to a hooligan. Viraj leaves calling her and illuminates that Shrey is crying. Charmie sends man away swiftly and yells that let him cry and strolls in, leaving Viraj shocked. Baanni thinks who was that man.At night, Atharva cries again upsetting Kabir’s rest. Kabir solaces him. He sees 24 hours of Banni’s test are going to finish and figures Banni ought to be prepared to close. Next morning, Kabir remains in gallery sitting tight for Banni. Vrinda asks what is he doing there. Kabir says he is hanging tight for Banni, he ought to arrive at quickly or probably she doesn’t have any idea how he will respond. Vrinda overreacts and illuminates Devraj and family about Kabir’s message. They hurry to Kabir and demand him not to hurt Atharva. Kabir says he will discard Atharva on the off chance that Banni doesn’t return in 2 minutes.

Banni Chow Home Delivery 2

2023 Written Update Today Episode

A few men get a dead body. Go inquires as to whether this is a graveyard. Kabir yells whose dead body is this and eliminates bedsheet over dead body. They are undeniably stunned to see Banni’s dead body. Men illuminate that Banni met with a truck mishap and died, so they brought her here. Family begins crying. Kabir asks how might Banni bite the dust, who will deal with Atharva. He helps Banni to remember her guarantee to return in the span of 24 hours and says he won’t deal with Atharva. Charkie believes its god’s desire that she deals with Atharva. Viraj attempts to quiet down Kabir and says he needs to deal with Atharva. Atharva begins crying. Charmie picks him. Kabir takes Atharva from her. Men say Banni’s last desire was that Kabir play out her last privileges at Rathroe mansion.

Banni Chow Home Delivery Latest Spoiler Alerts 2 january 2023

Precap: Myra illuminates Banni that Atharva is missing. Banni begins crying. Kabir guarantees her to track down Atharva. Charmie wathces them nervously.

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