Banni Chow Home Delivery 26 November 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Banni Chow Home Delivery Written Update 26 November 2022

Kabir blindfolds Tulika, gives her a teddy, and requests that she get it. Tulika says its a delicate toy. Kabir says its not only a delicate toy, its Bunty. He says they used to play in adolescence with this toy and he named it as Bunty in recognition of her. Out of flashback, he lashes out on Banni for tearing the teddy and says he excused her when she removed his portable, yet won’t pardon her for tearing his experience growing up toy. Banni denies claims and says she would’ve done it transparently like she straightforwardly removed his portable; she is certain the individual who realizes about this youth is doing all this.

Written Update Banni Chow Home Delivery Today Episode

Kabir says how could that individual do that. Banni says that individual doesn’t believe Yuvan should emerge and has arranged every one of the tricks against Kabir. Kabir says that individual is giving him wrong drugs since youth and presently he is attempting to obliterate his and Tulika’s companionship. Banni feels that individual is doubtlessly at home and is behind Kabir’s experience growing up injury, she will uncover that individual and return Yuvan once again to life. A lady is seen in dark.Banni requests that Viraj get a phony firearm and lets him know that an individual who is giving incorrectly meds to Yuvan isn’t Manini and is currently at home, he/she is the person who broke Yuvan’s experience growing up toys; she will uncover that individual, obliterate Kabir out of Yuvan’s cerebrum, and get Yuvan out once more. She assembles family and says an individual who despises Yuvan broken Yuvan and Tulika’s young life toys, Kabir needs to kill that individual and thus she removed Kabir’s firearm and brought it here. Go beginnings reviling about Kabir/Yuvan. Hemant cautions him to quit spilling toxin against Yuvan or, more than likely he won’t extra him.

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Devraj requests that they quit battling. Banni questions Anya. Anya cautions her to quit questioning her and says its great that his sister set up a business in London and took mother from here, even she will go from here soon. Go says its better assuming they partition the property and remove their portion. Kabir strolls down with his teddy and yells who tore his and Tulika’s young life toy. He uncovers that Tulika is his cherished, lifelong companion Bunty. He picks firearm and focuses at Go. Banni thinks the offender is Go then.

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Kabir undermines Go who denies to tear the toy. Kabir focuses weapon at Hemant next followed by every part. Devraj acknowledges that he got it done. Kabir shoots Devraj first, then Viraj, Go, and rest of the relatives with the exception of Banni.

Precap: Kabir strolls to Tulika’s room.
Tulika says lady of the hour and lucky man can’t see each other’s face before marriage.
Kabir says he had, however she ought to trust him and removes her. Banni and Myra look for Tulika.

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