Banni Chow Home Delivery 28 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Banni Chow Home Delivery Written Update 28 December 2022

Charmie cries seeing her child Shrey’s condition. Banni picks Shrey and lets Charmie know that her child needs her additional consideration and love and will seek well with legitimate treatment. Vrinda asks Charmie not to be discouraged and trust god. Charmie says she can’t imagine once more. Banni asks her not be demoralized as its not her misstep and god generally sends a youngster with its destiny. Charmie keeps on crying. Kabir takes regular checkup for Shrey. Dhanraj inquires as to for what reason is he doing this when he can’t stand kids. Kabir says he doesn’t need one more Yuvan in his home and will send Shrey to another country once he gets well.

Written Update Banni Chow Home Delivery Today Episode

Banni encourages Charmie and says a mother’s trust on her debilitation kid made him a best on the planet in running. She gives artist Sudha Chandran’s model who didn’t lose her assurance even in the wake of losing her leg and won numerous public and worldwide honors. Charmie demands Banni to give her Kanha and let her deal with the two kids. Banni rejects and says that is unimaginable, however she figures out Charmie’s torment. Charmie says she and Viraj will take great consideration of Kanha and reminds that Kabir needs to kill Kanha. Banni says Kabir is Kanha’s dad and could never murder his child, she had guaranteed biting the dust Tulika to join Kanha with his dad. Charmie says on the off chance that Kabir doesn’t acknowledge Kanha in 10 days, she will illuminate Kabir that Kanha is Tulika’s child whom he needs to kill. Banni inquires as to whether she will seriously endanger Kanha. Charmie says she doesnt’ need and is trying banni’s trust, Kanha must be either her child or ought to kick the bucket. Banni demands her to avoid that error and acknowledges her demand to join Kanha with his father.Next morning, Banni gets a dispatch and figures she will invest energy with Kabir and let her perceive how might he not fall in her affection. Kabir illuminates Alpana that his global clients are returning home for a lunch and requests that she get a few worldwide foods for themselves and not desi dishes. He leaves directing his home’s location to his clients when Banni cuffs them together and says she will go through a day with her cherished spouse. Kabir panics. Client comes to. Banni welcomes them. Clients inquire as to for what reason are they bound. Banni in her wrecked English makes sense of that they don’t get time to spend together and subsequently she cuffed them today. Clients like her thought. Banni welcomes them in and acquaints them with her loved ones. Client says he is visiting Rajasthan interestingly. Banni acclaims Rajasthani cooking. Client says they might want to have true Rajasthani cooking. Banni says she will get ready food for them. Client says they can take as much time as necessary. Banni figures she will invest energy with Kabir and examine about Kanha.

Banni Chow Home Delivery 23Rd December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Precap: Banni’s basti bursts into flames. Banni runs into her home and gets her mom’s photograph out. Kabir insults him.


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