Banni Chow Home Delivery 28 November 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Banni Chow Home Delivery Written Update 28 November 2022

Rahtores understand that Kabir shot a phony projectile to them. Banni attempts to grab firearm from him. Kabir drives her away and acts stunned seeing them generally alive. He then chuckles on them and inquires as to whether she sees herself as savvy and attempted to trick him, he realizes she stacked counterfeit shots in the weapon and tore Bunty’s toys to rankle him and figure out who is giving maniacal drugs to Yuvan since adolescence. He heard Banni and Viraj’s discussion, loads firearm with genuine projectile, and focuses it at Banni. Family gets stressed for Banni. Kabir says he will press a trigger and end Banni Chow.

Written Update Banni Chow Home Delivery Today Episode

Devraj argues Kabir to save guiltless Banni. Banni asks him not to stress as Kabir is a defeatist and won’t shoot her. She lets Kabir know that she currently realizes that Manini isn’t the offender and its another person who stays with them in this house. Kabir says he will kill Banni to safeguard that individual and difficulties that he will wed Tulika tomorrow at any expense. Banni challenges him back. Kabir cautions Viraj, Go, and others to dare not meddle in his life or, in all likelihood he will shoot them. Vrinda and Charmie dread for Viraj’s life. Bannni guarantees them to safeguard entire family from Kabir.Kabir appreciates Tulika’s wedding dress. He reviews Banni’s test and thinks he really wants to effectively prevent Banni and her manikins from meddling in his and Tulika’s lives. He calls Tulika who says she will be late from work and he requests that she stay at the actual facility and not get back this evening. Tulika reviews Kabir’s displeasure and Banni’s arrangement and believes assuming she ought to uncover Banni who the offender is or not. Kabir figures he doesn’t believe Tulika should watch the savagery he would make today.

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Banni and Viraj examine that they need to figure out who the offender is before Kabir’s marriage. Devraj says there is compelling reason need to look similar to Kabir’s creative mind and as Go says, they ought to send Kabir to psychological wellness community. He lets Banni know that she has a day to restore Yuvan or probably she will wed Agastya. He says she did a great deal for Yuvan and presently its the ideal opportunity for her to continue on. Banni challenges that she will restore Yuvan and make Devraj give her hand in Yuvan’s grasp tomorrow.

Banni Chow Home Delivery Latest Spoiler Alerts 28 November 2022

Kabir finds phantom propers which Viraj utilized before to terrify Yuvan and decides to kill entire Rathore family. Charmie panics dreading for herself as well as day to day’s life. Banni guarantees to safeguard entire family and makes her rest. Kabir wearing phantom prop assaults Viraj and thinks that he is absent. Banni takes Virat and Go to her familial home and delights that their lives are in perilous and subsequently she carried them here to safeguard them from Kabir. Kabir strolls to Go’s room.
Vrinda panics seeing a sword in his grasp. Kabir asks where Go is.

Precap: Banni resuscitates Yuvan’s memory going about as wedding Agastya. Yuvan feels glad to satisfy his fantasy about wedding Banni.
Hemant says Yuvan can’t wed Banni.

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