Banni Chow Home Delivery 6 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Banni Chow Home Delivery Written Update 6 December 2022

Tulika and Dr. Sanjay proceed with Yuvan’s cerebrum planning and question him. Yuvan reviews his mamma’s fire mishap and gains out of influence. Tulika advises Banni that they need to stop Yuvan’s test here as it might antagonistically influence his psychological well-being. Dr. Sanjay says she is correct and stops the meeting. Out of Yuvan’s room, Banni tells Tulika that Dr Sanjay let him know that possibilities of Kabir’s return are high until Yuvan totally reviews occurrence behind his psychological injury as same episode is the justification for Kabir’s birth.

Written Update Banni Chow Home Delivery Today Episode

A veiled individual goes into Yuvan’s room and attempts to control a checking machine, however quits seeing somebody coming. Banni gets back to Yuvan’s room and thinks that he is absent. Yuvan visits Tulika’s lodge and tells her that since she is connected with his past injury, he fears Kabir will return at whatever point she comes before him. He says thanks to her for aiding him and Banni and demands her not to come before him frequently. That’s what banni hears and says he shouldn’t overlook Tulika’s massive assistance. Tulika says Banni is correct, her presence can set off Kabir’s entrance, so she won’t meddle among Banni and Yuvan. She strolls to the side and cries. When they every one of the 3 leave, veiled individual strolls behind them.Back home, Yuvan gets Tulika’s name tattoo eliminated from his hand. Tulika separates and composes Kabir with her blood on a paper. Banni upholds Yuvan, holding his hand. Yuvan says Tulika’s tattoo is vital for Kabir and he needs Banni to help him during this difficult choice inwardly. Agastya meets Tulika and says she should feel torment without Kabir. Tulika says she is a specialist and just played out her obligation. Agastya says anyway Kabir’s way of behaving towards his family was, he genuinely cherished Tulika and she won’t ever get such a genuine life from now on throughout everyday life, so she ought to consider getting back her love.

Banni Chow Home Delivery Today’s Episode Online

Banni applies balm on Kabir’s tattoo injury and uncovers her next plan to him. Next morning, she takes Yuvan to sanctuary and illuminates that she has taken authorization from sanctuary the board to check photographs of that year’s shivratri occasion. Agastya informs Tulika concerning something similar and says Kabir might return in the wake of watching the collection. Banni and Yuvan really look at the collection. A covered man spreads smoke and takes off grabbing collection from them.

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Tulika’s inward voice incites her to not surrender her adoration with such ease and get back Kabir. Tulika says she guaranteed Banni. Internal voice says everything is fair infatuated and war, she ought to proceed to grab back Kabir from Banni. Banni runs behind covered man and tosses a coconut on him. Man tumbles down from steps and escapes in his bike.

Precap: Yuvan prepares for rivalry and sits tight for Banni. Banni meets with a vehicle accident.

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