Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode 13 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Written Update 13 february 2023

Tiwari and Vibhu sitting together drinking liquor. Anu and Angoori remaining behind window checking them out. Vibhu tells Tiwari you are Unwanted voyeur, you are a revolting man. Tiwari says OK and I feel like a cheapster. Vibhu says you are a family man then how could you foster this propensity. Tiwari says when I was kid I use to look into houses for sweet and I didn’t understand when things pivoted. Vibhu says I’m feeling nauseated drinking with you. Tiwari says right now I want a companion and I see that in you. Vibhuti asks what is it that you need. Tiwari expresses tomorrow there will 2000 individuals in Kanpur’s lake to wash and this peeping propensity for mine is at top and isn’t in charge what do I do. Vibhu expresses manage it. Tiwari says I can’t thus I believe you should accompany me.

Written Update Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Today Episode

Angoori tells Anu, what everything is this event I’m not understanding. Anu says I comprehend it’s difficult to see yet you will comprehend soon.Vibhu asks Tiwari for what good reason do you figure I will accompany you, Tiwari says you are just a single in this province who can go with me in this overly critical work and mightn’t a companion at any point be for his companion and there will be people. Vibhu says ladies as well, I won’t come. Tiwari demands Vibhu. Vibhu thinks for the time being I need to see the pony and consents to go.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Vibhu strolls to Anu and praises her. Anu disregards. Vibhu asks where are you going, Anu says going down the stairs to rest since there are mosquitoes here. Vibhu says they will tear into me as well. Vibhu says you look irritated whats wrong, Anu says I’m not in temperament. Vibhu says however I’m in state of mind. Anu says for what reason won’t you, you had drinks. Vibhu tells her, go clean up you will be new and get in state of mind as well. Anu says enough, I care very little about this, you look like a raunchy to me. Vibhu says you are scrutinizing my craft. Anu asks what workmanship. Vibhu says Dipu Mastana, Rajaram Electrical expert, Kalu Dada and Brute Munda, these 4 precious stones are star of our heartfelt life and what is tactless in this, if it’s not too much trouble, make sense of. Anu says its past the point of no return, I’m drowsy and leaves.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Latest Spoiler Alerts 13 february 2023

Tiwari strolls to Angoori in room. Angoori says for what reason did you take such a long time. Tiwari says was simply completing my beverage. Angoori says you had a lot of today and let me know a certain something, is this your peeping propensity truly difficult, I heard you conversing with Vibhu that you are an unwanted voyeur. Tiwari says bhabhiji had requested that I say this to me. Angoori says goodness for this reason you where requesting that I quit during supper, I am so heartbroken. Tiwari says yet I’m extremely heartfelt. Angoori says lets start. Tiwari says lets close windows or Vibhu the unwelcome voyeur will sneak in and remember the entryway. Angoori goes closes entryway and window.

Tiwari requests that Angoori switch off the lights, Angoori says you seem to be in an exploratory state of mind. Tiwari leaves and says don’t stress I will land calmly on you. Angoori switches of the light, and Tiwari goes falls on bed corner. Tiwari says we should begin once more. Tiwari says the plane has vrashed now.

Tiwari and Vibhu go perfect the lake. Tiwari says this spot is amazing to peep. Vibhu says you are appalling, you need to ssee individuals wash. Tiwari says whats wrong in it, won’t you join, don’t hold back. Vibhu says I’m not interested.

Gupta in his washroom, says I ought to close ventilators or stow away and shower, consider the possibility that Vibhu comes to peep, imagine a scenario in which there are camera I need to do something.

Commissioner shuddering in cold. Happu says commisioner has 105 fever. Gupta strolls in and asks what occurred. Happu says he showered with cold water to discover unwanted voyeur and look what occurred. Gupta says he ought to have gone to Anu Bhabhi’s home in light of the fact that Vibhu is unwelcome voyeur. Happu days did he peep. Gupta says no Anu bhabhi educated me regarding us.

Vibhu asks Tiwari, he said there would be 2000 individuals yet I see nobody. Tiwari says currently acknowledge it you are unwanted voyeur. Manohar gets them and says Vibhu we have data that you are unwelcome voyeur and you will be locked up and Tiwari is unwelcome voyeur as well and aided Vibhu. .

Vibhu and Tiwari get beaten in prison. Happu says Manohar hit them so hard that they yell in torment. Anu and Angoori race to them and says do you know why they were doing this?
Angoori lets them know Tiwari was assisting Vibhu with moving past this. Tiwari says Dr. Gupta had given me this plan to treat him with thoughtfulness. Vibhu asks what sickness I have, I was doing everything since Seth Champu Das asked me as well.
Anu says this tattoo story individual is genuine guilty party. Vibhu says no he is extremely refined. Anu says no its simply a cover, I have an arrangement to discover him in the act and I want Happu Singh’s help.

Seth Champu Das a news that renowned bengali entertainer Chapan Churi is remaining at Tiwari’s home and whoever needs to see her ought to visit Tiwari’s home, and the news has her timetable. Champu Das gets excited.

Tilu masked as Chapan Churi at Tiwari’s home and goes about as though she is barely out of shower. Champu Das peeping through window and everybody taking a gander at him from ground floor and find him in the act. Vibhu and Tiwari let him know this was a stunt and there is no courageous woman. Anu and Angoori admonish him and say don’t you have any self confidence. Champu Das says I curve peeping it gives me aderline rush. Anu expresses shut up, and for what reason did you stunt my better half. Champu says when I heard him asking I comprehended he is dumb and jobless and assuming that I stunt him I will get open window to peep. Happu and Manohar capture him.

Anu says thank god now most serious issue is settled. Angoori tells Tiwari, could I at any point sing while at the same time showering. Tiwari tells her definite why not.

Pre cap: Tiwari tells Anu, you realize I was going to kick the bucket multiple times and Pandit Ramphal has requested that I let Vibhu observe Valentine’s Day with Angoori. Anu shares with him, not by any stretch.
Tiwari makes an arrangement with Vibhu and says we both are refined so lets make this settled. Vibhu shares with him, I charge 1lakh. Tiwari concludes in 50000. Vibhu requests that Tiwari give Anu organization on Valentine’s Day as he will be occupied with Angoori.
Tiwari on date with Anu, shows her his shirt which has her face printed.

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