Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode 16 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Written Update 16 february 2023

Angoori in garden watering plants and singing melody about adoration. Vibhu walka to Angoori plays with her and talk her about affection. Angoori says I love my significant other a ton. Vibhu make fun if her significant other. Angoori lashes out on him and says I will not listen a word about Tiwari. Vibhu conciliatory sentiments to Angoori and says I was joking and asks her with whom are you praising this valentine’s with. Angoori says I’ll praise my valentine’s day with my better half, I have consistently celebrated with him and leave. Vibhuti asks her did you feel terrible.
Saxena remaining behind him says I’m certain you probably bothered her since you are awful individual. Vibhu expresses out loud whatever rubbish is this. Saxena says I can’t choose with whom would it be advisable for me I commend valentine’s day. Vibhu says numerous frantic individuals are accessible proceed to pick one to commend your valentine’s day. Saxena ask do you have anybody in your family since I know the vast majority of the distraught individuals are your family members. Vibhu slaps him and walk away.

Written Update Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Today Episode

Anu in market with Tiwari. Anita and Tiwari running stop to have coconut water. Tiwari ask Anu you were saying something. Anu says I wish to be a legal counselor here and there. Tiwari says you concentrated on regulation right. Anu says OK yet I never rehearsed it. Tiwari says your capacities could have put you on the map legal counselor and a window box falls on his head. Anu ask him are you okay. Tiwari and Anu attempt to figure who tossed pot on his head. A poor person sitting close to them says on the off chance that you are unfortunate a bomb can likewise fall on your head. Tiwari shares with Anu how about we leave I’m feeling terrified. Anu says I don’t put stock in these considerations and says we should leave. Tiwari says I have begun accepting eccentric things due to Pandit Ramphal. Anu says why you want to accept is he threating you. Tiwari says not Pandit Ramphal but rather my mother generally undermines he. A coconut falls on Tiwari’s head. Anu befuddled says where did it come from. Tiwari sees coconut says this one dry how might it tumble from tree. Anu says I’m likewise befuddled. Begger says when your time is awful anything can occur. Tiwari get’s terrified says I think he is telling genuine my awful time has begun. Anu says we should return home and appeal to god. Tiwari says you are correct. A bicycle slopes into Tiwari.Ammaji and Angoori in kitchen. Ammaji eating food. Angoori give her parathas. Ammaji says don’t give me much food it will expand my weight. Angoori says don’t stress your cholesterol won’t shoot. Tiwari walka in kitchen and ask Ammaji how are you? Ammaji says I’m great yet what befall you. Tiwari says my business is write working appropriately and I feel anxious. Ammaji says Pandit Ramphal let me know you are having terrible time. Tiwari says OK that is the reason coconut and pit are hitting me. Angoori ask are you harmed. Tiwari says OK and admonishes her. Ammaji says for what reason are you admonishing her Pandit Ramphal let me know you are having awful time. Angoori ask what did he told you. Ammaji tells Angoori he let me know his business can be closed for one year and can engage in a battle with you and you might leave him. Angoori asks did he let you know any arrangement. Ammaji says OK yet I’m feeling bashful however I need to tell you. Angoori says I’m prepared to make it happen. Ammaji tells Angoori you need to commend valentine’s day with a more unusual man. Tiwari and Angoori in shock. Tiwari expresses out loud whatever garbage are you talking. Ammaji says send her with another man to commend valentine’s day and don’t get some information about the man.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Anu and Vibhu in room. Anu get some information about valentine’s day festivity. Vibhu says how about we celebrate in ranch. Anu lash out’s and gaze him. Vibhuti gets terrified and ask her for what good reason are you gazing at me. Anu says I’m asking you last time let me know what’s tha plan for valentine’s day. Vibhu says I’ll come any place you will take me. Anu lash out’s and says my companion Meenal and her better half are going Thailand to celebrate subsequent to winning a challenge. Vibhuti get some information about the challenge. Anita promote about the challenge. Vibhuti says you companion is smart.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Latest Spoiler Alerts 16 february 2023

Tiwari looking external window. Angoori ask him let me know who I can trust. Tiwari says I’m thinking regarding that. Angoori says I have not many ideas and says Prem’s name. Tiwari says that is a terrible choice. Angoori says then I can pick Masterji. Tiwari says he is now hitched and express’ no for him. Angoori says then just a single individual is left and he is Pelu. Tiwari says he won’t suit you well and says you want an individual with great character. Angoori says then just a single individual is left and he goes by Vibhuti. Tiwari says he is correct competitor. Angoori says at whatever point he is close to me I don’t feel unreliable. Tiwari says he is great individual and with regards to lady Vibhu don’t inconvenience them so at long last you gave the right name.

Tillu, Teeka and Rusa together external Rusa’s home. Teeka ask her for what good reason did you brought us from back entrance, is commissner inside home. Rusa says no Dee and Jiju went for a party and didn’t left key’s for me so I need to open this entryway with assistance of my clip, gratitude for dropping at this point you can leave it’s now excessively cold. Teeka says we need to express something to you, what’s your arrangement for valentine’s day. Rusa inquire as to for what reason would you like to be aware? Tillu says me and Teeka were remembering to celebrate it with you. Rusa ask which 5 star lodging are we going. Tillu says we will be going to Kallu Ka Dhaba. Rusa says I’ll simply go to 5 star hotel.

Tiwari remaining at his gallery and calls Vibhu. Vibhu don’t reply. Tiwari begin yelling and toss at stone at him. Vibhuti awakens and begin yelling. Anu switch on light and ask him for what reason are you yelling. Vibhu says somebody is tossing stones. Anu says proceed to check. Vibhuti stroll to his gallery and see Tiwari tossing stones from his overhang. Vibhuti ask him what are you attempting to demonstrate by tossing this stones. Tiwari says I was attempting to awaken you. Anu strolls in says this isn’t correct method for calling somebody. Tiwari says I had a go at calling you however you didn’t reply. Vibhuti ask what’s the crisis. Tiwari says I need to welcome you for party. Anu says you might have let us know in morning. Tiwari says I’m invigorated for the party and ask them to come.

Teeka shares with Rusa we can’t bear to take you to 5 star lodging. Rusa says in the event that you can’t bear the cost of me why are you companions with me and taunts them, she get some information about there bank balance. Teeka says I have 500 rs in my record. Tillu says and I have 501rs in my record. Rusa expresses pay attention to me cautiously if you have any desire to be my companions you ought to have atleast 10 lakhs in your record and on the off chance that you neglect to make it happen, at absolutely no point ever show me your appearances in the future. Teeka and Tillu begin crying and leave. Rusa see them says I’m so sorry young men however you see nothing until I affront you.

Tiwari, Anu and Vibhuti together in Tiwari’s gallery eating. Anu and Vibhuti examining about cold. Tiwari sitting and resting. Anu awakens him and ask what happen where are you lost. Tiwari shares with Any you know how I nearly passed on multiple times yesterday so I’m certain having terrible time and no one but you can save me. Anu ask how might I save you. Tiwari says Pandit Ramphal has told an answer, in the event that Vibhu can commend valentine’s day with Vibhu. Vibhu begin imaging himself with Angoori on valentine’s day and says I’m OK. Anu says it’s unrealistic and all the remidies are phony of Pandit Ramphal. Angoori strolls in and tells Anu, Pandit Ramphal let me know Tiwari is having extremely misfortune and the circumstance is serious. Vibhu shares with Anu don’t be so cutthroat. Anu says toward the end aunt will call and advise compelling reason need to do any cure. Anu statements of regret to Tiwari and Angoori and says I generally trust that Valentine’s day will celebrate with Vibhu.

Tillu and Teeka drinking tea. Tillu ask him from where we can get 20 lakhs. David strolls and welcome them and ask them what’s happening with you. Tillu says might you at any point organize 20 lakhs. Teeka begin crying says we really want 20 lakhs. David ask them for what valid reason do you need. Tillu says our live anticipate that we should have 20 lakhs in our record really at that time she will adore us. David says this is business not love. Ace strolls in and ask David how are you. David says I’m great and these children are requesting 10 lakhs if you hsve if it’s not too much trouble, give them. Teeka begin crying and aks for 20 lakhs. Ace says I don’t have 20 lakhs yet I have some work for you. Teeka and Tillu get’s energized. Ace says I purchased a bison and I really want somebody who can get milk from it. Tillu says don’t stress Teeka can deal with it very well he is master. David says he is correct Teeka is great individual and gestures of recognition. David says to Dominate, Teeka will bring milk and Tillu will take care of bison. Teeka ask how much will you pay us. Ace says 5000 rs.

Angoori in kitchen. Vibhu strolls to her and welcome her. Angoori says I was coming to meet you since I have some significant work for you. Vibhuti says tell me. Angoori says I need to commend valentine’s day with you. Vibhuti expresses I’m here to discuss same thing, explain to me for what reason did you discuss valentine’s day festivity infront of Anu, yoi might have conversed with me face to face, I would have sorted out something. Angoori expresses out loud whatever assuming Anu fly off the handle’s on me in the wake of knowing it. Vibhuti says yet presently she said no. Angoori says you can say OK. Vibhuti says she will not tune in by any means. Angoori says I demand you to say OK and observe Valentine’s day with me. Vibhuti says my options are limited I can’t accompany you. Angoori says how might I neglect, you need my significant other ought to become bankrupt and attempt to persuade her by giving fanciful circumstances. Vibhuti says you realize valentine’s day is praised with your friends and family. Angoori says OK I realize it’s been commended with friends and family and you are my affection, she plays with him and says snatch my hand and say I love you. Vibhu emerge from his creative mind and winds up kissing Saxena’s hand. Angoori stroll inside. Saxena ask him where were you lost. Vibhu doesn’t say anything. Saxena says on the off chance that I g

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