Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Written Update 14 December 2022

A woman in dark veil appears at the window of the police headquarters. Happu advises Manohar to get all the bum in any case. She tosses a blade inside the police headquarters and it’s gets inside a water melon. Happu and Manohar gets terrified. Happu removes the blade from the watermelon and sees a letter wrapped with it. Happu peruses the letter becomes more acquainted with that it’s from “Executioner Anna” and cautions police to don’t get bum, so he can kill every one of them. Happu advises Manohar to get the individual who tossed the blade inside police headquarters. Manohar says that he doesn’t have the foggiest idea about the individual seems to be. Happu advises him to get him at any rate on the grounds that since he’s more threatening.

Written Update Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Today Episode

Everyone is resting in the city. Vibhu looks at Angoori while she is resting and gets entranced. Tiwari is watching Anu’s image in his cell phone and missing her. Teeka gets up and awakens Tillu moreover. Teeka advises Tillu that he needs to proceed to pee. Tillu lets him know that he doesn’t has any desire to go and returns to rest. Teeka awakens him once more. Teeka and Tillu sees MasterJi begins chuckling at him, since he is resting while at the same time getting Gupta’s feet. Teeka and Tillu leaves. Executioner Anna appears and Vibhu and Tiwari conceals inside covers. Executioner Anna awakens MasterJi and lets him know that he’s here to get him. MasterJi gets frightened and asks, how did he respond? Executioner Anna lets him know that they are asking on the roads which is unlawful and they are additionally ruining the city. Executioner Anna powerfully takes MasterJi with him. Vibhu and Tiwari sees them. Vibhu tells Tiwari that MasterJi has been abducted. Vibhu says that it’s really great for them just and returns to sleep.Everyone is at the police headquarters and documenting missing report for MasterJi. Manohar asks, who is abducted? Gupta answers, Expert Bhoop Singh. Teeka lets Manohar know that it was around 11pm in the evening. Tillu says that its was a beautiful full moon night. Manohar records it on paper. Presently, Teeka again tells exactly the same thing. Manohar tells them to, tell something different. Teeka lets Manohar know that he awakened to go to pee and advised Tillu to accompany him. Tillu likewise concurs with him and lets Manohar know that he saw a shadow taking MasterJi with him. Tillu additionally tells that Tiwari and Vibhu were likewise not dozing, yet at the same time didn’t halted him. Vibhu lets them know that he was dozing and didn’t saw anything, and assuming he was awakened, he could never allow that to occur, on the grounds that he is a valiant man. Tiwari says that Vibhu was awakened 5 minutes before MasterJi captured. Vibhu says that is frail in dozing, he falls asleep whenever. Vibhu asks Tiwari, how could he be aware? Tiwari and Vibhu begins to contend. Angoori advises them to stop. Manohar says that he previously cautioned everybody to not ask in the city, or, more than likely everybody will be killed by some executioner. David asks Manohar how he will respond? Manohar advises them to quit asking to save their lives. David asks Manohar for confirmation? Manohar says that he’s a chronic executioner and can’t give anything. David gets frightened and advises Vibhu to get his ticket for London. Vibhu advises him to quiet down! Manohar lets them know that they can invest their energy in the prison to be saved from him, however every needs to pay 100rs. Vibhu inquires as to whether he’s taking cash for himself? According to manohar, yes. Angoori says that they will give cash. Manohar goes to get keys for the lock up. Angoori likewise leaves to go to the washroom.
Angoori shouts. Everybody gets frightened. Manohar surges back and tells that Executioner Anna took Angoori with him. Everybody gets stressed. Vibhu pays attention to this and blacks out on the table. Everybody watches Vibhu.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Everyone returns to Baba. Everybody begins weeping for help from him. Baba is thinking. Gupta says that he’s thinking, and won’t return without any problem. That’s what gupta says assuming they need to stand out they need to show him dance. Teeka says that he will move for him. Everybody advises him to do it quick. Teeka begins moving for him. Baba awakens and everybody gets energized. Baba lets Teeka know that he loves his dance. Tiwari lets Baba know that they need assistance from him. Baba asks what was the deal? Vibhu lets Baba know that a chronic executioner is capturing their companions. Baba advises them to promptly quit asking. Everybody leaves their utensils in which they we’re gathering cash. Baba tells that he did this in light of Saxena. Vibhu asks him, assuming that he was playing with them? Saxena appears and says, yes. Saxena lets them know that Baba did this since he advised him to do. Vibhu snatches Saxena’s neck and asks him that for what valid reason did he do this? Saxena advises them to recall the night when they generally embarrassed an unfortunate bum. David inquires as to whether that hobo was his family member? Saxena says the was likewise a human very much like them. Tiwari slaps Saxena. Angoori, MasterJi and Executioner appears. Teeka asks that for what good reason is the executioner here? Executioner reveals his face and lets everybody know that she’s Anu. Anu lets them know that he was exhausted from them thus that she can stop them. Anu tells that it was totally arranged by Saxena. Saxena begins giggling. Anu apologizes from Angoori and MasterJi. Vibhu slaps Saxena.

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