Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Written Update 17 December 2022

Tiwari asks Angoori that for what valid reason would she say she is irate? Angoori says that she’s miserable. Tiwari asks her that for what valid reason would she say she is miserable? Angoori says that she’s miserable on the grounds that Tiwari was referring to another woman as “dear” in his fantasies. Tiwari snickers and goes to kiss Angoori. All at once, Vibhu comes in and sees Tiwari. Vibhu advises him to don’t be so bold, close the entryway first. Tiwari calls Vibhu improper in light of the fact that he came inside without thumping the entryway. Angoori advises Tiwari to leave it. Tiwari advises Angoori that he generally takes consent to go inside Anu’s home. Vibhu lets him know that a great deal of time he has likewise came inside room improperly. Tiwari lets him know that he probably done that in crisis. Vibhu lets Tiwari know that there were no crises. Tiwari advises him to quiet down, and come inside again subsequent to thumping. Vibhu heads outside and rings the chime and gets stunned. Vibhu swoons down.

Written Update Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Today Episode

Everyone has assembled and Dr. Gupta is really taking a look at Vibhu. Anu inquires as to whether Vibhu is alright? He lets Anu know that he’s confounded on the grounds that Vibhu’s heart is pulsating quicker than an ordinary individual. David says that Vibhu probably gotten high voltage shock. Anu blows up and asks Tiwari that for what valid reason did he demanded Vibhu to ring the chime. Angoori additionally concurs with Tiwari and says that despite the fact that he had some awareness of doorbell nevertheless requested that Vibhu make it happen. Anu lets Tiwari know that on the off chance that anything happens to Vibhu, she will record a police grievance against him. Tiwari gets frightened. David additionally admonishes Tiwari. Vibhu awakens. Anu gets cheerful and goes to Vibhu. Anu attempts to move Vibhu’s hand yet tracks down it exceptionally firm to move. Angoori likewise really looks at his hand and couldn’t move. Dr. Gupta lets them know that Vibhu’s is solid on the grounds that the shock was exceptionally high voltage and presently they need to knead him day to day to his body developments smooth.Vibhu is attempting to move his body parts in his bed room buts finds them hard to move. Anu comes and asks him that what’s going on with he? Vibhu tells her that he’s attempting to make his body adaptable. Anu says that she can give him a back rub. Vibhu tells her that there is compelling reason need to do that. Anu says that she might unscrew his body. Vibhu advises Anu to make it happen. Vibhu snatches Anu firmly. Anu begins shouting in agony and advises Vibhu to leave her. Anu calls David for help. David appears. David advises Vibhu to leave Anu. Vibhu lets David know that he doesn’t have control on his body. Anu advises David to punch Vibhu so he leave her. David punches him and he leaves Anu yet, snatches David. David severs himself and tells Anu call Mannu Pharma since something is off with Vibhu and he’s likewise acting totally different. David and Anu gets frightened and leaves the room.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Tiwari and Anu are strolling in market. An irregular outsider again begins prodding Angoori. Angoori and Tiwari gets terrified. Tiwari attempts to caution him however he rather begins slighting Tiwari. Tiwari gets considerably more frightened. The individual who was prodding Angoori gets a call from his better half and lets Angoori know that he will prod her later, in light of the fact that his sweetheart is sitting tight for himself and leaves. Tiwari says that it’s really great for him that he left, since, supposing that he would have remained here someone might have gotten thumped. Angoori asks who? Tiwari or that person?

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Latest Spoiler Alerts 17 December 2022

Teeka and Tillu are sitting together. Teeka adds pony’s fertilizer to their food. Tillu advises Teeka to eat first. Teeka denies and advises him to eat first. Teeka and Tillu begins eating it. Rusa appears and asks them that what are they eating? Teeka and Tillu tells her that they are eating “Dahi Bhalle” with sound pony waste. Rusa gets netted and advises them to remove it from her. Teeka asks that for what valid reason she doing this way? Her companion, Gama advised them to eat it to get all the more impressive. Gama appears and lets them know that he kidding about that. Rusa advises Gama to educate Teeka and Tillu regarding a few enhancements so they can likewise get strong. Gama lets them know that he knows a generally excellent enhancement. Teeka gets some information about the enhancement? Gama lets them know that he drinks reptile’s pee, and it’s anything but a joke. Teeka and Tillu gets shocked.

David and Anu are sitting at Mannu Drug store. Vibhu begins shouting from inside. Anu inquires as to whether all is well? Specialist and Vibhu comes outside. Vibhu comes out strolling like a robot. Specialist inquires as to whether Vibhu got any electric shock as of late? According to anu, yes. Dr. Mannu tells that it’s the issue. Anu gets some information about the issue. Dr. Mannu tells that Vibhu’s chips has been undermined by the shock. Anu asks, what’s the deal? He tells that Vibhu won’t have command over his arms and will likewise stroll while swaggering. He additionally tells that Vibhu will be presently feeling less and will be strong like a robot. Anu lets him know that she will record a protest against him. Dr. Mannu gives Anu cash and she quiets down. Dr. Mannu tells that the chip is caught in Vibhu spinal string. Vibhu begins making strange commotions. Dr. Mannu tells that now he will do homeopathic treatment. He gives a powder to Anu and advises her to give it to Vibhu around evening time with some fluid, and this will in taking out the chip through discharge. Vibhu begins says that he’s laughing.

Tiwari and Angoori is getting back. The individual who was prodding Angoori returns to prod her once more. Anu and David sees them. Anu advises him to lets Angoori be. The hooligan takes out a weapon and takes shots at Anu. All of a sudden, Vibhu shoes up and gets slug. Everyone gets shocked.

PreCap: Anu asks Tiwari, for what reason don’t he ask Happu for help? Tiwari says that Happu just accepts hush money and never makes a difference. David inquires as to whether he wants Anu’s assistance? Tiwari says that he really wants Vibhu.
Vibhu is in Tiwari’s room and says that he will beat Tiwari assuming he prods Angoori. Angoori says that Tiwari wasn’t prodding her.
Vibhu and Angoori are moving together

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