Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Written Update 19 December 2022

Vibhu gets one more slug terminated by the lawbreakers. He again shoots him at the same time, Vibhu gets it with his mouth. Vibhu tosses a projectile at the crook and he takes off. Everybody gets shocked.

Written Update Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Today Episode

Vibhu is sitting in his home. Vibhu snatches David’s finger and David begins shouted in torment. David severs and sits alongside him. Anu appears and advises Vibhu to get a few snacks for them. David lets Anu know that Vibhu will get ready and get that couple of moments. Vibhu goes into the kitchen and brings the food in few seconds or less. Anu gets shocked and considers him a superhuman. David says that Vibhu is presently super cook. Anu says that now she will involve Vibhu for her work. Vibhu inquires as to whether she will sell him? According to anu, provided that she gets great sum. David asks, what? Anu says that she won’t ever sell him. Anu says that she will utilize him proficiently now. Tiwari likewise appears. Anu inquires as to whether he saw a similar criminal once more? According to tiwari, no, however could come back once more. Anu advises Vibhu to bring more tidbits. David inquires as to whether he really wants Anu’s assistance to battle the lawbreaker? Tiwari denies and tells that he want Vibhu’s assist in this, he with canning battle that lawbreaker. Anu says that Tiwari that he can take Vibhu with him. Anu advises Vibhu to make supper. Vibhu leaves to eat. Anu advises Tiwari to pay cash to take Vibhu. Tiwari requests the sum? David lets him know that he really wants to pay 50 thousand consistently. Tiwari lets Anu know that he can give 40 thousand rupees. Anu concurs with Tiwari and requests him for advance from 40 thousand. Tiwari gives her cash and leaves. Vibhu returns and tells that it is time to eat. Anu lets Vibhu know that he needs to turn into Angoori’s protector. Vibhu says that he will do it.Vibhu is in his room. Anu is additionally behaves like robot, very much like Vibhu. Vibhu and Anu begins moving together.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Angoori is making the bed and singing tunes. Tiwari appears and asks Angoori that for what reason would she say she is going to sanctuary everyday with him? Angoori lets Tiwari know that she informed everything to Ammaji regarding that evening. Tiwari lets Angoori know that he was calling her dear in his fantasies. Tiwari concurs with her and gets Angoori’s hand sincerely. Angoori shouts. Vibhu appears and begins beating Tiwari. Tiwari asks Vibhu that for what reason he beating him? According to vibhu, on the grounds that he was prodding Angoori. Tiwari says that he wasn’t prodding her, he requests that Angoori tell Vibhu. Angoori affably tells Vibhu that Tiwari wasn’t prodding her. Vibhu says that whoever will get into mischief with her, he will thump him. Angoori advises Vibhu to return the morning when they have to the temple.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Latest Spoiler Alerts 19 December 2022

Teeka and Tillu are attempting to get reptiles pee. Tillu carries a little holder to fill it. Teeka advises him to bring a container. Tillu says that it’s simply a reptile. Teeka asks Tillu that for long they will remain there? Tillu advises him to persistently stand by. Teeka says that he needs to go washroom.

David and Vibhu are drinking together. David adds the powder that the specialist gave him for Vibhu. Vibhu says that David really focuses on him a ton. David concurs with him and lets him know that, in the first part of the day when he should search for the chip in the washroom, it will be excessively. Vibhu inquires as to whether he recollects when he had looseness of the bowels and made his garments generally grimy? David begins crying and says that he recalls that. David lets him know that Vibhu is a similar youngster for himself and will take out the chip from his discharge toward the beginning of the day. Vibhu drinks the liquor containing powder.

Angoori and Vibhu are going to sanctuary. Angoori lets Vibhu know that he strolls exceptionally quick. Vibhu tells her that he’s a machine. Angoori inquires as to whether he have any sentiments left? According to vibhu, no. Dr.Gupta appears and begins conversing with Angoori. Vibhu begins beating him. Dr. Gupta gets terrified and leaves. MasterJi likewise attempts to converse with Angoori in any case, Vibhu again begins beating him. MasterJi begins crying and leaves. Angoori asks Vibhu that for what reason would he say he is beating everybody? Vibhu says that since they were strangers.

Anu and Tiwari are practicing in the first part of the day. Tiwari says that it’s freezing now. Anu concurs with him and says that the air is additionally exceptionally dirtied. Tiwari additionally concurs with her and advises her that he begins to hack after breathing this contaminated air. Anu advises him to wear cover. Tiwari inquires as to whether he can involve Vibhu for another work than watching? According to anu, yes and asks him that what he believes Vibhu should do? Tiwari says that he needs to utilize him to assist him with making briefs and vests for his business. Anu says that he can’t take all the benefit made by Vibhu. Tiwari says that they ought to spilt the benefit. Anu says that she will take 60%. Tiwari gets confused.

Teeka and Tillu are sitting together. Tillu blends reptile’s pee in tea to handily drink it. Teeka inquires as to whether it’s protected to drink? Tillu says that it’s not noxious. Teeka accepts him and the two of them drinks it.

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