Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Written Update 23 December 2022

Angoori is planning food and Vibhu goes dependent upon her. Vibhu asks Angoori that how was the paratha, he sent. Angoori says that it was bland. Angoori advises Vibhu to make her #1 “Shahi panner”. Vibhu says that he will it in her kitchen.

Written Update Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Today Episode

Vibhu is cleaning the house. Anu comes in with an espresso and sits next to Vibhu. Anu gets a call from client and he tells her that he can’t give her assets for reasons unknown and hangs up. Angoori gets stressed. Vibhu asks Anu that what was the deal? Anu lets Vibhu know that her assets are dropped for the time being, and won’t have any cash next 2 months. Vibhu asks, truly? Anu says that she just have 5000 rupees for the following two months and advises Vibhu to oversee some way or another. Vibhu says that now they need to eat dry chapatis. Anu says that they has no alternate way. Vibhu likewise gets stressed. Anu advises Vibhu to illuminate David as well, since he’s the person who spends a great deal. David pays attention to them and awakens. David says that he never overspent. An irregular more peculiar comes in and lets David know that he has no cash for that. He provides Anu with the bill of all the “paans” David has eaten. Anu gets angry.Tiwari, Angoori and Ammaji are doing a strict custom in their home to get a youngster. Angoori inquires as to whether it is finished? Pandit lets Angoori know that main some part is finished, presently she has total an errand for multi month. Ammaji inquires as to whether it will work? According to pandit Ramfal, yes. Tiwari asks Pandit Ramfal, what’s the undertaking? He lets them know that they have eat food in another person’s home for a month without being embarrassed. Tiwari asks, truly? According to pandit, yes and tells that they can’t even food in cafĂ©. Tiwari lets Ammaji know that he can’t do this. Ammaji slaps him and says that Pandit Ramfal’s answers generally works. Pandit Ramfal additionally educates that they can’t tells anyone concerning this.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Angoori is watering her plants. Tiwari emerges and lets Angoori know that now they need to choose where they can eat. Angoori concurs with him. Tiwari sees Anu’s home and says that her home will be great. Angoori additionally concurs with him. Tiwari advises Angoori to provide food request to Vibhu. Angoori advises Tiwari to provide request to Vibhu. Tiwari says that he can’t, on the grounds that Vibhu doesn’t likes him. Angoori concurs with him. Tiwari passes on to sees everybody’s kitchen. Vibhu appears and welcomes Angoori. Angoori welcomes him back. Angoori asks Vibhu that what is he getting ready today? According to vibhu, anything that Anu says he will make it since he’s simply a worker. Angoori asks, what does Anu eat? Vibhu says that she eats a tiny measure of food. Angoori gets stressed and inquires as to whether he likewise eats something very similar? Vibhu says that he needs to, and lets Angoori know that they possibly make different flavorful dishes when they welcomes her. Angoori says that he can eat something great today. Vibhu inquires as to whether she going to plan something really great for him? Angoori says no, yet lets him know that she will come for supper at his home. Vibhu concurs with her. Angoori provides her request to Vibhu. Vibhu recalls Anu saying that he can’t welcome anybody for dinner.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Latest Spoiler Alerts 23 December 2022

Tiwari is on the lookout. Angoori calls him and tells that Vibhu has welcomed them for supper. Anu appears. Tiwari goes her with her in a cart. Anu welcomes him. Tiwari lets Anu know that he will likewise come for supper this evening. Anu asks that who welcomed him? Tiwari tells her that Vibhu welcomed Angoori for the and he has concluded that he will likewise accompany her. Anu lashes out. Tiwari lets Anu know that Vibhu is setting up various delectable dishes. Anu imagines that she needs to accomplish something of Vibhu.

Rusa, Teeka and Tillu are sitting together at tea slow down. Rusa says that she needs to head off to some place to travel. According to tillu, why not we should go. Rusa says that she needs to go to shimla. According to teeka, sure. Rusa advises them to illuminate her when they gather cash for the outing and leaves. Teeka asks Tillu that how much cash do they need for the excursion. According to tillu, around 15 thousand. Prem appears and arranges some tea. Teeka and Tillu sees Prem’s new watch and requests him the cost from it? Prem lets them know that it cost him 2.5 lakhs. Teeka and Tillu gets stunned. Tillu asks that where did he got the from? Prem lets them know that he put down a bet in a portable application. Tillu advises Prem to help them additionally, they will end up being his servant.

Vibhu is getting ready “kheer” in his kitchen. David comes in and asks that how could he realize that he needed to eat kheer. Vibhu says that it’s not for him on account of his wellbeing. David asks Vibhu that how could he realize that he have medical problems. Vibhu lets him know that he saw his wellbeing reports. Vibhu lets David know that he really focuses on him a ton that is the reason he isn’t giving kheer to him. David gets profound and leaves. Anu comes in and Vibhu gets frightened. Anu is furious and asks Vibhu that for what valid reason did he welcomed Tiwari and Angoori for supper? Vibhu lets Anu know that Angoori let him know on her own that she needs to come for supper. Anu says that David will eat every last bit of it before them. According to vibhu, he will not, on the grounds that he’s on a careful nutritional plan. Anu says that she will see that.

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