Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Written Update 23 January 2023

Angoori advises Vibhu that she’s not advising him to kill Tiwari, simply get him plastered and get some information about the wedding after that. Vibhu says that she’s actual savvy and expresses gratitude toward her for the idea.

Written Update Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Today Episode

Vibhu is in the market sitting tight for Prem. Vibhu says that Prem is in every case late. Prem appears and pays attention to him. Prem inquires as to whether he’s a major character? According to vibhu, no. Prem asks then for what valid reason could he come on opportunity to meet him? Vibhu asks Prem for 15 thousand. Prem asks Vibhu that for what reason do he really want the cash? Vibhu says that he needs to purchase liquor worth of 15k. Prem snickers and says that Vibhu doesn’t has the right to drink that. Prem lets Vibhu know that he’s a well off individual, and despite the fact that, he doesn’t drink that costly liquor. Vibhu tells Prem, that is the contrast among him and Vibhu. Vibhu says that he has family riches and Prem has a place with town. Prem says that he won’t give and cash and leaves. Vibhu attempts to get back to him, yet Prem doesn’t pays attention to him. Vibhu begins crying and MasterJi and Gupta appears. MasterJi asks that what was the deal? Vibhu begins crying significantly stronger and lets them know that both the kidneys of David fizzled and says that he want 15 thousand rupees for the treatment. MasterJi and Gupta gets profound and gives him cash. MasterJi and Gupta leaves in the wake of giving Vibhu the cash. Vibhu quits crying and purchases the liquor immediately. MasterJi and Gupta sees him and returns. Vibhu apologizes to them and leaves.Tiwari is drinking and Danda is additionally with him. Tiwari asks Danda that for what reason would he say he is miserable? Danda lets Tiwari know that he’s not allowing him to wed Gilli. Tiwari says that their family is imperial and won’t allow him to wed to a low status family. Danda blows up and powers Tiwari. Tiwari shouts at him and Danda goes inside the house. Tiwari again begins drinking. Vibhu appears with the costly liquor he purchased. He shows the jug to Tiwari. Tiwari gets energized and advises Vibhu to come in. Vibhu sits with Tiwari and opens the bottle.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Danda goes to Angoori in kitchen and says that he can’t wed Gilli as a result of Tiwari. Angoori advises Danda to quit being miserable, and will get hitched certainly. Danda says that Tiwari wont let it work out. Angoori expresses that there are a great deal of ladies in this world. Danda says that he will just wed Gilli. Angoori tells Danda that Vibhu will persuade Tiwari.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Latest Spoiler Alerts 23 January 2023

Tiwari is drinking and Vibhu is sitting with him. Angoori and Danda additionally appears. Angoori brings snacks for Tiwari. Vibhu signals Angoori to converse with Tiwari. Angoori inquires as to whether she ought to purchase new garments and gems. Tiwari is extremely plastered and consents to everything. Tiwari says that he’s extremely rich. Angoori signals Vibhu to asks Tiwari. Anu likewise appears in the overhang. Vibhu inquires as to whether they ought to fix the date of wedding? Tiwari gets angry and begins hollering at everybody. Tiwari takes Vibhu with him and removes him from the house. Vibhu tumbles down. Anu sees everything and blows up. MasterJi and Gupta sees Vibhu and begins giggling at him.

Vibhu and Anu are sitting together and Anu is putting medication on Vibhu’s hand. Vibhu begins shouting in torment. Anu inquires as to whether he has any dignity? Vibhu says that he needs awesome for his sister and says that she won’t track down a preferred individual over Danda. Anu isn’t unique. Vibhu differs and lets Anu know that Danda can deal with Gilli well indeed. Anu advises Vibhu to get lost!

Teeka and Tillu are trusting that Gilli will come at gallery. Vibhu appears at the gallery. Vibhu stumbles over Gilli’s shoe and tumbles down the gallery. Teeka and Tillu gets shocked.

Vibhu is laying on the bed in the medical clinic. Dr. Gupta lets Anu know that Vibhu broke his an excessively high price. Anu inquires as to whether he got any inward wounds? Dr. Gupta denies. Dr. Gupta inquires as to whether she pushed Vibhu? Anu denies and says that she cherishes him definitely and won’t ever do that.

PreCap: Vibhu is hitting the dance floor with Angoori in the emergency clinic.
Anu lets Tiwari know that to get this marriage going, it’s OK, yet he can at no point in the future come to her home. Tiwari shouts, no!
Gilli drinks takes toxic substance and lets Vibhu know that she’s in an ideal situation dead

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