Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Written Update 4 January 2023

Everyone has assembled at Anu’s nursery. Teeka lets Tillu know that he has hit extremely hard. Anu says that the two of them shouldn’t have hit each other this hard. Vibhu says that they had to hit hard, and in the event that they could not have possibly done that then, at that point, Hilda would have killed them. Tiwari concurs with him. Tiwari says that Hilda is after Vibhu and he ought to go with her. Pascal appears and tells Vibhu that Hilda is hanging tight for him in the room. Vibhu says that he will not. Pascal lets Vibhu know that he needs to go, or something bad might happen, Hilda will kill everybody. Anu gets Vibhu and says that she won’t let Vibhu go anyplace. Pascal lets Anu know that in the event that she cherishes Vibhu, she needs to let her go. Anu asks Pascal that how will she manage Vibhu in the room. Pascal says that they will get to know that in the first part of the day. Hilda begins shouting and Vibhu goes inside.

Written Update Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Today Episode

Vibhu goes inside the room and looks for Hilda. Hilda appears behind Vibhu he gets frightened. Hilda lets Vibhu know that he’s actual bashful. Vibhu says that he got stunned. Hilda says that she just shows up this way. Vibhu lets Hilda know that they ought to rest since it’s now extremely late. Hilda says that they never rest around evening time. Vibhu and Hilda begins hitting the dance floor with each other.Tiwari is drinking espresso and says that he never believed that Anu will at any point turn into his better half. Tiwari calls Anu by saying Annabelle. Anu comes in and sits with him. Lights begins fluctuating and abruptly, Hilda appears and sits with them. Anu and Tiwari gets frightened. Hilda asks Anu that where is Angelina (Angoori)? Anu says that she should be in her room. Hilda says that they ought to get Angelina hitched. Anu and Tiwari gazes at one another. Hilda calls her and Angoori comes in. Hilda advises Angoori that she needs to draw in her with Patrick. Tiwari gets scared.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Teeka and Tillu are giving Vibhu a back rub. Vibhu advises them to immovably rub him. Anu appears and asks that what was the deal? Teeka lets Anu know that Vibhu’s entire body is hurting and they are giving him a back rub. Anu asks Vibhu that what happened the previous evening? Vibhu lets Anu know that Hilda made him dance entire evening? Anu asks, that is all there is to it? According to vibhu, yes. Anu gets relieved.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Latest Spoiler Alerts 4 January 2023

Pascal, Tiwari, Angoori and Saxena are sitting together. Tiwari asks Pascal that who’s Patrick? Pascal tells Tiwari that Patrick was a boot polisher who helped Angelina in removing her shoe which was stuck on her foot, and after him helping her Hilda concluded that she will cause Angelina to wed Partick. Saxena inquires as to whether he ought to converse with Hilda? Tiwari slaps Saxena and advises him to quiet down! Pascal shows Patrick’s image and Angoori says that he very closely resembles Prem.

Tiwari, Prem and Vibhu are sitting together at tea slow down. Prem says that he couldn’t care less and will do nothing. Vibhu lets Prem know that by doing this he can help entire current state. Prem says that couldn’t care less about anybody with the exception of himself. Vibhu lets Prem know that he has likewise helped him a ton. Prem says that he has never helped him and he was the person who generally helped him. Tiwari begins snickering. Vibhu lets Prem know that he requested that another individual become Patrick in any case, he was seen as dead. Tiwari likewise concurs with him. Prem gets scared.

Everyone has assembled to observe Christmas with Hilda. Anu wishes Hilda. Anu coincidentally calls Victor Vibhu and Hilda asks, who’s Vibhu? He’s Victor. Vibhu likewise concurs. Hilda reports that Angelina and Patrick will get connected at this point. Hilda goes leaves to get wedding band. Tiwari asks that what’s going on? Vibhu says that he can’t help in this. Angoori says that he doesn’t has any desire to get drawn in with Prem. Anu advises Vibhu to follow through with something. Vibhu advises Prem to deny to get drawn in with Angoori. Prem says that he does that, Hilda will kill him. Hilda returns and everybody gets terrified. Hilda calls Angelina and Patrick for ring service. Anu hinders and says that they ought to observe Christmas first. Hilda says that she likewise has to her companion’s home for observing Christmas. Hilda leaves. Everybody gets blissful and energized. Vibhu and Anu embraces one another and Tiwari and Angoori likewise embraces one another. Hilda comes and back and sees them. Pascal says that now everybody will wind up dead. Anu and Angoori gets disappointed and comes clean. Hilda shouts at Pascal and lets him know that he double-crossed her. Hilda says that she will kill everybody. Vibhu lets Hilda know that she ought to observe Christmas with them since they are agreeable. Hilda gets close to home and starts commending with them.

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